Club Day

A day to take care of club business with no guest speaker. Often awards are given or a fun activity is held. You will probably learn something today about your club.

Memorial Educational Assistance Awards 2023

Gary Smiga presented the 2023 awards and the renewals from last year. This year there were five first-year winners and five renewals.
Annually, the Noon Optimist Club of Centerville recognizes outstanding youth with Memorial Education Assistance Awards given in memory of the club members who have passed away while active members. Recipients must be a graduating high school senior attending a college or university, be a resident of Centerville or Washington Township, have a strong record of participation in community service activities and possess a financial need. Applicants also write an essay which is used to select the winners.

CNO Bingo! Learn more about your club.

Today was a “Club Day,” so there was no guest speaker. President Beth Duncan had bingo cards on all the tables today with CNO events and committees on the squares. As she revealed the squares, she explained more about the events, fundraisers and committees. We played a game while learning! What a clever idea, President Beth!

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