Uptown Centerville Updates – Michael Norton-Smith and Kate Bostdorff

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  • Bob Lawson announced the Big Back Yard Party will be on 7/30/2022 at Oak Grove Park. Signup online to help using the Member Calendar.
  • Bob Lawson announced the Kids Day in the Park will be on 8/6/2022 at Delco Park. Signup online to help using the Member Calendar.
  • Debe Dockins announced that the Tuesday lunch meeting on 8/23/200 will be a picnic at Yankee Park in the Margaret Barclay Shelter.
  • Mike Bevis announced that the Golf outing is sold out.
  • Sue Brubaker announced that the Build-A-Bear event for Childhood Health and Wellness had 40 kids in person and another 20 bears were sent upstairs. They had a great time. Next month will be a Build-a-Bear for kids with Sickle Cell.
  • Larry Lynde thanked everyone that helped with the CNO Americana Float.
  • Joan Cordonnier thanked everyone who volunteered their time for the Americana 5K race. There were 822 runners and 750 of them finished.
  • Debe Dockins said that the CNO social last Sunday of a guided tour of Carillon Park followed by a group dinner was well attended and a fun event.

Uptown and Cornerstone Updates, City of Centerville

Debe Dockins introduced Michael Norton-Smith and Kate Bostdorff. They were here to talk about changes and progress in Uptown Centerville and Cornerstone of Centerville projects.

Michael Norton-Smith is Development Director at the City of Centerville. He oversees Economic Development, Planning, Building Inspection and Code Enforcement. Michael is also responsible for implementing strategic projects, like the redevelopment of Centerville’s historic “Uptown” district and the restructuring of the Centerville Community Improvement Corporation. Michael has held leadership positions within several professional groups, including the I-70/75 Development Association and the Ohio Conference of Community Development. Michael attended The Ohio State University where he received a Masters of Public Administration and a Masters of City and Regional Planning.

Kate Bostdorff is the City of Centerville’s Communications Director. In addition to her work documenting and promoting local government, Kate is also an Emmy Award winning reporter. Kate spent several years as evening anchor at WHIO-TV, the Number One CBS affiliate in the country. She is a graduate of Ball State University and spent a year as a Fulbright Scholar in Palembang, Indonesia. She is currently working on her Master of Business Administration from Ohio University. She has a five-year-old son named Charlie.

Michael and Kate brought with them to today’s lunch their Interns Cameron Scholler and Michael Berner.

View the presentation slide deck here.

About Uptown Centerville

Uptown Centerville is a vibrant district at the heart of our community. Uptown is a welcoming, walkable destination that is home to our history and a friendly gathering place where local businesses thrive. Overall, the City of Centerville wants to make the area a safer, easier place to park, stay and play in Uptown Centerville.

Uptown and Cornerstone

Michael and Kate did not want to repeat information they have shown in the past. To refresh your memory, there are two other CNOtes articles that you can read here.

Timeline of Uptown Project

  • 2018, Community Business Walk
  • 2019, Architectural Preseveration District Visioning Committee
  • 2019, City Council Adopts Uptown Action Plan
  • 2020, Initial Concept Design Created
  • 2021, Preliminary Planning/Engineering

About the Uptown Project

The initial plan was not specific enough and Engineers told them the initial concept needed to be improved. See the presentation slides for several updated drawings for the Uptown project that are feasible to build.

Uptown Centerville is a historic district. Any new buildings have to look similar to other buildings or at least be made from similar materials that make up historic buildings and complement them.

Components to Make Enhancements that Align with the Uptown Action Plan

  • Historic Facade Improvement Grants, $15,000 grants to assist building owners with preservation and eliminate code violations. To be eligible these upgrades need to allow the buildings to exist for at least another 50 years.
  • Uptown Streetscape Funds: $10,000 forgivable loans to encourage enhancements that contribute to vibrancy and character of Uptown Centerville.
  • Centerpieces Uptown Murals: One is complete and the next site, design and artist have been chosen and work will begin soon.
  • The upgrades program is administered by the Centerville Community Improvement Corporation (CCIC).

Strategic Demolition

The city is tearing down a couple of buildings that are in bad shape that owners are willing to sell. The space will be used for parking lots.

Uptown Upgrades Totals

  • Public Funding: $125,000
  • Total Applications: 9 Projects of which 8 are funded
  • Largest award: $25,000
  • Smallest Award: $2792.50
  • Private leverage $543,816.10

Centerpieces Mural Program

  • First round: 16 designs were submitted by 11 artists
  • Design selected by committee of representatives from boards and commissions
  • Goal is one mural a year up to 10 years
  • Cost is approximately $25,000
  • Grant funding from Community Foundation and Ohio Arts Council

Lessons Learned in the Uptown Project

  • Encourage larger projects – the work is the same for the city as for smaller projects
  • Use “OPM” money, or Other People’s Money – use grants and other sources of money to leverage what work is possible
  • Utilize Community Improvement Corporations
  • Work proactively with Boards and Commissions
  • Learn from your peers – Contact and learn from similar cities with similar goals

Cornerstone of Centerville

Cornerstone of Centerville is on Wilmington Pike North of I-675. There is a park, apartments and business in the project. Much of the project is completed and construction continues.

Upscale Cornerstone Apartments and Age 55+ Dogwood Commons are ready for people to move in. They feature one- and two-bedroom units.

Cabela’s, Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurant, The Outback Restaurant, Costco, Kroger and Wright-Patt Credit Union are among the more than 20 businesses on site.

Thank You

Thank you, Michael Norton-Smith and Kate Bostdorff, for updating us on the Uptown Centerville and Cornerstone projects.

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