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Integrated Transition Options Program, Judy Vance and Charlie Alcorn

The Integrated Transition Options (ITOP) Program is a blend of Special Education and Career Education Services designed to meet the needs of students who are transitioning from high school to adult life. The ITOP curriculum is based on each student’s personal transition and future planning goals relative to work, community participation and skills for independent living.

Brigid’s Path, Jane Snyder

Since they welcomed their first infant in December 2017, Bridgid’s Path has cared for 240 babies and families in the crisis of addiction. They are the first facility in Ohio to offer in-patient, home-like treatment. Brigid’s Path offers support for families facing addiction with compassion, care and guidance.

Montgomery County Auditor, Karl Keith

Discussed today was the three-year property value update required by the state of Ohio. Karl also explained how the numbers work in determining the annual tax for a property. We also heard from Jon Wesney and Laura Sauber about the Centerville City Schools levy on the November 2023 ballot.

Halloween Party at Bock Family Brewing

Debe Dockins told ghost stories, many attendees wore a costume, a new member was inducted and Greg Griffin informed us about the Christmas Tree Lot fundraiser. There was also a surprise visit by Ohio District Governor Tom Kennedy. A great time was had by all attending this evening.

School of Possibilities, Eric Gearhart

The mission of School of Possibilities is to provide a positive and appropriate learning environment for students who are credit deficient and may struggle in a traditional educational environment. The goal is for students to gain a high school diploma and to formulate goals for career and college readiness.

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