Avenue of Flags

Avenue of Flags distributes flags five times a year.

The Wall That Heals and AOF Kickoff

The Wall that Heals is a traveling three-quarter size replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington D.C. It is also a mobile education center and is a program of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund (founders of the wall). The exhibit opens on July 27, 2023. The Avenue of Flags committee had its annual kickoff meeting and put on a hilarious skit.

Avenue of Flags 2021 Season Kickoff Presentation

AOF is a community-based fundraiser. Flags are delivered on the 5 American Flag Holidays. The program delivers to residences and businesses in our community. Flags are displayed for 4-6 around these holidays. Thank you to all AOF Helpers. It really is true that many hands working together accomplishes amazing results. New routes are added every year and they always need more volunteers.

Avenue of Flags 2020 Season Kickoff

This year, flags will be delivered starting the Wednesday before Memorial Day weekend and will be picked up after Independence Day, which is approximately 6 weeks. This is being done to help with social distancing and at the request of the governor for everyone to display flags in support of our patriotism during the COVID crisis. The flags will be redeployed for Labor Day and Veterans Day as in normal years. After the flags go up for Memorial Day, many more subscription requests are expected as neighbors notice the flags. They plan to deliver to new subscribers during the 6 weeks.

Avenue of Flags 2019 Season Kickoff Presentation

In 2003 to test the fundraiser, they put out 30 flags for free in Quail Run. If Chuck Dickerson had not put up the initial $3000 in funding, the program probably would never have started. In 2005, the first year AOF was a fundraiser, they did skits at CNO lunch to education members about the concept. That year, the program earned about $1500. As of the end of 2018, net income was $77,750 with 2141 being placed on Veteran’s Day 2018. The 2019 AOF fundraiser is being dedicated to its founder Chuck Dickerson, who left his earthly life in 2018.

Noon Meeting News – May 16, 2017 – Respect for Law Award & Avenue of Flags Kickoff

Phather Phil’s Prayer With Spring in full swing and the memory of the cold winter gradually fading, I’ve often thought it would have been great if you made us to go to sleep at the start of winter and wake up in the Spring, just like You do for Mother Nature. Was that in Your plan …

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