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The Noon Optimist Club of Centerville is a fellowship of people who get things done. We set examples and embrace an optimistic mindset for the community to see. We display leadership skills and working relationships locally, regionally and nationally. Whether you are searching for an outlet to give back and help your community or are looking for personal development, you will find what you are looking for in our club.


Optimist 2.0 Meeting News – May 17, 2018 – David Ball – TJ’s Place of Hope

CNO 2.0 Venue and Details

The venue for tonight’s CNO 2.0 meeting was “Nelly’s – a Taste of Bolivia in Centerville”. Thank you to the team at Nelly’s and Rafael Santillian – Owner of Nelly’s and Centerville Noon Optimist Club Member.


A 50/50 drawing was won by Greg Crabtree (founder of TJ’s Place of Hope and also Centerville Noon Optimist Club Member.

We had 31 members and 7 guests in attendance.


Photos from the Meeting Are Here

Tonight’s Presentation

Greg Fay introduced David Ball, a board member from T.J.’s Place of Hope (Hope Beyond Addiction), in Centerville. On November 17th, 2005, at the age of 18, T.J. Whitehead took his own life after battling drug and alcohol addiction for the majority of his adolescent life.

Cheryl Crabtree, his mother, and Greg Crabtree, his step father, started T.J.’s Place of Hope in 2006. After struggling to get the help their family needed with T.J., they started this foundation. They serve teens and young adults ages 12-25 (plus their families).

T.J.’s Place of Hope is an organization of compassionate people to help those with addictions in a safe, confidential, peer-reinforced environment Besides addictions like drug and alcohol, they are one of the few places helping with self-injury (such as cutting), eating disorders and other destructive disorders. They work directly with Centerville High School.

T.J.’s Place of Hope is open Tuesdays and Thursdays for kids to get together and talk. Meetings are at 85 East Franklin Street Centerville, OH 45459.

There are many volunteer opportunities detailed on their website. They are also looking for additional board members. Current board members have direct personal family experience with issues they help with and they would like to expand on this. One priority is to find volunteers to help with financial aspects of the organization. They are also trying to organize formal committees for various areas so they need committee chairs and members.

They are funded through donations.

“Get Help: Drug/alcohol abuse or addiction, Self-injury, Eating disorders, Social anxiety issue, Depression, & Suicidal Thoughts” – From their website, tjsplaceofhope.org

You can call 937-436-HOPE for assistance; there are confidential meetings each week.

You can also reach them on Facebook.

Tonight’s Guests

Dave Ball
Denise Christie
Greg Crabtree
Cheryl Dowd
Gary McDowell
Jill Parret
David Watkins


Upcoming Optimist 2.0 Meetings

Thursday June  2018 – Ollie’s Place – Centerville – 5:30PM – Mike Schwartz – Founder of Ollie’s Place, Guest Speaker

Thursday July, 2018 – Ollie’s Place Centerville – 5:30PM – Mike Schwartz, Owner of Ollie’s Place and Optimist 2.0 Club Member



Noon Meeting News – May 15, 2018 – Avenue of Flags Season Kickoff

Phather Phil’s Prayer

In Honor Of Mother…
This past Sunday, we celebrated Mother’s Day. Which always brings a smileto my face – twice ! The first smile comes when people find out I was anonly child. Oh! I’ll bet you were spoiled rotten! WRONG. Since I was the
only child I received Mothers full attention. It was like Jonny Cash’s song. I walk the line. If I made a mess or broke something I didn’t have a brother or sister to blame it on. Telling the truth came automatic for the
consequence of a hairbrush or razor strap was readily available. You said yes sir” and “yes mam”. Mother wanted to know what I was doing and whomy friends were, including their last name. I ate breakfast every morning of Quaker Oats or cream of wheat. Had Soup and sandwich for lunch. Supper was meat, potatoes & a vegetable. If you didn’t like the vegetable you could sit there till you did. The radio was turned off during meal time. I didn’t date till I was a Junior in High school. Then had to pick her up and take the bus to wherever and take the bus back home . No time for any sparking or you’d walk 5 miles home cause you missed the bus. Mother raised a square as I didn’t smoke, drink or become a father before I was married. I wasn’t arrested for shoplifting or busted for DUI. And who do I have to thank for this? You’re right – my mean mother ! I raised our children the same way and got tickled when they said I was mean. Our country doesn’t need a good 5-cent cigar. It needs more mean Mothers like mine. Now for the rest of the story! The reason for my second smile. I was a
young man and it was Mothers Day and I asked my father “When is Fathers Day? Without missing a beat my father replied,”9 months prior to Mothers Day. “

All Photos from the Meeting are Here

 Today’s Guests

Guest Guest Of
Darlene Irwin Ken Irwin

Committee Notes

Mike Bevis announced it is 60 days until the golf outing. Time is running out to sign up and play. The 27th Annual Tom Frazier Tee Off for Youth to be held Monday July 16, 2018 at Sycamore Creek Golf Club. Forms available at : https://centervillenoonoptimist.com/golf-tee-off-for-youth/

Ellie Parker requested donations for the golf outing gift bags from businesses and others. Some examples would be snacks (chips, pretzels), gift cards, and more. She will come to you and pick up your donations.

Jerry Stahley is still looking for OI Junior Golf Championship donations for junior golf. He also has two Dragons tickets for 5/18/2018.

Chris McAlpine reminded everyone that the Safety on Wheels bike Rodeo is this Saturday May 19, 2018 at Miami Valley South.

Myron Rheaume announced he just came back from the OI district meeting in Columbus. They gave him a boxful of Dime-a-Day Pins. He kindly reminded us how to do the math, remember that a dime a day means $36.50 per year. He presented a pin to every club member participating in the Dime-a-Day program.

Chris McAlpine read some recent touching thank you notes, including a recipient of a scholarship and a previous speaker from the BOLD program at CHS.

Today’s Presentation

Tom Novak spoke to us about the Avenue of Flags (AOF). Thanks to Greg Griffin for the Power Point presentation. The program started in 2005. AOF puts flags out 5 times during the year for 3-5 days each on the following flag holidays: Memorial Day, Flag Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, and Veterans Day.

To test the fundraiser the first year they put out 30 flags for free in Quail Run. If Chuck Dickerson had not put up the initial $3000 in funding, the program probably would not have started.

Thank you to David Watkins of Turf Nerd Lawn Care 75 Westpark for storing our flags free of charge.

Thank to the AOF committee and all the helpers. There are over 100 helpers, not all of them CNO members. There are groups that volunteer together from VFW Teams and Bluestar mothers. The are also 40 subscriber volunteers that are not CNO members.

The Avenue of Flags committee have learned by doing. They offer volunteers flexible delivery times and early flag loading. GPS helps a lot. New routes are added every year. Trucks, vans and SUVs are great flag vehicles, but some routes are handled by cars and convertibles.

There are now 62 Routes. There are a few mega routes with over 100 flags. The largest route, handled by the team consisting of Mike Bevis, Donna Huss and Rhonda Meeker, delivers 129 flags. The average route size is 25-35 flags and only takes 1 – 1 ½ hours to distribute. The smallest route is 4 flags. The routes are designed to be concentrated which speeds distribution.

Neighbors sharing the service idea with neighbors helps increase subscribers each year.

Tom introduced Mike Brubaker, who went over the statistics of revenue. Last year AOF raised over $62,000.

Last year we reached 1831 flags for Veterans day. This year so far AOF has 1846 flags for Memorial Day. This is the first year the flag subscriptions at the beginning of the year exceeded the number of subscriptions at the end of the prior year. New orders are coming in every day and they will continue as the season progresses.

After today’s lunch a group picture in official AOF tee shirts was taken.



Member Birthday
Kristina Rainer May 16
James Long May 17
Amy Barker May 19
Mike Brubaker May 19

Membership Anniversaries

Member Month Day Joined # Years
Jay Hoffman May 15 05/15/2017 1
David Ladd May 16 05/16/2012 6
Natalie King Dunlevey May 16 05/16/2012 6
Chris Elrod May 18 05/18/2011 7
Melissa DeShurko May 18 05/18/2011 7
Rafael Santillan May 18 05/18/2016 2
Bill Marker May 18 05/18/2011 7
Heather Kuth May 19 05/19/2010 8
Jeff Rolf May 20 05/20/2015 3
Kelly George May 20 05/20/2015 3
Tony Lombardo May 20 05/20/2015 3

New Member Readings and Inductions

No readings or inductions this week.

Sergeants at Arms

Member Infraction
All those who do not have an avenue of flag subscription Not having Avenue of Flags subscription
Charlie Tapp Told golf cart person to not pick up Don Kelley in the parking lot
Christie Gariety For needing change for a $20 for their 50/50 ticket
Dan Beck For needing change for a $20 for their 50/50 ticket
Bob Bargmeyer Needed change for a $20, waited for it to be counted out then realized he had a dollar after all

Happy Bucks!

Member Reason
Roland Rapp First Grandson born
Ken Irwin 31st wedding anniversary
Gary Smiga Centerville Optimist’s team won the golf outing at the Airforce Base for the second year in a row
Myron Rheaume In the parking lot today, a young lady with a golf cart gave him a ride. As she dropped him off she said she felt good helping a senior.
Cherie Gentry She and Myron are officially field representatives for OI, they are building clubs
John Spears Please participate or donate to the Blue Star Mothers golf outing on June 14, 2018
Jeff Zaret Glad to be back home from Alaska


Noon Meeting News – May 8, 2018 – Respect for Law Awards Presented

Phather Phil’s Prayer

Heavenly Father let us all take a deep breath and rid ourselves of all the sad things we’ve been holding onto, including the Winter blues. It’s a New Year and a new season lets be thankful for all our blessings. It’s Spring a
time when youth are happiest and age remembers. It’s time to count our blessings and be happy with what we have and thankful we don’t have what we deserve. Have us put on the persona of Optimism, go out and Spread the joy of Optimism to every person we meet and share the love You so generously heap upon us. Amen!

All Photos from the Meeting are Here

Committee Notes

Tom Novak thanked those that helped with Avenue of Flags pre-season checkup.

Donna Huss announced that it is only 68 days from the golf outing. Get your forms in soon if you are planning on golfing. Meeting tomorrow night.

Beth Duncan: Derby Party was last Saturday. Thank you to Vida McDowell, Kelly Stone and Diane Arehart. A very special thank you to Cindy and Kirby Gaboury for donating the use of their party room at Audio Etc. Thank you to Charlie Tapp for making and serving the mint Juleps.

Nancy Lehren, “Build a Bear” went great, thanks to all involved. About 80 Children were at build a bear and 9 more children that couldn’t make it had bears made for them. An additional 36 bears were made to send upstairs for later use. A total of 125 bears were made. A special thank you to Lisa Tucker of Bill’s Donuts who donated $3000 for the event. Thanks to Sarah Umbreit for running this event.

Today’s Presentation

Bob Burkman kicked off this year’s John P. Kalaman Respect for Law Award. We honor one law enforcement person from the Centerville Police Department and one from the Washington Township Sheriff’s Department. Bob thanked Gary Anderson and Jesse Gaither for producing the brochure on our tables showcasing the two award recipients.

The honoree from the Centerville Police Department is officer Fauopo Lauofo. He came to the Centerville Police Department on January 2, 1997. He thanked the Optimist Club for giving him the award and for our huge turnout at the blood drive last week in memory of his friend John P. Kalaman. He remembers the day John lost his life serving his community.  He said, “It was a cold morning, I was the last face that John saw. It was a rough time.” He thanked John’s parents John and Paula Kalaman for their support.

After Officer Lauofo spoke, Paula Kalaman made some remarks. She thanked Fauopo for being with John, trying to save his life and comforting him.

The honoree from the Washington Township Sheriff’s Department is Detective Linda Shutts. She has been with law enforcement for 13 years and with Washington Township since the fall of 2014. She has been assigned over 1000 cases. Her case clearance rates are well above national averages and she has recovered thousands of dollars for victims of crime. She comes in early and leaves late. Linda tries hard to recover stolen items. Even if she can’t recover the items she likes giving comfort to victims. Linda thanked the Optimist club for naming award after John P. Kalaman and said she is very honored to receive the award.

John and Paula Kalaman came up to the podium after the honorees spoke. Paula said thank you to the Optimists for doing this every year. It doesn’t feel like it is 20 years, it feels like yesterday. Having this honor every year is a great comfort, thank you to the Centerville Noon Optimists.

 Today’s Guests

Guest Guest Of
Josh Boyle Honoree’s Family
Barb Krizman Tom Novak
Faupo Lauofo Honoree
Matt Lauofo Honoree’s Family
Michael Lauofo Honoree’s Family
Chu Oparah Art Hung
Ruth O’Toole Bob Burkman
Mary Ann Riskus Mary Madden
Linda Shutts Honoree
Alex Simon Bob Duffy
Kate Vriner Jane Fiehrer


Member Birthday
Beth Duncan May 09
Jon Fox May 10
Jessica King May 11
Marge Back May 11

Membership Anniversaries

Member Month Day Joined # Years
David Kay May 8 05/08/1992 26
Paul Bowell May 8 05/08/2000 18

New Member Readings and Inductions

Name Sponsor 1st 2nd 3rd Reading or Induction
Wendy Hattan Robin Golden 3rd Reading
Brendan Cunningham Mike Bevis 3rd Reading

Sergeants at Arms

Member Infraction
All members voting for Carol Burkman’s hat at the Derby party. She won most festive hat at the Derby party. If you voted for her you owe a buck because it was the fifth year of the same hat and you just now figure out it was the best!
Donna Huss Inappropriate balloon behavior at the Derby Party.
Tom Novak Drinking a mint Julep that wasn’t his.
Mike Yoder The assisted entrance button for the front door didn’t work, fined for missed code violation.
Paul Stull Welcome back to lunch.
Greg Wasmund For showing up and not bringing a guest like last week.
Gary Aiken On Derby Party sign up sheet, signed up as Gary and Gary Aiken.
Roland Rapp Heckling in the badge line.
Brian Nolan Saying he was ready for a fine.
Jane Fiehrer Not meeting guest on time.
Chris McAlpine Starting meeting at 12:01.
Beth Duncan Talking about going to Napa for her brithday.
Joan Cordonnier Sitting at the birthday table when it is not your birthday.
Everyone at birthday table without a birthday Sitting at the birthday table when it is not your birthday.

Happy Bucks!

Member Reason
Joan Cordonnier Please vote yes for the rec center levy on May 9, 2018 ballot.
David Ladd Birth of first great grandchild
Donna Huss Great Derby party and had a lot of fun not being in charge of it.
Dr Dan Passidomo Daughter graduated from UK over the weekend.
Melissa DeShurko Son graduating from DePaul University.
Nancy Lehren Birth of 7th grand child.
Nancy Lehren Successful build a bear.
Paula Kalaman Successful blood drive, thank you to optimists that came out to support.
Myron Rheaume At Ohio District, 21 CNO members recognized for their Dime a Day donations. He was also nominated for 2019-20 Optimist Governor of Ohio.
Wes Cleaves Grandson graduating college.
Bob Burkman Can finally retire Carol’s hat from the Derby party since she won best hat this year.



Noon Meeting News – May 1, 2018 – Curt Nelson – Triumph of Flight Memorial Project

Phather Phil’s Prayer

Heavenly Father, I remember when supper was the time the whole family sat down to eat. There wasn’t a cell phone to text, radio or TV to listen to. It was time to talk with one another. We sat there till we cleaned our plate,
then helped with the dishes. Afterwards we’d listen to Red Skelton, Bob Hope, Fibber McGee and Molly all family ordinated fares. At night we would say our prayers, sleep and look forward to tomorrow. We’ve made fantastic advances since then, but we are sacrificing the joy of a close nit family. Help us stay close to You and our family and have us not let the responsibility of being a parent defeat the joy of being one.  Amen!

All Photos from the Meeting are Here

Washington Township Election Briefing

Chris McAlpine introduced Jesse Lightle to tell us about the issues on the ballot May 8, 2018.

She discussed:

  1. Issue 15, The Hithergreen rezoning.
  2. Issue 16, The Rec Center has asked for a 1 mill increase to be used for building improvements.
  3. Issue 17, The Fire Department has asked for a 4.6 mills renewal levy. It keeps getting harder to find part-time firefighters so, like most fire departments, our F.D. will probably have to hire more full-time firefighters that will cost more.

May 8, 2018 Election Information from Montgomery County

Today’s Speaker

Chris McAlpine introduced Curt Nelson, USAF Col. (Ret.). He was a pilot in the USAF. Nelson is the Executive director of the Wright Image Group. The group would like Dayton to have a National Monument, The Triumph of Flight, as recognizable as the Statue of Liberty or the St. Louis Arch.

The monument would be located in the South West corner of where I75 and I70 intersect.

Aviation is now taken for granted. The Wright Brothers finally succeeded in sustained, powered and controlled flight on December 17, 1903. For decades before that thousands of other attempts were made. Before 1903 many people believed that man would never be capable of powered flight.

True, this first flight occurred in North Carolina, but it was just proof of concept. All of the design work occurred in Dayton. After the first flight, the Wright Brothers returned to Dayton and kept perfecting their machine and techniques right here in Dayton at Huffman Prairie. This forever changed history in a dramatic fashion.

The proposed monument would be a hub of information and would increase the value of all the other flight related visitor sites in our area. Everything from the Air Force museum to Huffman Prairie are expected to see an increase in visitors after the new monument opens.

Monument Information

  • Height is 270 feet (Statue of Liberty is 305 feet)
  • Wingspan of the replica of the “Wright Flyer” at the top is 144 feet
  • Only national monument for Nation Aviation Heritage in the U.S.
  • Visitor center will be 10,000 square feet
  • There will be an aviation hall of fame area
  • An Interactive STEAM learning facility will be included (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics)
  • If just 200,000 visitors come a year it would generate $900,000 in taxes, however the Wright Image Group expects many more visitors
  • It is supported by the Dayton Chamber of Commerce as well as 164 other entities
  • Estimated cost is $22 million and 10% of that has been raised
  • Paid full time staff of 3 to be financed by an endowment and the rest of the labor will be volunteers
  • Proposed start date is May 1, 2023

Economic Benefits

Curt showed us a five-minute video at the end of his talk. You can view it on YouTube, Triumph of Flight Monument Video.

Official Project Website (includes an opportunity to donate)

From http://triumphofflight.org/ “The effort to build the Triumph of Flight monument is spearheaded by The Wright Image Group, a non-profit organization comprised of business, government, and philanthropic leaders. Incorporated in April 2005, we are a 501(c)(3) organization. Our purpose is to build a national monument to flight. We welcome your assistance in seeing our vision become reality. Our goal is to raise $21 million through donations, sponsorships, and grants. To date, we have raised over 10% of that amount, and anticipate mounting a major capital campaign within the next 12 months.”

The levels of donation are based on stages of flight: Flight Team, Full Throttle, Take off, Wheels Up, Climbing, Soaring, Triumph. http://triumphofflight.org/join-us/donate/





Today’s Guests

Guest Guest Of
Curt Nelson Speaker
Mary Ann Riskus Mary Madden
Mark Scarpino Greg Wasmond
Pam Thomas Rhonda Meeker


Member Birthday
Lynne Reilly May 01
Melissa DeShurko May 04
Louis Brinkman May 06
Mary Madden May 06
Pam Miller May 06
Dr. Tom Henderson May 06

Membership Anniversaries

Member Month Day Joined # Years
Chuck Dickerson May 1 05/01/1977 41
Charlie Tapp May 1 05/01/1978 40
Joe Madden May 1 05/01/1982 36
Tim Stull May 1 05/01/1987 31
Craig Dring May 7 05/07/1997 21

New Member Readings and Inductions

Name Sponsor 1st 2nd 3rd Reading or Induction
Wendy Hattan Robin Golden 2nd Reading
Brendan Cunningham Mike Bevis 2nd Reading

Sergeants at Arms

Member Infraction
Tom Novak Mentioned the need for 2 man teams instead of 2 person teams for flags
Debe Dockins Recently being a speaker at a Rotary Club Meeting
Greg Wasmund Actually showing up at CNO lunch
Beth Duncan Losing control of sign-up clipboard last week for the KY Derby Party (fine paid by Jerry Stahley)
Anyone wearing long sleeves Today finally felt like spring and you were dressed incorrectly

Happy Bucks!

No time for happy bucks this week.


Noon Meeting News – April 24, 2018 – Kristi McAllister – Cystic Fibrosis

Phather Phil’s Prayer

Heavenly Father, many of us have thought, why you don’t talk to us like You did to those in the Old Testament . I think You still do but we are too busy to hear You, plus our egos get in the way. Just before Jesus rose to be with You, he sent the Holy Spirit to live within each one of us. It’s Your Spirit that gives us those brilliant ideas to solve our problems. Most of the time we credit those times to our own intellect. Help us grow closer to
You by listening to Your Spirit that speaks to us. May our actions reflect Your love and show that life is better thru Optimism and help us listen to Your still small voice within us. Amen!
All Photos from the Meeting are Here

Today’s Speaker

Scott Langer introduced Kristi McAllister, the development director of the Greater Cincinnati Chapter of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. During his introduction Scott noted that his grand-nephew has Cystic Fibrosis (CF) and was at the 2018 CNO Easter Hunt.

Kristi asked how many of us had heard of CF. Most of us had heard of the disease but could not accurately describe what it is.

From Wikipedia Entry for Cystic Fibrosis: Cystic fibrosis (CF) is a genetic disorder that affects mostly the lungs, but also the pancreas, liver, kidneys, and intestine.

Both parents have to be a carrier of the CF gene variation in order for a child to have the disease. If both parents have gene variation then 25% of children will have the disease, 50 % will be carriers and 25% will not be carriers or have the disease.

If you would like to see how breathing is affected by CF you can simulate it by breathing through a straw for several minutes.

Kristi said the mucus that builds up in the body is similar in consistency to peanut butter. You have a much easier time getting sick in general and recovery from even a simple cold can take a month.

In the U.S. 33,000, have the disease, which is about 0.009% of the population.

Life expectancy in 1955 was 5 years. Now the median age is 47. Over half of all those with CF are over the age of 18.

CF can be hard to understand because it feels odd to know someone is so sick and yet look so normal in appearance.

It is a huge effort to deal with the disease. Treatments have to happen every day, whether they are sick or not. These include breathing treatments and often antibiotics. The affected may have to take as many as 50 pills a day. Many are enzymes to help them process food. It can easily take 2 hours a day for these treatments. The cost can be over $300,000.00 per year in drugs to help those afflicted with CF.

There has been advances in helping your child with Airway Cleaning Techniques (ACTs). A High-Frequency Chest Wall Oscillation (the Vest), has become available that can take the place of a parent having to clap their child’s back or chest with a cupped hand. The goal is to cough up the mucus.

The CF Foundation (CFF) was founded in 1955 by parents of a child with CF. The primary mission of the CFF is to find a cure. Next are advocacy efforts to work with health insurance decision makers. A large effort is in building community. There are many more adults that have the disease than ever before because of the success of CFF efforts.

Parents dealing with CF need to find a doctor with direct expertise and experience with CF. The disease is rare enough that doctors need deep and specific training to help patients living with CF. In Dayton the Dayton Children’s Hospital is a CFF approved location. The CFF foundation reviews each approved location at least once a year.

Parents of children with CF are 2-3 more times likely to have anxiety or depression.

Genetic tests exist to determine if you are a carrier, but they are not perfect as we now know there are several gene variations that cause the disease.

 CFF Fund Raisers near Dayton

From https://www.cff.org/Cincinnati/: Volunteers are the key to our success and the lifeblood of our organization. We have many opportunities for you to get involved. Your participation in any way will help us achieve our mission – finding a cure for all people with CF. Take a moment to check out our upcoming events and learn more.

Today’s Guests

This was rare – no registered guests today ! Invite a friend and show off our wonderful club!


Member Birthday
Jeff Busch April 29

Membership Anniversaries

Member Month Day Joined # Years
Donna Huss April 24 04/24/2012 6
Patrick Swan April 24 04/24/2012 6
Daniel Passidomo April 25 04/25/2007 11
Mike Witt April 26 04/26/1994 24

New Member Readings and Inductions

Name Sponsor 1st 2nd 3rd Reading or Induction
Jeff Zaret Amy Barker Induction (Welcome back to the club , Jeff!)

Sergeants at Arms

Member Infraction
Bob Foster Wearing shorts and flip flops
Bob Duffy Left front door of Yankee Trace wide open in a blatant attempt to freeze the sergeants
Greg Griffin Being a tattle tale about Chris McAlpine email typo
Mike Yoder Telling a sergeant he was expecting a fine
Mike Bevis Should have brought a guest today since no one else did
Joe Kronenberger Cell phone going off during the meeting
Vince Reidy Cell phone going off during the meeting
Jeff Zaret Welcome back to the club

Happy Bucks!

Member Reason
Rachel Goetz CHS performing the play “Legally Blonde”
Dr. Dan Passidomo Springboro Jr ROTC took First place in state this year
Jane Fiehrer Stan Fronzaglia spilled his coffee near her, but not on her
Phather Phil Going 8 days without a cigar (he commented that so far the only one who is not happy about this is HIMSELF.)
Debe Dockins Finally finding a 3rd Judge for the district oratorical contest




Optimist 2.0 Meeting News – April 19, 2018 – Becky Edgren – PuroClean of Dayton

CNO 2.0 Venue and Details

The venue for tonight’s CNO 2.0 meeting was “Ollie’s Place”. Thank you to the team at Ollie’s.


A 50/50 drawing was won by Suzanne Werts.

We had 5 new CNO 2.0 member inductions. CNO president Chris McAlpine could not make it tonight so Myron Rheaume, the Zone 14 Lt. Governor for Optimist International, stepped up to do the inductions.

We had 35 members and 11 guests in attendance.

Photos from the Meeting Are Here

Name Sponsor 1st 2nd 3rd Reading or Induction
Mike Schwartz Jesse Gaither Induction
Cindy Harris Ron Tinnerman Induction
Nick Tarkany Chris McAlpine Induction
Cheryl Probst Christine Balsan Induction
Andrew Cain Stan Fronzaglia Induction

Tonight’s Speaker

Greg Fay introduced our speaker, Becky Edgren, CEO of PuroClean of Dayton. PuroClean is an emergency services company. Core services are water damage restoration, fire damage restoration and mold removal services.

Becky started working when she was young at her father’s tool and die shop with her brothers. After some tough economic events the business ended in 2004 after 60 years. When she decided she wanted her own business to support herself and to involve her daughters she first tried to purchase a local remediation company. That deal fell through and she started the PuroClean location in Moraine. It serves Dayton, Springfield, Cincinnati, Covington, Newport, Hamilton and more.

PuroClean has 25 employees. She started the company 10 years ago in the fall of 2008. It wasn’t planned, but the daughters ended up with the perfect majors in college to take on the roles of accountant, operations, and marketing.

It was not an easy decision to start the business. They had 3 months of organized family meetings. At the end the daughters were asked if they were in. All 3 said yes. By the end of 3 years the business had grown enough that all 3 daughters became full-time employees.

All of Becky’s employees know the Core Values of the business:

  • Do the right thing.
  • Be respectful of people and property.
  • Be passionate about what you do.
  • Give back.

She talked about how sometimes the job is not just the restoration. Sometimes it is to have someone to talk to. Sometimes it is to take out the trash. Sometimes it is to walk the dog.

When the recent hurricane disasters hit Florida and Houston they went down to help.

PuroClean does a lot of ongoing training, including recently participating in a live burn organized by a fire department. They also train others.

She advised us that if you have more than ten square feet of mold in your home you should call them for help. The minor mold around your bathroom tub is not a concern. Mold needs moisture or high humidity to thrive.

She also said we need to check how much water damage insurance we have. If it is just $5000 or even $10,000 it is not enough. Contact your insurance broker and increase your coverage if it is not enough. Approximately 70% of all claims are from water damage, so protect yourself.



Tonight’s Guests

Andrew Cain
Becky Edgren
Bill Hazel
Cindy Harris
Debby Bremer
Gary Poeppelman
Greg Huff
Mike Schwartz
Nick Tarkany
Pam Miske
Ted Santo

Upcoming Optimist 2.0 Meetings

Thursday May 17, 2018 – Nelly’s Centerville – 5:30PM – David Ball, TJ’s Place of Hope, Guest Speaker

Thursday June 21, 2018 – Ollie’s Place Centerville – 5:30PM – Mike Schwartz, Owner of Ollie’s Place and Optimist 2.0 Club Member



Noon Meeting News – April 17, 2018 – Essay Contest

Phather Phil’s Prayer

Heavenly Father we are over joyed to welcome You in our midst.  You are our spiritual leader, our teacher and our motivator.  We pray that we are the extension of Your love here on earth by being Optimist and caring for You kids.  Be with us in our journey to bring out the best in kids and make this a better world  than when we entered it. Make us proud for using our talents for the betterment of others.  We’re drinking from our saucer cause our cup has overflowed.  Amen!
All Photos from the Meeting are Here

Today’s Speakers

Kelly George, head of the essay contest for the CNO, introduced the top three students for this year’s essay contest with CNO. This year’s topic is “Can Society Function Without Respect”. Seventy clubs participate in this in Ohio. One winner from each club will compete at the state level and receive a $2500 scholarship. If the winner is from our club, we add an additional $1000.

All three students presenting are seniors at CHS. Along with medals we gave them each a portable USB battery charger.

Winning a bronze medal for third place was Grace Hemmeter. She will attend Miami University this fall and is a business major. She was inspired to participate because she liked the question and really wanted to do her best to answer it. The fact that there was a possible scholarship also helped. Her take was societies are groups of people and documents like the US Constitution inherently are based on respect. If you don’t like someone else’s view you can and should still respect them or society cannot exist.

Winning a silver medal for second place was Luke Suazo. He will attend Harvard this fall and is an engineering major. From concepts he learned in his CHS philosophy class he was inspired to answer the prompt for this essay. His essay, said it is natural for respect to exist and is seen in apes and monkeys as well as in their evolution into man that the activities such as play and grooming could not happen without respect. Every major religion in the world has many references to respect and are all variations to what we know as the “Golden Rule”.

Winning a gold medal for first place and representing CNO for the state level was Melissa Elias. She will attend Miami University this fall.  She was inspired to write her essay because of how important respect is in all relationships. Respect has helped us overcome racial inequality. Her essay said that because of the works of Martin Luther King in helping reduce racism, respect has taken a bigger hold on society. She believes that entrepreneurs and doctors are learning to respect their customers more now since society is better for it.

Thank you to our three contestants and their families for sharing their essays with our club.

Today’s Guests

Guest Guest Of
Carlos Elias Speaker’s Family
Melissa Elias Speaker
Grace Hemmeter Speaker
Krista Suazo Speaker’s Family
Luke Suazo Speaker


Member Birthday
Denise O’Neil April 18
Michael Mershad April 21
E David Klein April 22
Keith Meyer April 23

Membership Anniversaries

Member Month Day Joined # Years
Stanley Fronzaglia April 19 04/19/1999 19
Vida McDowell April 19 04/19/1999 19
Mark Petre April 22 04/22/1996 22

New Member Readings and Inductions

No readings or inductions – plan to induct two more members at Optimist 2.0 Thursday April 19th.

Sergeants at Arms

Member Infraction
Anyone wearing short sleeve  shirts. Should have realized it was still cold outside and worn long sleeves.
Underdressed CNO Past Presidents Showing up at a CNO lunch and not wearing your pin.

Happy Bucks!

Member Reason
Sue Brubaker Monte Carlo night went so well, thank you to Beth Duncan and her team.
Myron Rheaume Hearing today’s essays and that the winner of the next level in the speech contest came from Zone 14 which is our zone.
Tom Novak Monte Carlo night went well, thank you to Beth Duncan and her team. Police officer daughter at Sinclair donated 5 tickets she received to anyone who wants it for 4/17/2018 Dayton Dragons game.
Jay McAlpine Niece Alexandra completed Boston Marathon in 3.25 hours.
Rachel Goetz Daughter is in the CHS production of Legally Blonde this weekend. All are welcome to go see it.
Vida McDowell First place overall at the Monte Carlo night and had a lot of fun.
Bob Duffy For April birthdays not sitting at the birthday table – he is eating their dessert.
Stan Franzaglia Found out from second opinion that he does not have a hernia.
Paul Stull $5 worth of happy bucks for Charles Goodwin being inducted into the Explorers Club in New York City.
Joe Madden That his table of all men can barely function with the total absence of respect.




Noon Meeting News – April 10, 2018 – Warren Davidson – Ohio Congressional Representative

Phather Phil’s Prayer

Heavenly Father we are over joyed to welcome You in our midst. You are our spiritual leader, our teacher and our motivator. We pray that we are the extension of Your love here on earth, by being Optimists and caring for Your kids. Be with us in our journey to bring out the best in kids and make this a better world than when we entered it. Help us make You proud For using our talents for the betterment of others. We’re drinking from our
saucer cause our cup of blessings runneth over. Amen!

All Photos from the Meeting are Here

CNO Election Season Week 3

Jean Pummill spoke to us about how the process works. This is the last of the 3 weeks. Two of the nominees got up and spoke for a short time. Summaries follow:

  • Jack Anderson, nominated for Vice-President, was humbled Larry asked. He is so glad that when he moved back to the Dayton area that he was urged to join CNO. Happy CNO 2.0 has gotten the traction with the help from the main club. Looks forward to being even more involved when vice-president.
  • Jess Gaither, nominated for a 2-year term for the board, thrilled that as part of his purchase of Minuteman Press from member Fred Polizzi, that he had to join CNO, obviously would have done it anyway after learning about our club. Enjoys being involved in all the club activities.

CNO Board’s Nominations All Stand

There were no additional nominations from the floor to run against the board’s recommendations. Therefore, we proceeded to confirm the board by acclamation. The voice vote confirmed the following people are elected to the CNO 2018-2019 Officers and Board of Directors:

  • Greg Griffin, President-Elect
  • Jack Anderson, Vice-President
  • Debe Dockins, Vice-President
  • Diane Arehart, Two-Year Member of Board of Directors
  • Beth Duncan, Two-Year Member of Board of Directors
  • Jane Fiehrer, Two-Year Member of Board of Directors
  • Jesse Gaither, Two-Year Member of Board of Directors
  • Sarah Umbreit, Two-Year Member of Board of Directors

Congratulations to all of you.


Special Avenue of Flags Tribute

Tom Novak shared with us what our Avenue of Flags did for the community this week.  Marine Gunnery Sgt. Derik Holley is one of the Marines that died in a helicopter crash in California.  Avenue of flags paid tribute to a fallen serviceman. At every home on Ridings Blvd in Centerville, flags were placed to honor the fallen hero. Pictures of the display are here.

Today’s Speaker

Scott Langer introduced today’s speaker, Warren Davidson, a U.S. Congressman representing the 8th district of Ohio. Born and raised in Ohio, he proudly served in the Army for 12 years.

He explained what the reality is when the news describes congress as being on vacation. This really means you are back in you home district and working there instead of Washington D.C.

He recently voted no to the 2232 page omnibus spending bill. It had several wins for our area especially WPAFB, but there too many things he couldn’t agree with, the biggest being the huge yearly budget deficit that keeps growing out of control. Additionally, the bill continued property seizure actions that he believes to be unconstitutional. The bill passed on 3/23/2018, and the year it applies to ends on 9/30/2018 and the process starts all over again.

He fielded many questions from club members. The rest of this article is based on some of the questions and answers.

In discussing the budget deficit, he mentioned that the theory many have is the U.S. is too big to fail. This may be true, but he pointed out that U.S.S.R essentially did go bankrupt. Now the biggest chunk left of the U.S.S.R, Russia, acts like they are still a big player on the world stage, but economically they are no where near their former place in the world. Unfortunately, they still have a lot of arms. We borrow over a trillion per year. That is more than the 700 Billion the military uses each year. It bothers him that we borrow more than we spend to protect ourselves – if we lost this ability to borrow from essentially enemies how will we defend ourselves?

He hopes someday as a country we find a unified policy on Iran or we’ll be in for another 4 to 5 trillion dollar war.

The Parkland shooting was mentioned. He said that we should govern by law not by emotion. His take on gun control and the second amendment is this: The Constitution and the Bill of Rights do not grant us rights. We inherently have rights. These documents are there to protect our rights. He thinks laws passed to help with school security should be created at a very local level, not even counties should dictate to their entire population, let alone the state. The federal government is providing grants to schools to assist with security. Six states have enacted red flag laws and that seems to help some in being proactive.


The entirety of the spending bill can be read here.

Today’s Guests

Guest Guest Of
Judge Erik Blaine Judge Jim Long
Warren Davidson Speaker
Adam Hewitt Speaker’s Guest
Jeffrey Schiavone Charley Goodwin
Kal Tinka Bob Collins


Member Birthday
Steve Kohls April 12
Rick Talda April 13
Anne Kessler April 15
Carol Burkman April 16
Ellie Parker April 16

Membership Anniversaries

Member Month Day Joined # Years
Ron Tinnerman April 11 04/11/2005 13
Blanca Ortiz April 16 04/16/2014 4
Joe Soucy April 16 04/16/2014 4
Tzuling Kuo April 16 04/16/2014 4

New Member Readings and Inductions

Name Sponsor 1st 2nd 3rd Reading or Induction
Cheryl Probst Christine Balsan 3rd Reading
Andrew Cain Stan Fronzaglia 3rd Reading

Sergeants at Arms

Member Infraction
Stan Fronzaglia Told Mom at Easter Egg Hunt that 21 month old was too young.
Greg Griffin Easter Egg Hunt minimum age requirement needs adjustment.
Pat Behn Easter Egg Hunt minimum age requirement needs adjustment.
David Ladd Washed car – now it looks like it will rain.

Happy Bucks!

Member Reason
Mike Brubaker Celebrating 40th Anniversary with his wonderful wife Sue Brubaker.
Greg Fay Daughter receiving her Masters Degree
Julie Noeth Happy that her friend Judge Erik Blaine came as a guest
Dan Beck Kids moving back home
John Madden 25th Wedding anniversary to Mary Madden, he only paid 50 cents [of the Happy Buck] – Mary has to pay the other 50 cents since they share everything!
Beth Duncan Happy she is still a member after her quarterly payment didn’t go through because she didn’t update her credit card information with the club.
Jean Pummill Niece is part of Notre Dame Basketball Team that won the NCAA championship and their coach was named coach of the year.
Paul Stull Amazed that Larry Lynde actually wanted to sit with him at lunch today.
Stan Franzaglia 21 month old child was not turned away from the Easter Egg Hunt.




Noon Meeting News – April 3, 2018 – Larry Hansgen – WHIO Radio Personality

Phather Phil’s Prayer

Heavenly Father darkness can not defeat darkness, only light can do that. Likewise hate will never defeat hate. Only Your love can do that. Lincoln made the point when he said,” if I make a friend of my enemy have I not defeated him?” Shed Your spirit on us to shed Your light on our dark problems. Have us love one another to show others how to live. When we meet a person for the first time, help us to not make a quick judgement, but
remember that there is nothing in a caterpillar that would make us think of a butterfly Amen!

All Photos from the Meeting are Here

CNO Election Season Week 2

Jean Pummill spoke to us about how the process works. Next week is the last of the 3 weeks. Three of the nominees got up and spoke for a short time. Summaries follow:

  • Sarah Umbreit, nominated for a 2-year term for the board, truly enjoys CNO. Proud that we are very focused and here for the children. Involved in Childhood cancer committee, golf and others.
  • Jane Fiehrer, nominated for a 2-year term for the board, likes our club because it makes volunteering fun and has for 20 years. Involved in everything from Tristar sports to being a past board member.
  • Beth Duncan, nominated for a 2-year term for the board, CNO Social Committee chairman likes our club as it has become her social life.

Election Process Speech Notes from Jean Pummill

Record Long Thank You from Pat Behn

In case you missed it, please read the PDF below for the full content of the thank you Pat Behn presented for everyone involved in the 2018 Easter Egg Hunt on 3/31/2018. It was a great event and Pat wanted to make sure people were recognized for their extra efforts.

Pat Behn Thank You to 2018 Easter Volunteers

Jeff Papanek Retirement

Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Captain Jeff Papanek after 31 years of service is retiring from his position at the Sheriff’s office. He has been a CNO member since 7/17/2014. He plans on finding a new position with the township soon. He thanked Jess Lightle for being the best boss ever. President McAlpine thanked Jeff for all the wonderful “interactions” he has had with the Sheriff’s Office over the last couple of decades while he has been driving around town. Captain Jeff Papanek received a standing ovation from the 80 members and guests as a way of thanking him for his service to our community.

Today’s Speaker

Scott Langer introduced today’s speaker, Larry Hansgen, long time WHIO Radio Personality, the voice of the UD Flyers and a stand-up comic. Scott first made sure we knew that our original speaker cancelled at the last minute and after just 25 phone calls to others to fill in he came to Hansgen who graciously agreed to speak.

Larry, who has spoken to us in the past, went through the events that led him to become involved in the radio business. He was very funny and there were several entertaining stories.

It was an intricate story how he got into radio and ended up in Dayton. He began with his NSA interviews during his Senior year at Bowling Green University. It involved California and the Farsi language. Fortunately, he was not offered this job.

His radio career started after graduation in 1979 in Bryan, Ohio as a high school sports announcer.

He has been with WHIO radio for 37 years and has been involved in all kinds of jobs. He credits his longevity to being flexible and taking on all kinds of different positions and responsibilities.

To become the voice of the UD Flyer’s, Larry had to jump through several hoops. He and Bucky Bockhorn had to record several auditions on cassette tapes covering the play by play of inner squad scrimmage games.

Larry has seen a lot of places in the world. What he values even more is all of the interesting people he was able to meet along the way.

Thank you Larry for informing and entertaining us today!






Today’s Guests

Guest Guest Of
Larry Hansgen Speaker
Kal Tinka Bob Collins
Jeff Zaret Amy Barker


Member Birthday
Ira Thomsen April 05
James Rumford April 05
Roland Rapp April 05
Jeff Rolf April 06
Mercdes Franklin April 06
Robert Clements April 07
Erin Belangia-Sanchez April 09


Membership Anniversaries

Member Month Day Joined # Years
Greg Fay April 3 04/03/2014 4
Greg Griffin April 3 04/03/2014 4
Ira Thomsen April 5 04/05/1991 27
Vincent Reidy April 5 04/05/2016 2
Daniel Samiec April 6 04/06/2010 8
Molly Petsch April 6 04/06/2004 14

New Member Readings and Inductions

Name Sponsor 1st 2nd 3rd Reading or Induction
Cindy Harris Ron Tinnerman 3rd Reading
Nick Tarkany Chris McAlpine 3rd Reading
Jeff Zaret Amy Barker 3rd Reading
Cheryl Probst Christine Balsan 2nd Reading
Andrew Cain Stan Fronzaglia 2nd Reading

Sergeants at Arms

Member Infraction
Chris McAlpine Started meeting at 12:01
Christine Balsan Not wearing Optimist pin in photo for Dayton Business Journal
Gary Smiga Not mentioning CNO until the very end of article in Centerville Dispatch
Charlie Tapp Impersonating Colonel Sanders
Miami University Alumni Miami University last place on college Wheel of Fortune
June Bosworth, Scott Langer, and Tim Clemmer For not doing enough to bring on spring even though they dressed in spring colors

Happy Bucks!

No time for Happy Bucks this week.




Noon Meeting News – March 27, 2018 – Dan Patterson – Lafayette Escadrille Film Project

Phather Phil’s Prayer

Heavenly Father we can all profit from how other people look at life. A story tells of a father talking to his son saying,” we all have two wolves residing within us.” One is evil, it is anger, resentment, lies, self pity, greed and no
respect for others. The other is a good wolf full of love, joy, peace, kindness, empathy, compassion, faith and Optimism. The son questioned, “which one wins?” The father replied “the one we feed.” Help us Lord to have the feelings of the good wolf to exhibit our lives. Making it a reflection of Your love for us and the children which we both love. Amen.

All Photos from the Meeting are Here

CNO Election Season Begins

Jean Pummill spoke to us about how the process works. It is today and the next two Tuesdays. Three of the nominees got up and spoke for a short time. Summaries follow:

  •  Greg Griffin, nominated for president elect, was humbled to be chosen and thanks the previous presidents and club members.
  • Debe Dockins, nominated for vice-president, thank you for being such a great club and family.
  •  Diane Arehart, nominated for a 2-year term for the board, is proud to be a part of CNO and enjoys participating in all kinds of activities and wants to help the board in any way she can.

Election Process Speech Notes from Jean Pummill

Last Week for 2018 Quarter One Sergeants

President Chris McAlpine, knowing we were short on time, told our current favorite sergeants Diane Arehart and Larry Lynde to come up quickly to award today’s fines. They both sprinted up to the podium. Then Chris announced, “Sorry we are out of time for fines.” Diane and Larry dug deep into their optimism bucket to keep their heads held high as they walked back to their seats without assessing any fines.

Happy birthday

Bob Duffy was handed the music director’s wand to lead us in a beautifully awful rendition of happy birthday for Jane Fiehrer who was brave enough to show up to a meeting on her actual birthday. It is so fun when we do this!

Today’s Speaker

Julie Walling Noeth introduced today’s speaker, Dan Patterson, one of the foremost experts on aviation history in the world, having published nearly 40 books. Julie has known Dan Patterson since 1980 when she worked for him at his photography studio. Dan is also a photographer and graphic designer in the Dayton area.

The subject today was the Lafayette Escadrille squadron from World War I. The squadron was comprised of 38 American pilots who felt strongly that they wanted to help the French fight the Germans years before the USA joined the war. America has forgotten this story but the French have not. More than 250 American pilots fought with the French Air Service before the USA joined the war.

The story takes place over a century ago from 1914 until 1918. The French are extremely proud of these American pilots who risked their lives to protect France. They built a beautiful and thoughtful memorial monument just outside of Paris. Dan hopes all of us will visit the memorial. The pictures were indeed beautiful.


These brave pilots flew the Nieuport 11 aircraft. The Nieuport 11, nicknamed the Bébé, was a French World War I single seat sesquiplane fighter aircraft. These were the most advanced war fighter planes ever built at that time.


They wore a French uniform and their squadron badge was an American Indian chief in full headdress. We were shown a picture of the rededication ceremony for the 100-year celebration of the event from 2016 in France of John Yellowbird Steele of the Oglala Sioux tribe and he was wearing a full Indian headless. Forty men from the squadron are buried under the memorial.

Some of the pilots learned how to fly at Huffman Prairie in Dayton near WPAFB by flying Wright Flyers.


One of the men who died was buried in the Washington National Cathedral in Washington DC. His father wanted this badly enough that he paid for a chapel in the cathedral to be built to include his son’s tomb.

Dan described WWI as an “industrial” war. In one two-month period over 50,000 American soldiers were killed. That is more than was lost by America in 18 years of the Vietnam war. In one year of WWI as many as 50 million rounds of ammunition was consumed. During this exchange of fire, the battle line would only move a couple of kilometers in either direction.

Dan is working on a movie about the Lafayette Escadrille squadron. He showed us his latest trailer of the movie. The movie is a series of interviews to help answer the question of what compelled these men to come to Europe and risk their lives when at the time they clearly didn’t have to.

His final thought was these brave men made America great over 100 years ago.


Today’s Guests

Guest Guest Of
Andrew Cain Stan Franzaglia
Gayle Irwin Ken Irwin
Dan Patterson Speaker
Michelle Tagliamonte Ken Irwin


Member Birthday
Jane Fiehrer March 27
Anna Sexton March 31
Maha Kashani March 31

Membership Anniversaries

Member Month Day Joined # Years
Dav Bremer March 31 03/31/2001 17
Robert Jones March 31 03/31/2001 17
Donald Kelley April 1 04/01/1983 35
Edward Case April 1 04/01/2009 9
Philip Robinson April 1 04/01/1982 36
William Stone April 1 04/01/2013 5

New Member Readings and Inductions

Name Sponsor 1st 2nd 3rd Reading or Induction
Amy Wang Patrick Arehart Induction
Cindy Harris Ron Tinnerman 2nd Reading
Nick Tarkany Chris McAlpine 2nd Reading
Jeff Zaret Amy Barker 2nd Reading
Cheryl Probst Christine Balsan 1st Reading
Andrew Cain Stan Fronzaglia 1st Reading

Sergeants at Arms

No time for Sergeants this week.

Happy Bucks!

No time for Happy Bucks this week.