Dr. Tom Henderson – Centerville City Schools Presentation


Greg Griffin, Jesse Gaither and Jean Pummill all received the 100-year pin for the “Promise Yourself” award.

Bill Stone received PGI (Personal Growth and Involvement) level 7.

Upcoming Community Events

June 1, 2019, 9AM to 11:30 AM is the Fishing Derby. Bob Lawson said to let those planning to attend know they need to fill out the registration form and bring it to the derby. Spread the word on Facebook! Registration is between 8:00 – 9:00AM. We supply free worms however you are permitted to bring your own bait and lures. We stock the ponds with approximately 400 pounds of Catfish for the Derby. There are other fish also in the ponds – mainly Bluegills. Prizes and trophies for all.  Children ages 5-15 are encouraged to participate and try this event. The event is held at Washington Township Rec Center, in two ponds.

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Upcoming Social Events

5/29/2019, 6:30 at Heather’s Café in Springboro, “Dining in the Dark”. There will be a nice meal, but you will be blindfolded during it. The event includes meal, music and silent auction. The cost is $65 per person. The event is a fundraiser and raises awareness about the issues facing the blind community. This is being arranged by Bob Collins’ daughter.

Committee Announcements

Nancy Lehren, chair of Childhood Cancer Build-a-Bear, reported on the May 10, 2019 event. Patients and their family members assembled 83 bears. Volunteers assembled another 57 bears for a total of 140 bears. The extra bears are either for cancer patients unable to attend or are sent up to the nurses in the cancer unit and are handed out when a child needs a smile. Nancy thanked Bill and Kelly Stone for their $3000 sponsorship of the event. She thanked Ann McKenzie for her $1000 gift. The Adopt-a-Bear fundraiser raised another $1300.

Mike Bevis, golf chair, reported that there are only 60 days until the golf event. They are almost sold out. They are looking for donors and volunteers.

Tom Novak, flag chair, announced flag delivery day is on 5/23/2019 and 5/24/2019.

Katie Calloway announced that a new committee for Social Media has been created. Contact her if you are interested in participating.

Beth Duncan, social committee, announced that the next social committee meeting is on May 22, 2019 at 5:30 at Lizard Apparel and Promotions. The committee is actively seeking new members. Any CNO related member can participate. You can be a member of CNO 2.0, CNO, or CNO St Leonard.

Centerville City Schools Report

Gary Smiga introduced Dr. Thomas J. Henderson, who since 2009 has been the Superintendent of Centerville City Schools (CCS). He is a graduate of the University Dayton and received a Ph D in Educational Leadership from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. He has been a member of the Centerville Noon Optimist club since October of 2009.

Dr. Henderson spoke to us today about our local school system. He said he enjoys the relationship he has with the school board. Recently students have formed their own version of the board and it has been positive. Today those students are representing Centerville at a State Board meeting in Columbus.

Many of Dr. Henderson’s presentation points are reported below.

To see all points he went over, you can view his slide show here

CCS has many curriculum department services and programs. There are 32 different languages spoken by students in the district. There are 991 students in special education programs, many of these students have sessions with speech and language therapists.

Teachers continue to learn. To follow new legislative adjustments for gifted programming teachers will take 15 hours/year of continuing education in this area for the next 4 years.

He discussed CCS facilities. There are 14 facilities that have a total 1,279,709 square feet of space and 278 acres of grounds to take care of. All clinics are staffed by RN’s.

Technology upgrades and uses

  • Future Projects include replacing lights with LED lights in Primary Village North.
  • There is a new handheld communications system that works between all buildings. This increases security in the case of an emergency.
  • A lot more surveillance cameras have been added in all facilities.
  • All school busses now have 3 surveillance cameras.
  • There are 5500 student computer devices (computers, tablets, etc) in circulation. That is approximately 2 students per device. The goal is to have 1 device per student.
  • Middle school student groups have been learning at lunch time how to use 3D modeling and 3D printing of real parts needed to repair things such as chairs.

Budget Challenges

He reviewed information about the budget. From State funds, CCS is the lowest funded district per student in Montgomery County. Only 14% of their budget is covered by the state. They get $1,799/student, while some districts receive as much as $8,600/student. The state then deducts a total of $692,000 for students in the CCS district that attend charter schools. The state deducts $8000/student, not just the $1799/student.

Goals for 2019 and beyond

  • Retain Highly Qualified Staff
  • Handle the increase in enrollment, they may be asking voters for an increase in property tax rates
  • Safety and Security upgrades
  • The district is considering having all day Kindergarten instruction
  • Community surveys and focus groups help set these goals

Quick Facts

  • School busses travel over 1 million miles per year
  • 7 to 9 busses are replaced per year; some are sold, some are kept as backups
  • Carpet at CHS is being replaced
  • For 2 years now there have been mental health therapists in every building
  • CCS website is accessed by an average of 27,000 users per month

Thank you notes received by CNO

We received thank you notes from Junior Golf and Centerville Band Boosters.

Today’s Guests

Guest Guest Of
Brandy Mariani Debe Dockins
Ben Werley Bob Bargmeyer

All Photos from the Meeting are Here


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