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Our Mission

As a friend of youth, our mission is to provide positive programs and activities to benefit youth in the local and surrounding communities to help them grow and prosper as future leaders

Is My Organization Eligible for a Donation?

Please take a moment to review the following eligibility qualifications and guidelines to determine whether or not your request is eligible for a donation from CNO.

To be eligible for funding your donation, must be an educator or your organization, or the organization you are requesting support for, must:

  • Fit our mission statement
  • Be recognized as tax-exempt or non-profit
  • Be established for at least 2 years
  • Benefit the youth of local to Centerville-Washington Township or surrounding communities
  • Address needs that are not met fully by existing organizational or community resources

Donation Guidelines

CNO gives priority to projects that meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Project/program design that will decrease disparities and/or advance equitable outcomes for historically marginalized or disinvested youth.
  • Promote volunteer participation and citizen involvement in activities that serve our youth

We generally do not provide donations for:

  • General organizational operations and ongoing programs, operational deficits, or reduced or lost funding.
  • Individuals (exceptions would be a teacher requesting supplies for their classroom, or student requesting money for a project to benefit their school or community)
  • Religious/sectarian causes
  • Fundraising drives for individuals
  • Political activities
  • Endowment funds
  • Newly organized not-for-profit organizations
  • Publications, scientific, medical, or academic research projects, or research papers
  • In addition, multi-year commitments are rarely considered

How to Apply

We award funds to a full spectrum of tax-exempt organizations and educators that serve the youth in our community. The programs we consider for discretionary support are located primarily in Centerville-Washington Township and surrounding areas, but we will also consider requests for need in surrounding counties and townships.

CNO has designed a streamlined process to help you apply for a donation. Please review the following guidelines and application procedures.

Steps to Apply

  1. Ensure that you and/or your organization are eligible to apply (see above)
  2. Review CNO’s Guidelines for Donation Requests (see above)
  3. Submit an online Donation Request Form using the button below. The Form provides CNO with an overview of your funding request and the documents needed to support that request.
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