CNOtes – May 21, 2019 – Avenue of Flags 2019 Season Kickoff Presentation

Phather Phil’s Prayer

Heavenly Father we stand before You in thankful praise even when we unaware of all You do for us. It’s comforting to converse with You. You put us at ease by listening to us and bolstering our faith, mind and soul. Help us not to worry about anything and come to You in prayer and ask for every thing we need. Let us be mindful that You are always with us even when all we say is “Thanks”. Amen!

Today’s Guests

Guest Guest Of
Karin Gilstrap Cindy Harris
Nina Vasiliu Tom Novak

All Photos from the Meeting are Here

Special Notice

There is no lunch meeting on 5/28/2019.

Upcoming Community Events

June 1, 2019, 9AM to 11:30 AM, the Fishing Derby, Bob Lawson said to let those planning on attend know they need to fill out the registration form and bring it to the derby. Spread the word on Facebook! Registration is between 8:00 – 9:00AM. We supply free worms however you are permitted to bring your own bait and lures. We stock the ponds with approximately 400 pounds of Catfish for the Derby. There are other fish also in the ponds – mainly Bluegills. Prizes and trophies for all.  Children ages 5-15 are encouraged to participate and try this event. The event is held at Washington Township Rec Center, in two ponds. Click here for registration form.

2019 Fishing Derby Registration Form

August 10, 2019, St Leonard BoomerFest. We had members from our club within a club from St Leonard at today’s lunch. St Leonard wants everyone to save the date, August 10, 2019 for their Annual BoomerFest. Click for details.

Upcoming Social Events

5/29/2019, 6:30 at Heather’s Café in Springboro, “Dining in the Dark”. There will be a nice meal, but you will be blindfolded during it. The event includes meal, music and silent auction. The cost is $65 per person. The event is a fundraiser and raises awareness about the issues facing the blind community. This is being arranged by Bob Collins’ daughter.

Committee Announcements

Bob Lawson announced that for the upcoming Fishing Derby on June 1, 2019 he needs someone with a pickup to help transfer items to and from the event.

June 25, 2019, 11:45 AM to 1:00 PM a “New Optimist Wanted” (NOW) event will be held at Yankee Trace instead of our traditional lunch. Committee chairs will present what they do to new and prospective new members. There will be a buffet lunch served that day.


President Donna Huss presented two awards today:

  • Scott Langer received a pin for sponsoring 10 new members.
  • Jesse Gaither received the 100-year pin for earning the “Promise Yourself” member award. Donna also mentioned that Jesse’s business Minute Man Press received a business of the year award last week from the City of Centerville.

Avenue of Flags Fundraiser

Donna Huss introduced the three chairs of the CNO Avenue of Flags (AOF) Committee. They are Tom Novak, Mike Brubaker and Bob Burkman. Each spoke to us about our fundraiser.

Flags are delivered on

  • Memorial Day
  • Flag Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Veterans Day

Especially this time of year, the three committee chairs spend a lot of time away from home. Tom thanked their wives Paulette Novak, Sue Brubaker, and Carol Burkman for their patience with their husbands.

In 2003 to test the fundraiser, they put out 30 flags for free in Quail Run. If Chuck Dickerson had not put up the initial $3000 in funding, the program probably would never have started.

Back in 2005, the first year Avenue of Flags was a fundraiser, they did skits at CNO lunch to educate members about the concept. One of the skits was the Tom and Jerry show played by “Tom” Novak and “Jerry” Stahley. Then there were American Historical characters. Charlie Tapp dressed up as Paul Revere. You need someone to plant the flags, so Ken Peacock played Johnny Appleseed. Benjamin Franklin was played by Chuck Dickerson.

In 2005, the program earned about $1500. As of the end of 2018, net income was $77,750 with 2141 flags being placed on Veterans Day 2018.

The 2019 Avenue of Flags fundraiser is being dedicated to its founder Chuck Dickerson, who left his earthly life in 2018.

Statistics and facts about the program this year from Mike

  • 2001 flags will be delivered for Memorial Day.
  • More subscriptions will be added before each flag delivery day.
  • There are currently 6.6% more subscriptions now than this time last year.
  • For Memorial Day there will be 100 helpers delivering flags, with 30 of them being subscriber helpers that are not members of CNO.
  • Most flags will be delivered on May 23, 2019.
  • Each Flag Route is designed to take about 1.5 hours.
  • The largest route is 160 flags.
  • AOF volunteers build the flags themselves from purchased parts and kits.

Tom explained some more about AOF. Neighbors telling their neighbors about the Avenue of Flags is a large source of new subscribers and it was the only way it worked the first few years.

Helpers go out as 2 person Teams. They are always looking for volunteers. They are very excited to get volunteers that have flag friendly vehicles like mini-vans, SUV’s and pickup trucks.

Bob explained some history about Memorial Day. Originally called Decoration Day, Memorial Day started on May 30, 1865, to honor the 620,000 people who died in the Civil War. May 30th was chosen because there were no battles on that day. Memorial Day got its current official name in 1967. Currently Memorial Day is on the last Monday of May each year because of the Uniform Monday Holiday Act. Signed into law on June 28, 1968, the Uniform Monday Holiday Act took effect on January 1, 1971. Bob mentioned that Armed Forces Day is celebrated on the third Saturday in May as a tribute to the men and women currently serving in the Armed Forces.


Member Birthday
Jim Marker May 23
Don Skelton May 25
Cristlyn Johnston May 26
Casey Wyckoff May 30
Mike Witt June 01
Shawna Hatton June 01

Membership Anniversaries

Member Month Day Joined # Years
James Schumacher May 22 5/22/1991 28
Pete Rife May 22 5/22/2013 6
Bob Clements May 25 5/25/2005 14
Paulette Novak May 25 5/25/2005 14
Amy Barker May 26 5/26/2008 11
Cheryl Reichel May 26 5/26/2008 11
Debe Dockins May 26 5/26/2009 10
Bob Burkman May 31 5/31/2003 16
Carol Burkman May 31 5/31/2003 16
Gary Aiken June 1 6/1/1982 37
Wayne Christie June 1 6/1/1988 31

New Member Readings and Inductions

Name Sponsor 1st 2nd 3rd Reading or Induction
Karin Gilstrap Cindy Harris 1st Reading

Sergeants at Arms

Member Infraction
Anyone wearing shorts Wearing shorts when it is cold, even though it is past the middle of May!
Tom Novak At recent CNO 2.0 meeting spilled beer on new member Mark Karns
Mike Yoder Couldn’t find name badge
Jesse Gaither Late to meeting

 Happy Bucks! 

No time for Happy Bucks this Week.

Noon Meeting News – May 15, 2018 – Avenue of Flags Season Kickoff

Phather Phil’s Prayer

In Honor Of Mother…
This past Sunday, we celebrated Mother’s Day. Which always brings a smileto my face – twice ! The first smile comes when people find out I was anonly child. Oh! I’ll bet you were spoiled rotten! WRONG. Since I was the
only child I received Mothers full attention. It was like Jonny Cash’s song. I walk the line. If I made a mess or broke something I didn’t have a brother or sister to blame it on. Telling the truth came automatic for the
consequence of a hairbrush or razor strap was readily available. You said yes sir” and “yes mam”. Mother wanted to know what I was doing and whomy friends were, including their last name. I ate breakfast every morning of Quaker Oats or cream of wheat. Had Soup and sandwich for lunch. Supper was meat, potatoes & a vegetable. If you didn’t like the vegetable you could sit there till you did. The radio was turned off during meal time. I didn’t date till I was a Junior in High school. Then had to pick her up and take the bus to wherever and take the bus back home . No time for any sparking or you’d walk 5 miles home cause you missed the bus. Mother raised a square as I didn’t smoke, drink or become a father before I was married. I wasn’t arrested for shoplifting or busted for DUI. And who do I have to thank for this? You’re right – my mean mother ! I raised our children the same way and got tickled when they said I was mean. Our country doesn’t need a good 5-cent cigar. It needs more mean Mothers like mine. Now for the rest of the story! The reason for my second smile. I was a
young man and it was Mothers Day and I asked my father “When is Fathers Day? Without missing a beat my father replied,”9 months prior to Mothers Day. “

All Photos from the Meeting are Here

 Today’s Guests

Guest Guest Of
Darlene Irwin Ken Irwin

Committee Notes

Mike Bevis announced it is 60 days until the golf outing. Time is running out to sign up and play. The 27th Annual Tom Frazier Tee Off for Youth to be held Monday July 16, 2018 at Sycamore Creek Golf Club. Forms available at :

Ellie Parker requested donations for the golf outing gift bags from businesses and others. Some examples would be snacks (chips, pretzels), gift cards, and more. She will come to you and pick up your donations.

Jerry Stahley is still looking for OI Junior Golf Championship donations for junior golf. He also has two Dragons tickets for 5/18/2018.

Chris McAlpine reminded everyone that the Safety on Wheels bike Rodeo is this Saturday May 19, 2018 at Miami Valley South.

Myron Rheaume announced he just came back from the OI district meeting in Columbus. They gave him a boxful of Dime-a-Day Pins. He kindly reminded us how to do the math, remember that a dime a day means $36.50 per year. He presented a pin to every club member participating in the Dime-a-Day program.

Chris McAlpine read some recent touching thank you notes, including a recipient of a scholarship and a previous speaker from the BOLD program at CHS.

Today’s Presentation

Tom Novak spoke to us about the Avenue of Flags (AOF). Thanks to Greg Griffin for the Power Point presentation. The program started in 2005. AOF puts flags out 5 times during the year for 3-5 days each on the following flag holidays: Memorial Day, Flag Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, and Veterans Day.

To test the fundraiser the first year they put out 30 flags for free in Quail Run. If Chuck Dickerson had not put up the initial $3000 in funding, the program probably would not have started.

Thank you to David Watkins of Turf Nerd Lawn Care 75 Westpark for storing our flags free of charge.

Thank to the AOF committee and all the helpers. There are over 100 helpers, not all of them CNO members. There are groups that volunteer together from VFW Teams and Bluestar mothers. The are also 40 subscriber volunteers that are not CNO members.

The Avenue of Flags committee have learned by doing. They offer volunteers flexible delivery times and early flag loading. GPS helps a lot. New routes are added every year. Trucks, vans and SUVs are great flag vehicles, but some routes are handled by cars and convertibles.

There are now 62 Routes. There are a few mega routes with over 100 flags. The largest route, handled by the team consisting of Mike Bevis, Donna Huss and Rhonda Meeker, delivers 129 flags. The average route size is 25-35 flags and only takes 1 – 1 ½ hours to distribute. The smallest route is 4 flags. The routes are designed to be concentrated which speeds distribution.

Neighbors sharing the service idea with neighbors helps increase subscribers each year.

Tom introduced Mike Brubaker, who went over the statistics of revenue. Last year AOF raised over $62,000.

Last year we reached 1831 flags for Veterans day. This year so far AOF has 1846 flags for Memorial Day. This is the first year the flag subscriptions at the beginning of the year exceeded the number of subscriptions at the end of the prior year. New orders are coming in every day and they will continue as the season progresses.

After today’s lunch a group picture in official AOF tee shirts was taken.



Member Birthday
Kristina Rainer May 16
James Long May 17
Amy Barker May 19
Mike Brubaker May 19

Membership Anniversaries

Member Month Day Joined # Years
Jay Hoffman May 15 05/15/2017 1
David Ladd May 16 05/16/2012 6
Natalie King Dunlevey May 16 05/16/2012 6
Chris Elrod May 18 05/18/2011 7
Melissa DeShurko May 18 05/18/2011 7
Rafael Santillan May 18 05/18/2016 2
Bill Marker May 18 05/18/2011 7
Heather Kuth May 19 05/19/2010 8
Jeff Rolf May 20 05/20/2015 3
Kelly George May 20 05/20/2015 3
Tony Lombardo May 20 05/20/2015 3

New Member Readings and Inductions

No readings or inductions this week.

Sergeants at Arms

Member Infraction
All those who do not have an avenue of flag subscription Not having Avenue of Flags subscription
Charlie Tapp Told golf cart person to not pick up Don Kelley in the parking lot
Christie Gariety For needing change for a $20 for their 50/50 ticket
Dan Beck For needing change for a $20 for their 50/50 ticket
Bob Bargmeyer Needed change for a $20, waited for it to be counted out then realized he had a dollar after all

Happy Bucks!

Member Reason
Roland Rapp First Grandson born
Ken Irwin 31st wedding anniversary
Gary Smiga Centerville Optimist’s team won the golf outing at the Airforce Base for the second year in a row
Myron Rheaume In the parking lot today, a young lady with a golf cart gave him a ride. As she dropped him off she said she felt good helping a senior.
Cherie Gentry She and Myron are officially field representatives for OI, they are building clubs
John Spears Please participate or donate to the Blue Star Mothers golf outing on June 14, 2018
Jeff Zaret Glad to be back home from Alaska


Noon Meeting News – May 16, 2017 – Respect for Law Award & Avenue of Flags Kickoff

Phather Phil’s Prayer

With Spring in full swing and the memory of the cold winter gradually fading, I’ve often thought it would have been great if you made us to go to sleep at the start of winter and wake up in the Spring, just like You do for Mother Nature. Was that in Your plan and Adam and Eve changed that too. Too bad You don’t grant Mulligans or what some call “do overs”. I’m sure that by not getting what we want is a stroke of luck. For we have learned that the upside of painful knowledge is far better than blissful ignorance. Your promises are golden for how dismal November would be if we had no knowledge of Spring. Just rambling Lord, we pray that when this life is over, we all want reservations in the non-smoking section. Amen!

Click here to see all the photos from the meeting

Today’s Guests

Guest Guest Of
Lisa Allan Mike Bevis
Marissa Buckles Mike Bevis
Eliza Mallue Sheri Howard
Gary Ridgeway Honoree
Joel Timmons Beth Lybrook

Today’s Speaker

Tom Novak spoke to the club about our Avenue of Flags program. We are rapidly expanding with 1,493 subscriptions before the season officially begins. AOF is one of the top three fund raisers for CNO, in each of the last three years, we have earned over $50,000 for the club. We get volunteers from our membership as well as VFW and Blue Star Mothers for flag distribution and pick up. Memorial Day will kick off the 2017 AOF season.

The second part of today’s program included the Kalaman Respect for Law award. Bob Burkman spoke about the CNO creation of this award nearly 20 years ago. Next, Gary Anderson introduced Captain Jeff Papanek who praised our 2017 recipient, Gary Ridgeway, and explained his career and responsibilities. Detective Ridgeway then spoke, after accepting the award from President Larry, about what a great honor it is and amused us with an interesting anecdote about shoe polish in the brim of a cowboy hat. Paula and John Kalaman spoke briefly about keeping their son John’s memory alive. We are all proud to have the Kalamans and Captain Papanek be a part of the CNO family and congratulations again to our award recipient Detective Gary Ridgeway!


Kristina Rainer May 16
James Long May 17
Amy Barker May 19
Mike Brubaker May 19

Membership Anniversaries

Member Month Day Joined # Years
Natalie King Dunlevey May 16 05/16/2012 5
Cheryl Reichel May 20 05/20/2008 9
Jeff Rolf May 20 05/20/2015 2
Kelly George May 20 05/20/2015 2
Carol Burkman May 21 05/21/2003 14
Robert Burkman May 21 05/21/2003 14
Dennis Fisher May 22 05/22/2006 11
James Schumacher May 22 05/22/1991 26

New Member Readings and Inductions

Name Sponsor 1st 2nd 3rd Reading or Induction
Sheri Howard Mike Bevis Induction

Sergeants at Arms 

No time for Sergeants this week (Hey – isn’t that the title of a movie?)

 Happy Bucks!

No time for Happy Bucks this week.


CNO’s Avenue of Flags Fundraiser Receives International Optimist Organization Recognition

Our own Centerville Noon Optimist Club Avenue of Flags program – one of our three major fundraisers for our local youth – has received international recognition as a “Benchmark Club Project” by Optimist International.  OI featured our program – which has grown from 30 flags (in 2005) to over 1,500 flags this year – as the kind of fundraiser that other clubs might consider as a program to help support their youth scholarships and free youth events – as our club does.

And a huge THANK YOU to all of our 1,500+ Avenue of Flags Subscribers – your subscriptions provide a major portion of the financial support we receive to help kids in our local community.  We could not do it without you.

Read the article on the Optimist International Website.

To get more information about our Avenue of Flags program or to subscribe.