Dr. Tom Henderson

Youth Appreciation Awards Presentations

The superintendent of Centerville City Schools came to lunch to honor three CHS seniors with the Youth Appreciation Awards: Jade Eilers, Abigail Lachman, and Emma Schutter. These students were honored for their leadership, service, and involvement in high school and community activities. All three recipients will receive a “Star” plaque.

Dr. Tom Henderson – Superintendent of Centerville City Schools

Henderson’s presentation was titled “Elks Back to school, Centerville City Schools 2020-2021.” He remembered on 3/11/2020 he was at a convention and the participants watched the Governor’s announcement on TV that K-12 schools would be closed for 4 weeks It became evident the online classes would be longer than 4 weeks and that the schools buildings would be shut down. There were a few people in each building making sure the buildings had no issues and to make sure maintenance issues were handled.

Youth Appreciation Awards Presented

Dr. Tom Henderson, the superintendent of Centerville City Schools introduced three guidance counselors from CHS who presented the students they chose to receive recognition with the 2019 CNO Youth Appreciation: Kristen Bell, Sung Jun Jeon and Adeola Adelekan.

Youth Appreciation Awards Presented

Tom Henderson, the superintendent of Centerville City Schools presented three Youth Appreciation Awards to honor 3 outstanding students: Madison Round, Rachel Whitehead, and Emily Whitehead. These students will be great ambassadors of Centerville High School.

Noon Meeting News – November 21, 2017 – Youth Appreciation

Phather Phil’s Prayer [gview file=”https://centervillenoonoptimist.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/Thanksgiving-11-21-17.pdf”] Photos from the Meeting Today’s Guests Guest Guest Of Amanda Bergmann Dr. Tom Henderson Hallie Bergmann Dr. Tom Henderson Tori Bergmann Dr. Tom Henderson Neha Chawla Dr. Tom Henderson Praveen Chawla Dr. Tom Henderson Priya Chawla Dr. Tom Henderson Chuck Cowgill Dr. Tom Henderson Felicia Davis Dr. Tom Henderson Jordan …

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