Club Officers


President Chris McAlpine
Vice President Greg Griffin
Vice President David Ladd
Secretary Jean Pummill
Treasurer Gary Smiga
President Elect Donna Huss
Immediate Past President Larry Lynde
Past Presidents’ Representative Pat Behn



One Year Term

Two Year Term

Jack Anderson Liz Fultz
Greg Fay Gary Hansen
John Horner Bob Lawson
Ken Irwin Don Massie
Dr. Don Passidomo Roland Rapp


Our club is administered by a Board of Directors comprised of a President, President-Elect, Secretary, Treasurer, Immediate Past President, another past president and up to 10 Directors. This board is responsible for managing the activities of the club, making decisions on donation requests, and setting the direction of the club. The president, as the Executive Officer of the club, presides over monthly board meetings. All club members are invited to attend board meetings, but only those on the Board of Directors are eligible to vote on any actions taken by the club.

Elections for the next Optimist year are held annually at a club meeting in the spring. Directors are elected for a two year term while officers are elected for a one year term.