Centerville High School

CHS Basketball Coach Brook Cupps

His personal statement of values he lives by and instills in his players is: “Tough, Passionate, Unified, and Thankful.” The coaches work on instilling core values in the team. Cupps has attended coaching clinics to learn how to be a better coach. He wants the players to leave with great values even when they do not win.

John Carroll – Centerville High School Principal

Carroll has worked in the Centerville School District for 26 years. He has been CHS coordinating principal for the last 4. He originally taught math. He feels blessed and is excited to go to work each day. He wants to be accessible to students. Much of the day he tries to stand out at the front desk so that he is accessible to students and staff. He explained that the high school provides academics, social-emotional learning, and career advising.

CHS Theatre – “Fiddler on the Roof”

Jason Hamen, the Theatre Instructor and Director of Theatre Programming at CHS brough several student performers with him today. We were treated to 4 songs from the musical “Fiddler on the Roof:” “If I Were a Rich Man,” “Matchmaker,” “Miracle of Miracles,” Sunrise, Sunset.” The students did a great job! Thanks to all of them for sharing their talents with us!

Centerville High School B.O.L.D (Building Our Lives Drug Free)Program

Danielle Meyer and Jake Rankey are influential seniors and members of BOLD (Building Our Lives Drug-Free) organization at CHS. What is BOLD? “A student led organization whose members have committed to being 100% drug and alcohol free and whose purpose is to promote positive messages on the importance of committing to a drug-free lifestyle.”

Noon Meeting News – August 22, 2017 – Rob Dement – Centerville High School Athletic Director

Phather Phil’s Prayer Heavenly Father as adults we can look back on our lives and try to figure out why and how we became the person we are now. Many will discover that one or two people shaped our personality or steered us to become interested in the vocation or avocation we now enjoy. To our …

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