Centerville Noon Optimist Club

School of Possibilities, Eric Gearhart

The mission of School of Possibilities is to provide a positive and appropriate learning environment for students who are credit deficient and may struggle in a traditional educational environment. The goal is for students to gain a high school diploma and to formulate goals for career and college readiness.

Yes for Parks Levy, Reverend Harvey Smith

Harvey came to talk to us on behalf of the Yes for Parks Levy. He told us about all the good the Centerville-Washington Park District does for our community. There is a 1.0-mil parks and recreation replacement levy on the November 7th, 2023, ballot.

We Care Arts, Kelli Campbell

We Care Arts believes in the healing power of creating and producing art that transforms physical, developmental, and mental challenges into a future rich with possibilities. The goal is to increase confidence and artistic skill in a variety of individuals with varying disabilities and physical challenges.

Hoofprints-Equine Assisted Learning, Kathy Corbett

People are facing unprecedented mental health challenges. Hoofprints offers a unique solution: Equine Assisted Learning (EAL), a scientifically proven therapy using horse interactions. Equine Assisted Activities can help clients with depression, anxiety, ADHD, conduct disorders, addiction, trauma, eating disorders, spectrum and health difficulties, dissociative disorders, Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, and other mental health difficulties.

4 Paws for Ability, KaLynn Clark

4 Paws for Ability enriches the lives of people with disabilities by placing life changing service dogs. They breed, raise, and train service dogs in preparation to assist their partner with specific tasks and skills that mitigate the impacts of their partner’s disabilities.

Dayton Art Institute, Michael R. Roediger

The vision of the museum is, “Through art, we create transformative and diverse experiences, strengthen community connections and inspire imagination.” Today’s CNOtes also includes a recap of the Great Ohio District’s 75th annual convention.

Artemis Domestic Violence Center, Jane Keiffer

Since 1985, Artemis Center has made great strides in the community, helping more than 100,000 victims and their children through crisis intervention, safety planning, education, and support. The name, “Artemis Center,” comes from Artemis, the Greek goddess. She is known as the goddess of light and protector of the vulnerable.

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