December 8, 2020 – Youth Appreciation Awards Presentations

Erin Dickerson’s Prayer

1 Timothy 4:12 – “Don’t let anyone think less of you because you are young.  Be an example to all believers in what you say, in the way you live, in your love, your faith, and your purity.”

Heavenly Father,

Throughout the Bible, we have examples of young people doing amazing things.  David was a boy when he killed Goliath.  Jeremiah was around 14 when you called him and Samuel was 12.  Josiah was only 8 when he became king of Jerusalem.  Today, as we award our Annual Youth Appreciation Awards, help us to remember the amazing things our children and youth are capable of and never to doubt their abilities. 


Special Announcement

There is no meeting on 12/15/2020. Our next meeting will be 12/22/2020 at noon.


Patrick Arehart, technology committee, announced that there is now a donation page on the CNO website. Click here to view the page. Donors can choose any amount they wish to donate.

Debe Dockins announced the Fire Stick winners for the Dime-A-Day contest are Beth Duncan and Wendy Hattan.

Christy Gariety, Adopt-a-Family committee, announced that CNO members donated 46 $50 gift cards for Adopt-a-Family.

Happy Birthday Jeff Umbreit

Today was Jeff Umbreit ’s birthday. Patrick Arehart led the singing today for the first time and he failed miserably. Even Zoom’s audio optimizers could not reduce the awful screeching version of the song Happy Birthday to You. It was, however, sung with love. Happy Birthday Jeff, and may you have a great year.

Tom Henderson, Youth Appreciation Awards

Debe Dockins introduced Dr. Tom Henderson, the superintendent of Centerville City Schools. Seniors Jade Eilers, Abigail Lachman and Emma Schutter were honored for their leadership, service and involvement in high school and community activities.

Henderson said thank you to CNO for the opportunity to recognize these students. He introduced the principles of CHS.

CHS Principals

  • East Unit Principle, Mr. Jack Durnbaugh
  • South Unit, Mr. Chuck Cowgill
  • West Unit, Mr. Jeff Wolff
  • Coordinating Principle, Mr. John Caroll

Henderson shared some information for the benefit of our numerous honorees and visitors today about what CNO is and what we do for the youth of our community

All three recipients will receive a “Star” plaque and a gift card for lunch. Normally, they receive lunch in person at our weekly, in-person, CNO meetings.

Henderson introduced Guidance Counselor from each Unit who then introduced each student.

Abigail Lachman

CHS East Unit Guidance Counselor Samantha Stingley presented Abigail Lachman.

Lachman was nominated for the award for her academic record and commitment to service.

“Abby’s character truly sets her apart from her peers and speaks to the high level of intellectual and personal maturity that she exudes,” said Stingley. “Simply put, students at Centerville look to Abby as a role model and a person to emulate while our staff respects her and praises her ability to serve from the front.”

Lachman serves as president of the CHS Key Club and a deacon of her church, Westminster Presbyterian, and works as a server at Bethany Village, which has been particularly challenging as she has been serving one of our community’s most vulnerable populations amid an international pandemic.

Lachman is excited for the future and she is certain the preparation that CHS has given her has prepared her for college.

Emma Schutter

CHS South Unit Guidance Counselor Beth Buck presented Emma Schutter.

Schutter is seen as a leader at school and in the community.

“Emma’s exceptional work ethic and community-minded attitude is inspiring,” said Buck. “She is a thoughtful, talented young woman, who will undoubtedly continue to contribute to the world in a positive way.”

Schutter has exceled in honors and advanced placement level coursework, in addition to being a captain of the CHS varsity softball team and a member of Students Against Destructive Decisions, Building Our Lives Drug Free and Lunch Buddies.

Schutter said she is honored to be considered for this award since there are so many other students in her class.

Schutter is grateful to CNO and remembers participating in CNO’s Tri-Star basketball events.

Jade Eilers

CHS West Unit Guidance Counselor Kensie Miller presented Jade Eilers.

Eilers was nominated because of her impressive devotion to service and committing to a drug free life and spreading that message. She has accumulated more than 1,000 hours of community service, has spoken at the United Nations, has her own Ted Talk and has been in numerous theatre productions.

“With such an impressive resume, Jade remains a humble, kind and passionate young woman,” Miller said. “She has an impressive 4.2 GPA and will receive an honors diploma upon graduation. She has overcome obstacles that have been placed before her and has come out on top. I am so excited to see what Jade does next!”

Eilers thanked CNO. Her community service is centered around drug prevention. She enjoys giving talks that encourage kids to lead a drug-free life.


Henderson went on to say that there are a lot of outstanding students at CHS and these are three exemplary examples.

New Member Readings and Inductions

Name Sponsor 1st 2nd 3rd Reading or Induction
Casey Dixon Jeff Umbreit 3rd Reading
Doug Flanders Joe Madden 1st Reading

Happy Bucks

Member Reason
Debe Dockins Her Christmas Tree is up
Debe Dockins 3 happy bucks for today’s three honorees
Debe Dockins Tom Henderson for doing a difficult job well
Greg Griffin 3 happy bucks for today’s three honorees
Jeff Umbreit 50 happy bucks for his and wife Sarah Umbreit’s 50th birthdays today and yesterday

Membership Anniversaries

Member Month Day Joined # Years
Paul Boeckman December 9 12/9/1994 26
Roland Rapp December 10 12/10/2002 18
Tom Novak December 13 12/13/1990 30


Member Birthday
Jeff Umbreit December 8
Patrick Arehart December 10
Jay Schindler December 10
Penny Culhane December 11
Erin Dickerson December 12
Pete Rife December 13
Cheryl Dowd December 16
Bill Stone December 16
Liz Fultz December 18

CNO Donations 2013 through October 2020

Click this link to see a summary of the donations our club has made.

Over the past 53 years, we donated over $2,000,000 to our youth community. In the past 6 years, we have donated nearly $712,000.

Sergeants at Arms

No Sergeants this week.

Welcome Guests!

Casey Dixon – Guest of Jeff Umbreit – WELCOME Casey and Doug Flanders – Guest of Joe Madden – WELCOME Doug!

Zoom Meeting This Week

We had another meeting using Zoom. We will continue our weekly meetings via computer, cell phone or tablet for at least the next several weeks. Please join us and keep inviting guests.

Who can Attend Zoom Meetings?

Any member of any type of Centerville Noon Optimist can attend Zoom meetings. CNO 2.0, St Leonard’s and CNO full members or CNO monthly members can ALL attend.

Guests are also welcome. Please invite guests and introduce them if you like. Just share the Zoom link with them for that week.


In keeping with social distancing requirements – our CNO Meetings have transitioned temporarily to a online format using ZOOM.

Club Member Joe Madden was inspired to rewrite The Optimist Creed – so we give you now – The Corona Creed -with apologies to Christian D. Larson, Author of The Optimist Creed.

September 22, 2020 – Dr. Tom Henderson – Superintendent of Centerville City Schools

Thanks to President Greg Griffin

Today was the last regular noon meeting for Greg Griffin as President of CNO. We know it was not an easy year being president with COVID-19 in the world for half of his term. Thanks, Greg, for your leadership for the 2019-2020 year.

Community Events

Nancy Lehren, the chair of Childhood Health and Wellness, announced that 58 bears were handed out for TOP Soccer at the Build-A-Bear event on 9/20/2020 at Oak Grove Park. Many of the parents communicated that the kids were very excited to be able to receive their bears.

Debe Dockins announced that she is looking for volunteers for the Halloween Hop and Howl. CNO is partnering with the Centerville-Washington Park District. The events will be 10/29/2020 and 10/30/2020 from 3 PM to 5 PM at Forest Field Park. Contact Debe Dockins if you would like to volunteer. Volunteers should arrive no later than 2:30 PM.  We need 12 Optimist volunteers each day (10 treat stations and two people at a Welcome/CNO Tent/Table). CNO volunteers are welcome to decorate the treat stations. Volunteers will be handing out bouncy balls, Halloween candy, tops, spider rings, etc. Children dressed in costume will walk between treat stations. At each station a sign will direct children to perform a challenge like “howl at the moon”, “walk like Frankenstein”, “cackle like a witch”, “hop like a bunny” or something else. Adults and children aged 10+ are required to wear a mask or facial covering.

Ohio District Convention and Conference

Greg Griffin announced that the Ohio District Conference and Annual Convention will be 10/23/2020 at Embassy Suites in Dublin Ohio. If you plan to attend send Roland Rapp your completed registration by Friday 9/25/2020 to qualify for early bird pricing so he can send the check and completed forms. The two meetings were combined since the Annual Convention in August was postponed. CNO will reimburse you for your registration fees if you sign up for early bird pricing and attend the convention.

Dr. Tom Henderson, Centerville City Schools

Greg Griffin introduced Dr. Tom Henderson, the Superintendent of Centerville City Schools (CCS). He has been a member of CNO since 2009

You can view the slide deck here

His presentation was titled “Elks Back to School, Centerville City Schools 2020-2021”.

He remembered on 3/11/2020 he was at a convention and the participants watched the Governor’s announcement on TV that K-12 schools would be closed for 4 weeks.

  • On 3/16/2020, CCS started classes again using Google Classroom and the Zoom platform
  • They deployed 125 wireless hotspots and approximately 2000 Chrome Books
  • They continued to support families who qualify for free and reduced lunch and breakfast
  • They were assisted by Centerville Police Department and Washington Township Sheriff’s Office

It became evident the online classes would be longer than 4 weeks and that the school’s buildings would be shut down.

  • Buildings were shut down until the end of June and all staff worked remotely from home
  • All Spring activities were cancelled
  • There was a remote Graduation
  • There was a very popular Class of 2020 Parade that took place

There were a few people in each building making sure the buildings had no issues and to make sure maintenance issues were handled. Large buildings are meant to be occupied. The water systems need to be periodically used as an example of maintenance chores that need to be done.

Input from Community & Experts

  • More than 5000 surveys from students, parents, and teachers were completed
  • Collected input from building principals and teacher advisory teams
  • Collaboration with area school districts and Public Health – Dayton & Montgomery County
  • Guidance and considerations from ODE Ohio Department of Health, American Academy of Pediatrics and more

Guiding Principals

  • Safeguarding the health and safety of our school community
  • Ensuring effective and equitable teaching and learning opportunities
  • Supporting the emotional well-being of students and staff
  • Providing an essential service to our community

Learning Options

The district decided to provide students with two learning options.

Option 1 would be some combination of In-Person, 50/50 blended or Fully Remote.

Option 2 would be a 100% online learning model. Even when in person learning is offered, some families have issues with students and their families not wanting their kids to be in school with other students. There can be several types of concerns; health conditions of the student or family members is common.

There are several slides in the slide presentation that detail the expectations and steps for the students, educators and administrators with each option. Most of those details are not in this blog article.

You can view the slide deck here

With either option the district needed to provide every student with a Chromebook. To purchase most of the additional Chromebooks required, they were able to use a federal grant. The school already owned enough Chromebooks to share, but that is an issue with a pandemic and for access outside of school properties.

The 2020-2021 school year started online only for students on 8/24/2020. Staff and teachers reported on 8/17/2020. Staff and teachers spent the initial week receiving training to handle the new year. Currently 80% of the teachers are teaching from their classrooms at their respective schools.

Quarter 2

  • Beginning on 10/19/2020 they are recommending an in person teaching model
  • Continue to balance educational options with health and safety protocols
  • During remote learning we have had some students attend in person including special needs students and some Career Education and Elementary students for MAP Assessments
  • Total remote learning will still be an option for Quarter 2 for those families who still desire this mode of instruction
  • Additional details will be released by the district the week of 9/28/2020

The district has spent almost $3 million on cleaning machines and supplies. They hope to get $2 million back in federal grants.

Henderson was asked how the community could help by volunteering. He said school looks different right now and in person volunteering is currently limited. If you have an idea, feel free to contact him to discuss volunteer opportunities. Financial donations are welcome to help provide reduced price or free lunches and to offset some of the extra expenses the district has had and will have.

Henderson said, “It has definitely been a journey. Trying to figure out the right answer has been challenging.”

Thank you, Tom Henderson, for joining us to educate CNO about how Centerville City Schools is coping with the challenges caused by the COVID crisis.

New Member Readings and Inductions

NameSponsor1st 2nd 3rd Reading or Induction
Colleen AlbertsonBecky Keegan1st Reading
Katy ParkerCarol Smerz1st Reading

Happy Bucks

Member Reason
Judy DeMarco Thanks to Greg Griffin for doing an excellent job as CNO president for the past year.

Membership Anniversaries

Member Month Day Joined # Years
Bill Williams September 20 9/20/1993 27
Denny Cottle September 20 9/20/2015 5
Sue Brubaker September 23 9/23/2008 12
Bryan Miller September 26 9/26/2018 2
Carolyn Taylor September 26 9/26/2018 2
Dana Dring September 26 9/26/2018 2
Mike Cordonnier September 26 9/26/2018 2
Mike Wall September 26 9/26/1995 25
Steve Linder September 26 9/26/2018 2
Steve Rudisill September 26 9/26/2018 2
Stephen Walker September 28 9/28/1998 22
John Powell September 29 9/29/1999 21
Pat Behn September 29 9/29/2003 17
Bill Gaul September 30 9/30/2016 4
Brooks Compton September 30 9/30/1994 26
Denise O’Neil September 30 9/30/1994 26
Don Wildenhaus September 30 9/30/1997 23
Karl Frydryk October 1 10/1/1988 32
Ken Irwin October 2 10/2/2012 8
Larry Larrimer October 2 10/2/2012 8
Rick Kempfer October 2 10/2/2012 8
Christy Gariety October 3 10/3/2011 9
Cristlyn Johnston October 4 10/4/2010 10


Member Birthday
Terri Leputa September 19
Bill DeFries September 19
Will Cale September 20
Carol Smerz September 22
Harry Bossey September 22
Jon Werts September 22
Mark Karns September 23
Greg Smith September 25
Don Wildenhaus September 25
Evelyn Griffin September 26
Diane Arehart September 26
Jeff Kujawa September 27
Mike Fanelli October 1
Roy Barclay October 1
Tom Brozich October 3
Chris Smith October 3

CNO Donations 2013 through August 2020

Click this link to see a summary of the donations our club has made.

Over 50 years, we have donated close to $2,000,000 to our youth community. In the past 6 years, we have donated nearly $753,000.

Sergeants at Arms

No Sergeants this week.

Welcome Guests!

No Guests this week.

Zoom Meeting This Week

We had another meeting using Zoom. We will continue our weekly meetings via computer, cell phone or tablet for at least the next several weeks. Please join us and keep inviting guests.

Who can Attend Zoom Meetings?

Any member of any type of Centerville Noon Optimist can attend Zoom meetings. CNO 2.0, St Leonard’s and CNO full members or CNO monthly members can ALL attend.

Guests are also welcome. Please invite guests and introduce them if you like. Just share the Zoom link with them for that week.


In keeping with social distancing requirements – our CNO Meetings have transitioned temporarily to a online format using ZOOM.

Club Member Joe Madden was inspired to rewrite The Optimist Creed – so we give you now – The Corona Creed -with apologies to Christian D. Larson, Author of The Optimist Creed.

CNOtes – November 19, 2019 – Youth Appreciation Awards Presented

Phather Phil’s Prayer

Phather Phil was under the weather this week , so Bob Burkman filled in and read a prayer from Phather Phil’s Prayer Book – published a few years ago – we also prayed fro Phather Phil’s speedy recovery.

Today’s Guests – WELCOME!

Guest Guest Of
Adeola Adelekan Honoree
Tahira Adelekan Honoree’s Family
Greg Bell Tom Henderson
Kristen Bell Honoree
Rosemary Bell Honoree’s Family
Nancy Ciramella Tom Novak
Tony Ciramella Tom Novak
Chuck Cowgill Tom Henderson
Jack Durnbaugh Tom Henderson
Andrea Fleischman Tom Henderson
Larry Holland Tom Novak
Nance Holland Tom Novak
Kim Janky Mike Bevis
Sung Jeon Honoree
Meghan Leiker Tom Henderson
Stella McCrory Tom Henderson
Joanne Rau Tom Novak
Steve Rau Tom Novak
Yoon Sun Shin Shin Honoree’s Family
Pam Splawinski Greg Griffin
Jeff Wolff Tom Henderson
Chris Wysong Debe Dockins

All Photos from the Meeting are Here

Community Event

Chris McAlpine announced that CNO will have a booth at Winterfest at Primary Village South on 12/7/2019 from 9 AM to 1 PM. The game is super easy. We challenge the kids to balance a bean bag on their foot and walk from a starting line and drop it in a box.  If they can do one bag, we add a bean bag to both feet.  Then add bags to hands, forehead, shoulder, or anything that’s funny.  While the kids are playing, we talk to their parents about the Optimist club.  Chris is looking for volunteers.

Social Events

  • 12/10/2019 – 6 – 8:45 PM, Tuesday, Holiday Party at Yankee Trace. There will not be a lunch meeting that day.


Christy Gariety announced that all of the children have been adopted for the Adopt-A-Family program.  She is looking for the person that took the child coded 77D to record their name for that spot.

Bob Glavin announced that the Partners Optimist Club (adults with special needs) is selling Poinsettias as a fundraiser. Also, thank you to Beth Duncan for donating shirts to all 26 members of the Partners Optimist Club.

Youth Appreciation Awards

Greg Griffin introduced Dr. Tom Henderson, the superintendent of Centerville Schools and member of CNO. Tom presented three guidance counselors from CHS who introduced the students they chose to receive recognition with the 2019 CNO Youth Appreciation Award. The award honors outstanding students who will be great ambassadors of Centerville High School. Since each of them is a star, they received a “Star” plaque.

Besides Dr. Henderson and the guidance counselors, there were several staff members from CHS in attendance. Coordinating principal John Carroll, East unit principal Jack Durnbaugh, West unit principal Jeff Wolff, South unit principal Chuck Cowgill and communications relations specialist Sarah Swan.

Dr. Henderson and the counselors discussed the students who received this honor. Dr. Henderson was also able to spend some time with each of the recipients after they were selected.

Kristen Bell

East unit guidance counselor Meghan Leiker introduced CHS senior Kristen Bell.

From Megan Leiker:

In trying to select a nominee for this program, I found it easy to settle on one student, Kristen Bell, and not just because we live in the same neighborhood or she shares the same name as one of my favorite actresses… or that her dad is a teacher at the high school. I picked Kristen because she focuses on making a difference in the lives of everyone she touches.

With a 4.6 GPA, it is obvious Kristen puts a lot of work into her academics. Outside of the school is no exception. I found it interesting that of the 13 clubs she has been involved in, eight of them are volunteer and community service organizations. Girl Scouts, Octagon Club, Key Club, BOLD (Building Our Lives Drug and Alcohol Free), East Unit Assembly, volunteering at nursing homes and study buddies are just a few of the ways Kristen puts effort back into her community and volunteers her time to help others.

Society has coined Kristen’s generation as the “Me Me Me” generation. With social media, everything is about “how many likes can I get” and “look how good I am doing”. When I talked with Kristen about what drives her to be different, her response was “I strive to be a part of the population that does not fit into this category. The reward for me comes from the faces of the people I help or directly affect. I know I am making a difference by helping and brightening their day. That’s why I do what I do.”

If everyone was as humble and serving as Kristen, the world would look much different. She is a rare kind, which I believe is a direct representation of her upbringing. I want to thank Kristen’s parents, Greg and Rosemary, for instilling these values into your daughter. And Kristen, my hope for you would be to never lose this drive and continue to brighten everyone’s day in your next stage in life.

Kristen thanked CNO, her parents Greg and Rosemary Bell (who were guests today), and principal Jack Durnbaugh for all the support she has received. She said her parents have always encouraged her to try new things.

Sung Jun Jeon

South unit guidance counselor Andrea Fleischman introduced Sung Jun Jeon

From Andrea Fleischman:

It is my pleasure to nominate Sung Jeon for the Youth Appreciation Award this year. Academically, Sung is extremely talented. He takes some of the most challenging courses we offer in every subject at the high school and exceeds expectations. In addition to intelligence, one of the most impressive things about Sung is his personality, which is the main reason why I nominated him. Sung is one of the most kind, caring, and personable teenagers I know. He carries on positive, engaging, and intelligent conversations with teachers, as well as with his peers, and he asks good questions. I don’t think I’ve had a conversation with Sung where I didn’t see him smile. Sung’s volunteer work and extracurricular involvement are second to none. He is a member of the National Honor Society, DECA (an association for marketing students), manages finances for the Hole-In-The-Wall (the spirit shop at the high school), is a 3-year member of Student Council and is heavily involved in fundraising for Spirit Chain, was elected Senior Class Business Manager, is an award-winning member of Speech & Debate, is the President and Founder of the CHS Investment Club, AND plays violin!!!  

Teachers and peers alike have endless positive things to say about Sung. I asked a couple of his teachers about what it’s like to have Sung as a student in class. One of his teachers said that Sung works awesome in groups, is tremendously reliable, and genuinely raises the energy and mood of a room. I definitely agree and am always excited to talk with Sung whenever he comes to chat about something. Another teacher said that he contributes regularly in classroom discussions, and that his maturity and professionalism in the classroom is exceptional. They both said, word for word, “I freaking love this kid!”

Sung has many gifts to share with his future campus and career communities, and I’m excited and happy for him because I know there are great things coming his way in return for all that he has worked for and given to others throughout his high school career. Congratulations, Sung!

Sung thanked CNO for recognizing youth in the community which is important. Without the support of CHS he wouldn’t be here. His mother, Yoon Sun Shin, was able to attend today’s lunch. His father is currently in Korea. Sung said, “Thanks to God for guiding his family on this wonderful path!”

Adeola Adelekan

West unit guidance counselor Stella McCrory introduced Adeola Adelekan.

From Stella McCrory:

I am pleased to introduce Adeola Adelekan to you.  She is an amazing young lady and it’s my honor and privilege to tell you a little bit about her.

I reached out to Adeola’s teachers to get some scoop on her.  It all came back clean.  Here’s some of what I received:  I LOVE ADEOLA-all caps, exclamation point. “She has a way of listening that makes you feel heard.  Her friendly attitude brightens my day.”  Another says, Adeola is “one of the most charismatic and memorable students of my career…she demonstrates an admirable work ethic, integrity and an eagerness to truly understand the material.”  Another says, she is “a wonderful student …a joy to have in class: she participates, helps others, and is always attentive.”  Another- “Dynamic thinker on complex issues, extremely well-written…Outstanding young person.”  Her advisor says, “Adeola is so much fun to have in advisory!  She always comes to class with a bright smile to start our day!”  Her peers in advisory say that she is very driven and that she has a great sense of style” (always a plus). 

Adeola is an excellent student.  She is ranked 72 out of 693 students with a 4.3 GPA.  She is a member of National Honor Society and French Honor Society and holds an office for both.  Adeola is an officer of Interact Club as well.  Her club sponsor shared that Adeola “is super energetic and always willing to help.  She is caring, thoughtful, and hardworking.”  Adeola participates in HOSA, Model UN, and Poetry Club where she serves as president.  She volunteers for Study Buddies, which is a selective program where upper-class students mentor our elementary students during lunch hour and for Chem Buddies as well.  She plays on our softball team and serves as captain.

Outside of school, Adeola volunteers at House of Bread and Saint Vincent DePaul.  She also volunteers with NHS at Bethany Village to tutor the residents with technology.  I’m told the residents love it! 

Adeola is also devoted to her church-Tabernacle Baptist, where her father serves as pastor, and mother as first lady.  Adeola is active in her church youth group, the liturgical dance team, Tabernacle Guild Girls, and as her father’s assistant. 

Adeola is a remarkable young lady with a bright future.  Congratulations for all your hard work, your successes, and for being such an awesome addition to our class of 2020!

Adeola said, “Good afternoon everyone. Thanks to God. Thanks to my parents! Thanks to my counselors and Mr. Carrol. Thanks to the Optimists and to my fellow recipients.” Her mother Tahira Adelekan was able to attend today’s meeting. Her father Tokunbo Adelekan, unfortunately, was not able to attend.

After the presentations, Dr. Henderson thanked CNO for this award opportunity. Next, there was a group photo of the recipients, the counselors, principals and Dr. Henderson.

Annual Christmas Tree Lot Presentation

Greg Griffin presented a slide show about our Christmas Tree lot fundraiser. He wants to make sure especially new members get briefed on how the Christmas Tree Lot works and why. The why is simple, “We do it for the kids.” First Greg showed us a great video about the tree lot and then he stepped us through his slide deck.

You can see the slides here.

The tree lot is co-chaired by Greg Griffin, Karl Frydryk, and Gary Aiken. Thank you to everyone who helps. The tree lot fundraiser is a success because of all the generous time of our members! Be sure to sign up for shifts with your team captain and attend your shifts on the tree lot.

Thank You Notes Sent to CNO This Week

Click here to see the Thank You Notes we received this week

CNO Donations 2013 through June 2019

Click this link to see a summary of the donations our club has made.

Over 50 years, we have donated close to $2,000,000 to our youth community. In the past 6 years, we have donated nearly $700,000.


Member Birthday
Russell Hulbert November 19
Brendan Cunningham November 22
Jayne Weikel November 22
Natalie King Dunlevey November 24

Membership Anniversaries

Member Month Day Joined # Years
Julie Cochran November 19 11/19/2009 10
Beth Duncan November 20 11/20/2016 3
John Kalaman November 20 11/20/2016 3
Jon Fox November 20 11/20/2000 19
Marilyn Becht November 20 11/20/2016 3
Paula Kalaman November 20 11/20/2016 3
Christine Balsan November 21 11/21/2013 6
Dave Klein November 21 11/21/2013 6
Kristina Rainer November 21 11/21/2012 7
Martha Jackson November 21 11/21/2013 6
Bill DeFries November 23 11/23/2004 15
Andy Dickerson November 24 11/24/2018 1
Erin Dickerson November 24 11/24/2018 1
Gareth Dickey November 24 11/24/2018 1
Mariah Vogelgesang November 24 11/24/2018 1
Rick Altvater November 24 11/24/2018 1
Ron Kuker November 24 11/24/2018 1
Sue Zammit November 24 11/24/2018 1

New Member Readings and Inductions

Name Sponsor 1st 2nd 3rd Reading or Induction
Christopher Wysong Debe Dockins 3rd Reading
Jay Schindler Mike Bevis 3rd Reading
Stephen Rau Tom Novak 1st Reading
JoAnne Rau Tom Novak 1st Reading

Sergeants at Arms

Member Infraction
Charlie Tapp For not sharing the money when he won the Euchre tournament and the bonus for being the last one to win a round by going alone
Rachel Goetz Buying a 50/50 ticket with 4 quarters
Roland Rapp Complaining that someone bought a 50/50 ticket with quarters
Tom Novak Not wearing his glasses when he had a hard time finding his badge
Cherie Gentry Phone went off at last week’s meeting while sitting with both sergeants
Beth Duncan Telling the sergeants there was a reason to fine Diane Arehart from the Euchre party, but not remembering what the reason was
Gary Aiken Wasn’t at previous meeting and therefore didn’t introduce the speaker he arranged
Debe Dockins Being able to sit comfortably in a child’s chair at a recent meeting at Children’s Hospital
Gail Aiken Telling a sergeant Marilyn Abbot took her out of first place in the badge box
Debe Dockins Not being at lunch last week for the big announcement about closing the tree lot at 8 PM each evening instead of 9 PM
Everyone who missed last weeks meeting For not braving the cold last week to come to the meeting

 Happy Bucks! 

Member Reason
Debe Dockines The 2019 Dottie Yeck Good Life writing contest winners were announced. $4 happy bucks because the top 4 winners were all from Centerville schools.
Bob Bargmeyer Had a great time at the Boy Scout Thanksgiving at Woodland Trails.
Bob Bargmeyer For making it home after getting lost coming back from Woodland Trails.
Gary Smiga Tom Henderson does a great job as superindentent of Centerville City Schools.
Jesse Lightle Thanks to Tom Novak and the Avenue of Flags for making 80 flags available to line the route for Detective Del Rio.
Tom Novak Thanks to the Washington Township road crew for putting out the 80 flags for Detective Del Rio.
Myron Rheaume Hearing about the wonderful students receiving Youth Appreciation awards today.
Myron Rheaume Thanks for everyone giving happy bucks and fines which support Optimist International’s scholarship programs.
Gary Anderson Grandson, who is a frehsmen trombone player in the Mason marching band, placed 7th out of 91 bands at the Grand National competition in Indanapolis.
Bob Burkman All Avenue of Flags activity is done until next April!
Judy DeMarco Build-a-Bear was a great success. There were about 60 kids participating. Thank you to Bill’s donuts and Chick-Fil-A for their donations of food.
Judy DeMarco Thank you to Bill’s Donuts and Chick-Fil-A for supporting the Caregiver Breakfast for the doctor’s and nurses at Children’s Hospital each year.
Rachel Goetz Gladly gave 4 happy quarters because there were seats available at the birthday table and it wasn’t her birthday!

CNOtes – May 14, 2019 – Dr. Tom Henderson – Centerville City Schools Presentation


Greg Griffin, Jesse Gaither and Jean Pummill all received the 100-year pin for the “Promise Yourself” award.

Bill Stone received PGI (Personal Growth and Involvement) level 7.

Upcoming Community Events

June 1, 2019, 9AM to 11:30 AM is the Fishing Derby. Bob Lawson said to let those planning to attend know they need to fill out the registration form and bring it to the derby. Spread the word on Facebook! Registration is between 8:00 – 9:00AM. We supply free worms however you are permitted to bring your own bait and lures. We stock the ponds with approximately 400 pounds of Catfish for the Derby. There are other fish also in the ponds – mainly Bluegills. Prizes and trophies for all.  Children ages 5-15 are encouraged to participate and try this event. The event is held at Washington Township Rec Center, in two ponds.

Click here for Fishing Derby registration form

Upcoming Social Events

5/29/2019, 6:30 at Heather’s Café in Springboro, “Dining in the Dark”. There will be a nice meal, but you will be blindfolded during it. The event includes meal, music and silent auction. The cost is $65 per person. The event is a fundraiser and raises awareness about the issues facing the blind community. This is being arranged by Bob Collins’ daughter.

Committee Announcements

Nancy Lehren, chair of Childhood Cancer Build-a-Bear, reported on the May 10, 2019 event. Patients and their family members assembled 83 bears. Volunteers assembled another 57 bears for a total of 140 bears. The extra bears are either for cancer patients unable to attend or are sent up to the nurses in the cancer unit and are handed out when a child needs a smile. Nancy thanked Bill and Kelly Stone for their $3000 sponsorship of the event. She thanked Ann McKenzie for her $1000 gift. The Adopt-a-Bear fundraiser raised another $1300.

Mike Bevis, golf chair, reported that there are only 60 days until the golf event. They are almost sold out. They are looking for donors and volunteers.

Tom Novak, flag chair, announced flag delivery day is on 5/23/2019 and 5/24/2019.

Katie Calloway announced that a new committee for Social Media has been created. Contact her if you are interested in participating.

Beth Duncan, social committee, announced that the next social committee meeting is on May 22, 2019 at 5:30 at Lizard Apparel and Promotions. The committee is actively seeking new members. Any CNO related member can participate. You can be a member of CNO 2.0, CNO, or CNO St Leonard.

Centerville City Schools Report

Gary Smiga introduced Dr. Thomas J. Henderson, who since 2009 has been the Superintendent of Centerville City Schools (CCS). He is a graduate of the University Dayton and received a Ph D in Educational Leadership from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. He has been a member of the Centerville Noon Optimist club since October of 2009.

Dr. Henderson spoke to us today about our local school system. He said he enjoys the relationship he has with the school board. Recently students have formed their own version of the board and it has been positive. Today those students are representing Centerville at a State Board meeting in Columbus.

Many of Dr. Henderson’s presentation points are reported below.

To see all points he went over, you can view his slide show here

CCS has many curriculum department services and programs. There are 32 different languages spoken by students in the district. There are 991 students in special education programs, many of these students have sessions with speech and language therapists.

Teachers continue to learn. To follow new legislative adjustments for gifted programming teachers will take 15 hours/year of continuing education in this area for the next 4 years.

He discussed CCS facilities. There are 14 facilities that have a total 1,279,709 square feet of space and 278 acres of grounds to take care of. All clinics are staffed by RN’s.

Technology upgrades and uses

  • Future Projects include replacing lights with LED lights in Primary Village North.
  • There is a new handheld communications system that works between all buildings. This increases security in the case of an emergency.
  • A lot more surveillance cameras have been added in all facilities.
  • All school busses now have 3 surveillance cameras.
  • There are 5500 student computer devices (computers, tablets, etc) in circulation. That is approximately 2 students per device. The goal is to have 1 device per student.
  • Middle school student groups have been learning at lunch time how to use 3D modeling and 3D printing of real parts needed to repair things such as chairs.

Budget Challenges

He reviewed information about the budget. From State funds, CCS is the lowest funded district per student in Montgomery County. Only 14% of their budget is covered by the state. They get $1,799/student, while some districts receive as much as $8,600/student. The state then deducts a total of $692,000 for students in the CCS district that attend charter schools. The state deducts $8000/student, not just the $1799/student.

Goals for 2019 and beyond

  • Retain Highly Qualified Staff
  • Handle the increase in enrollment, they may be asking voters for an increase in property tax rates
  • Safety and Security upgrades
  • The district is considering having all day Kindergarten instruction
  • Community surveys and focus groups help set these goals

Quick Facts

  • School busses travel over 1 million miles per year
  • 7 to 9 busses are replaced per year; some are sold, some are kept as backups
  • Carpet at CHS is being replaced
  • For 2 years now there have been mental health therapists in every building
  • CCS website is accessed by an average of 27,000 users per month

Thank you notes received by CNO

We received thank you notes from Junior Golf and Centerville Band Boosters.

Today’s Guests

Guest Guest Of
Brandy Mariani Debe Dockins
Ben Werley Bob Bargmeyer

All Photos from the Meeting are Here


Member Birthday
Tim Bemis May 15
Kristina Rainer May 16
Carolyn Taylor May 17
Jim Long May 17
Jack Anderson May 18
Amy Barker May 19
Amy Blakeman May 19
Mike Brubaker May 19
Jim Marker May 23
Don Skelton May 25
Cristlyn Johnston May 26
Casey Wyckoff May 30
Mike Witt June 01
Shawna Hatton June 01

Membership Anniversaries

Member Month Day Joined # Years
Brendan Cunningham May 15 5/15/2018 1
Jay Hoffman May 15 5/15/2017 2
Wendy Hattan May 15 5/15/2018 1
David Ladd May 16 5/16/2012 7
Natalie King Dunlevey May 16 5/16/2012 7
Bill DeShurko May 18 5/18/2011 8
Jim Marker May 18 5/18/2011 8
Rafael Santillan May 18 5/18/2016 3
Heather Kuth May 19 5/19/2010 9
Jeff Rolf May 20 5/20/2015 4
Kelly George May 20 5/20/2015 4
Tony Lombardo May 20 5/20/2015 4
James Schumacher May 22 5/22/1991 28
Pete Rife May 22 5/22/2013 6
Bob Clements May 25 5/25/2005 14
Paulette Novak May 25 5/25/2005 14
Amy Barker May 26 5/26/2008 11
Cheryl Reichel May 26 5/26/2008 11
Debe Dockins May 26 5/26/2009 10
Bob Burkman May 31 5/31/2003 16
Carol Burkman May 31 5/31/2003 16
Gary Aiken June 1 6/1/1982 37
Wayne Christie June 1 6/1/1988 31

New Member Readings and Inductions

Name Sponsor 1st 2nd 3rd Reading or Induction
Laura Mercer Debe Dockins Induction
Kelly Davis Beth Duncan Induction

Sergeants at Arms

Member Infraction
Erin Dickerson Taking Charlie Tapp’s golf cart ride
Jerry Stahley Junior golf sign up sheet had typo, it said brink instead of bring a chair
Brooks Compton Late to meeting
Anyone who graduated from Miami University in Oxford Graduating from Miami University

 Happy Bucks! 

Member Reason
Craig Dring Thank you to Roy Barclay for the vehicle used for transporting balloons to the Build-a-Bear
Fred Polizzi Robin Golden was able to attend lunch today!
Scott Langer 29 year wedding anniversary with wife Julie
Scott Langer Son graduated from Butler University
Carolyn Taylor Now has Medicare insurance

CNOtes – November 20, 2018 – Youth Appreciation Awards Presented

Phather Phil’s Prayer


T’was the nite before Thanksgiving, I felt myself swelling,
But I just couldn’t sleep, So plump and so round,
I tried counting backwards, Till all of a sudden,
I tried counting sheep. I rose off the ground.
The Tom Turkey beckoned, I crashed thru the ceiling,
The dark meat & the white, Floating into the sky,
But I fought the temptation, With a mouthful of pudding
With all of my might. And a handful of pie.
Tossing & turning, But I managed to yell,
With anticipation, As I soared past the trees,
The thought of a snack, Happy eating to all,
Became an infatuation. Pass the cranberries please.
So, I raced to the kitchen, May your stuffing be tasty,
Flung open the door, May your turkey be plump.
And gazed at the fridge, May potatoes and gravy,
With goodies galore. Have nary a lump.
I gobbled up turkey. May your yams be delicious
And buttered potatoes, May your pies take the prize
Pickles and carrots, May your Thanksgiving dinner
Beans and tomatoes. Stay off of your thighs! AMEN!

 Today’s Guests

Guest Guest Of
Beth Buck Educator
Chuck Cowgill Educator
Erin Dickerson Andrew Dickerson
Jack Durnbaugh Educator
Lynn Grubb Erin Dickerson
Kensie Miller Educator
Debbie Round Honoree’s Family
Kevin Round Honoree’s Family
Maddie Round Honoree
Mary Round Honoree’s Family
Annie Shaver Mike Bevis
Nate Smiga Gary Smiga
Bill Taylor Carolyn Taylor
Ron Whitehead Honoree’s Family
Jeff Wolff Educator

All Photos from the Meeting are Here

Special Announcement

The Banner Kit was unveiled at the meeting via a PowerPoint presentation. The committee was made up of Donna Huss, Gary Smiga, Jesse Gaither and Greg Griffin. The items will be used at all CNO events and the tent can be rotated to highlight either the golf outing, the Avenue of Flags, the Christmas tree sales or CNO 2.0. The items are very colorful and will be a positive image for our organization. Thanks to Diane Arehart for putting together a “to go” box which will hold event brochures, membership applications, CNO 2.0 information and a list of upcoming events. This box will be stored with the Banner Kit and will be easily available when the Banner Kit is used.

Committee Announcements

Donna Huss announced there is a board meeting tonight 11/2/2018 at 6 PM at Woodbourne Library;

Christy Gariety announced she is handling the Adopt-A-Family program. See her to sign up.

Laurie Poeppelman announced Optigear orders are in and today is the last day for size and color samples. Orders placed will be received in 2 weeks.

Gary Hansen, chair of the Will Cale Scholarship Committee, announced he is still looking for more mentors so that we can help more students.

Beth Duncan reminded everyone about the December 11th Holiday Party at the Presidential, the Dinner and a Mystery on Dec 28th @ 7pm @ the Spaghetti Warehouse and she thanked everyone who brought chili, soups, cookies, corn bread and other food.

Donn Huss announced that Myron Rheaume will be available to discuss PGI/PDP next week. Please meet with Myron next week at lunch to begin filling your passport. Many of you have achieved Level 1 and just need to complete the booklet. You can also touch base with Myron to see what level you might have already achieved.

Youth Appreciation Awards

Donna Huss introduced Tom Henderson, the superintendent of Centerville Schools and member of CNO. Tom presented three Youth Appreciation Awards to honor 3 outstanding students who will be great ambassadors of Centerville High School.

Madison Round

Tom introduced Beth Buck, a CHS South Unit Guidance Counselor, who introduced CHS Senior Madison (Maddie) Round. Maddie has an impressive 4.11 GPA. She is dedicated to the CHS girls golf team and is well-known for her four-year involvement. She works at Yankee Trace Golf Course. She is president of the Centerville Octagon club. She speaks each month at the meeting of 180 of her pears.

Maddie participates in many service activities such as making and sending birthday cards to young kids who are in the hospital, as well as organizing Christmas caroling at a local nursing home with the Watts Middle School Junior Optimist Club.

Maddie spoke briefly. As a member of DECA they were in the top 10 in the State. She plans to major in Marketing at Miami University in Oxford. She thanked CNO for our service to the community and making a difference. She also thanked us for this honor.

Rachel Whitehead

Tom introduced Kinsie Miller, a CHS West Unit Guidance Counselor, who Introduced CHS Senior Sisters Rachel and Emily Whitehead. Rachel and Emily Whitehead both have very impressive high school resumes. They are both involved in volunteer work, athletics, clubs and organizations.

Rachel is a four-year member of the student council. She is also a two-year member of Chemistry Buddies, was chosen from a select group of seniors to be an Elk Connector where she serves as a mentor to ninth grade and new students. She also was chosen to be a lunch buddy where she serves as a mentor to an at-risk elementary aged student. Rachel is also a talented musician, playing in the wind symphony for three years and being a member of United Sound for two years. Rachel is a four-year member of the CHS cross country team and the track and field team.

Rachel is ranked third of 657 students with a 4.9366 GPA. She is a two-year member of National Honor Society and she is also a two-year member of Spanish Honor Society. She has earned the Commended National Merit Scholar. She is expected to receive the Ohio Honors Diploma in May of 2019.

Rachel Whitehead briefly spoke and thanked CHS teachers and counselors. She plans to study Neuroscience, hopefully at Duke University.

Emily Whitehead

Next Kinsie Miller discussed Emily Whitehead on behalf of Samantha Stingley, a CHS East Unit counselor who was ill today. Kinsie used notes from Samantha to introduce Emily.

Emily has taken tough courses at CHS including AP Stats, AP Chemistry II, AP Literature, AP US History, AP Government, and AP Microeconomics.

Emily has been involved with Centerville Women’s Soccer Program and the music program. She is a member of multiple clubs and service groups, including Junior Leadership Dayton. She is a mentor to younger students. As an Elk Connector, Emily helped welcome nearly 700 new freshmen to CHS. In August she “adopted” a group of 20 students to mentor throughout the year. Emily uses her time before and after school to volunteer as a Chem Buddy, tutoring Chemistry I students.

Emily is ranked fourth of 657 students with a 4.9186 GPA. She is a two-year member of National Honor Society and she is also a two-year member of Spanish Honor Society. She is expected to receive the Ohio Honors Diploma in May of 2019.

Emily Whitehead briefly spoke and thanked Mrs. Stingley and CNO for this honor. Her number one college choice is Georgetown University.


Member Birthday
Brendan Cunningham November 22
Jayne Weikel November 22
Natalie King Dunlevey November 24

Membership Anniversaries

Member Month Day Joined # Years
Beth Duncan November 20 11/20/2016 2
John Kalaman November 20 11/20/2016 2
Jon Fox November 20 11/20/2000 18
Marilyn Becht November 20 11/20/2016 2
Paula Kalaman November 20 11/20/2016 2
Christine Balsan November 21 11/21/2013 5
Dave Klein November 21 11/21/2013 5
Kristina Rainer November 21 11/21/2012 6
Martha Jackson November 21 11/21/2013 5
Bill DeFries November 23 11/23/2004 14

New Member Readings and Inductions

Name Sponsor 1st 2nd 3rd Reading or Induction
Richard Altvater Greg Wasmund 2nd Reading
Gareth Dickey Gary Hansen 2nd Reading
Sue Zammit Greg Griffin 2nd Reading
Erin Dickerson Andy Dickerson 2nd Reading
Andrew Dickerson Andrew McKenzie 3rd Reading
Mariah Vogelgesang Mike Bevis 3rd Reading

Sergeants at Arms

Member Infraction
Mike Bevis Parking in Pat Behn’s parking spot
Anyone who had a great time at the tree lot Anyone who had a great time at the tree lot
Anyone who doesn’t know exactly where their Optimist Pin is Not knowing exactly where their Optimist Pin is
Chris McAlpine Not wearing a tie
Bob Duffy Eating food off of the Birthday table, AGAIN!
Scott Langer Being late to the meeting

 Happy Bucks!

Member Reason
Melissa Deeter Just became an aunt for the first time
Beth Duncan Thanks to everyone who brought soups and food to the Christmas Tree Lot delivery day
Beth Duncan Newest grand baby is  on the way
Joan Cordonnier 4 weeks out from her husband’s surgery and he is doing well (and volunteering on the Christmas Tree Lot!!!)
Joan Cordonnier Daughter Jill has second interview for a job in Cincinnati and Cincinnati is way closer than Utah
Don Kelley His Son-in-law is retiring after 4 years at the Air Force Academy and another  27 years of active duty; is starting 8 weeks of flight training after which he will be pilot for Southwest Airlines
Mary Madden Glad their power is finally restored after the ice storm
John Carroll 5 bucks for the great kids honored today and to a great tree lot season
Bob Burkman For the students with GPAs well above 4.0 and to the ones significantly below 4.0 that he can relate to
Sue Brubaker Thank you to the CHS Track team for helping with Christmas Tree Lot deliver day


Noon Meeting News – November 21, 2017 – Youth Appreciation

Phather Phil’s Prayer

Download (PDF, 17KB)

Photos from the Meeting

Today’s Guests

Guest Guest Of
Amanda Bergmann Dr. Tom Henderson
Hallie Bergmann Dr. Tom Henderson
Tori Bergmann Dr. Tom Henderson
Neha Chawla Dr. Tom Henderson
Praveen Chawla Dr. Tom Henderson
Priya Chawla Dr. Tom Henderson
Chuck Cowgill Dr. Tom Henderson
Felicia Davis Dr. Tom Henderson
Jordan Davis Dr. Tom Henderson
Jack Durnbaugh Dr. Tom Henderson
Andrea Fleischman Dr. Tom Henderson
Mary Ellen Marrs Dr. Tom Henderson
Stella McCrory Dr. Tom Henderson
Pam McGill Greene Optimists
Sarah Swan Dr. Tom Henderson
Rick Talda Beth Duncan
Jeff Wolff Dr. Tom Henderson
Gemma Dr. Tom Henderson

Today’s Speaker

CNO member Dr. Tom Henderson introduced the Centerville High School  principals of each unit. They in turn introduced the three Youth Appreciation Recognition award winners. East unit Hallie Bergmann, South unit Neha Chawla and West unit Jordan Davis. Each awardee was praised for a strong positive attitude, willingness to give of their time and talent and volunteer hours. The three young women received a standing ovation.


Member Birthday
Natalie King Dunlevey November 24

Membership Anniversaries

Member Month Day Joined # Years
Christine Balsan November 21 11/21/2013 4
E David Klein November 21 11/21/2013 4
Kristina Rainer November 21 11/21/2012 5
Martha Jackson November 21 11/21/2013 4
Bill DeFries November 23 11/23/2004 13

New Member Readings and Inductions

Name Sponsor 1st 2nd 3rd Reading or Induction
Cindy Gaboury Jean Pummill 1st reading
Michael Laughter Vince Reidy 2nd reading
Rhonda Meeker Mike Bevis 3rd reading
Rick Talda Beth Duncan 3rd reading
Ben Barlow Jerry Stahley 1st reading
Stephanie Catanzaro Greg Fay Induction

Sergeants at Arms

Member Infraction
Jesse Gaither  Jacket left at tree lot
Bob Glavin Yeti cup left at tree lot – Greg Griffin is holding it for ransom for the $6 all “prior Av
Scott Langer Didn’t follow directions at tree lot
Jerry Stahley Matching shirt with Rick and giving misinformation
Mary Madden Laying down on the job at tree lot
Bryan Link Scott Langer award
Mike Wall Welcome back
John Carroll Welcome back

Happy Bucks!

Member Reason
Mary Madden $5. for all who helped her when she passed out at tree lot (Mary was also fined for “laying down on the job” when she fainted
Stephanie Catanzaro Her music students performing at St. Leonard’s Dec 3rd
Gary Aiken Great tree lot unload
Jane Fiehrer For Jesse Gaither’s girls at tree lot
Bob Bargmeyer Grandparents day at Cline School and a 99 year old Veteran of WW2 as speaker
Tom Novak Tree lot put together team
Jean Pummill Optimist 2.0 added 17 new members   to CNO
John Carroll Students being honored today