Tom Frazier

Portrait of Tom Frazier

Dr. Tom Frazier, Charter Member of CNO

Did you ever wonder who Tom Frazier was and why we honor his memory annually with the Tom Frazier Memorial Golf Classic?
Read Mike Bevis’ speech, the daughters’ speeches and a poem written by Tom Frazier based on the Optimist Creed in this special version of CNOtes here.
Dr. Tom Frazier was a charter member of the Optimist Club of Centerville Noon (CNO).

Uptown Centerville Updates – Michael Norton-Smith and Kate Bostdorff

Get an update on the status of Uptown Centerville and Centerville Cornerstone projects. Uptown Centerville is a vibrant district at the heart of our community. Uptown is a welcoming, walkable destination that is home to our history and a friendly gathering place where local businesses thrive. Overall, the City of Centerville wants to make the area a safer, easier place to park, stay and play in Uptown Centerville.

CLUB DAY – Tom Frazier Tee Off for Youth Committee Presentation

The golf committee is comprised of about 25 members and they help produce the best golf outing in the Dayton area. Starting in January, the committee meets once a month. Any member can join the committee. The meetings are fun as well as functional. Net proceeds from the 2019 fundraiser was $50,000. A third of the money each year is donated to Dayton Children’s Hospital. They use the funds to help disadvantaged families afford the travel expenses to get their children to and from the hospital for their childhood cancer treatments.

Presentation of Checks to Dayton Children’s from Tom Frazier Tee Off for Youth Golf Outing

Donations from CNO have helped fund the patient tower at DCH that opened on June 5, 2017. It has State of the Art technologies and conveniences. In the Dayton area there are 50 new patients each year with childhood cancer. Pediatric cancer is truly bad luck. It is not because of lifestyle, exercise levels or diet which are the causes of a lot of cancers in adults. Pediatric cancers can be cured about 85% of the time. About 42% of adults with cancer are cured. Treatment for pediatric cancer is the same across the U.S. through a nationwide network of doctors and protocols.

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