2022-23 Officer Installation and Awards Presentation Dinner

Beth Duncan was welcomed as the 55th President of CNO. New board members and vice-presidents were installed this evening. Optimist of the Year was announced as well as Rooke of the Year. This was a great night to celebrate the past year and to look forward to the next 2022-2023 Optimist year.

Dayton Society of Natural History

The Dayton Society of Natural History is the parent organization of the Boonshoft Museum of Discovery and its sister organization, SunWatch Indian Village (a museum of the area’s 12th century Fort Ancient Native Americans). Jill E. Krieg, the Curator of Anthropology & Exhibitions, was the speaker.

Creativity Commons Powered by Washington-Centerville Public Library

Bill Menker, the Patron Services Manager at Washington-Centerville Public Library, presented information about the new maker space at the library. Read on to learn more about the machines, kits and classes library card holders have access to that will unleash your inner creativity.

FilmDayton, Lisa Grigsby

Mission is to advance the art, craft and business of film in the Dayton region.

CNO Long Range Planning Committee

The Washington-Centerville Public Library and the Centerville-Washington History Museum were presented checks at today’s meeting. Mike Bevis explains the purpose of the CNO Long Range Planning Committee. Other recent donations to the Centerville-Washington Park District and the Washington Township Town Hall Theater were also discussed.

Drone Express, Lisa Barhorst

Drones are useful right now for last mile deliveries. Drone Express is a logistics firm focused on bringing safe, reliable, autonomous, eco-friendly package delivery throughout the country. The article discusses the problems drones are solving right now and how big the business will be in just a few more years.

Food Allergies in Children, Dr. Terri Moncrief, MD, MS

Food allergies affect 3-5% of children and the number is increasing. A lot of allergies are outgrown. Rarely are allergies to peanuts outgrown. Of those with allergies, more than 90% are only allergic to 1 or 2 foods. Learn more about food allergies and how it affects children and families.

Operation Babylift, Ray Snedegar

Ray Snedegar tells the story of the ordeal he experienced when he oversaw the first flight of Operation Babylift and its crash where miraculously there were numerous survivors. Operation Babylift was the name given to the mass evacuation of children from South Vietnam to the United States and other western countries (including Australia, France, West Germany, and Canada) at the end of the Vietnam War.

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