Portrait of Tom Frazier

Dr. Tom Frazier, Charter Member of CNO

About the Tom Frazier Tee Off for Youth Golf Classic

Mike Bevis presented us with information behind CNO legend Tom Frazier, for whom our golf fundraiser is named. Tom’s two daughters were in town for the tournament and were at today’s lunch (7/19/2022). Mike introduced them and they also spoke.

From Mike Bevis

Our 30th Annual Tom Frazier Memorial was postponed yesterday due to the storms on Sunday and Monday. However, we are not deterred as we know that without the rain there would not be rainbows. So hopefully we’ll be back in three weeks on August 8. A big thanks to our committee for all their hard work and dedication.

You hear us, each year talk about the Tom Frazier Memorial golf classic. Did you ever wonder who Tom Frazier was and why we honor his memory annually?

Dr. Tom was a charter member of the club in 1968. Our club would not be as strong and instrumental in the community if it were not for him. He was secretary/treasurer of the club and then president 1969-1970, Optimist of the Year 1970-1971, Lieutenant Governor, Governor and then International Vice President.

But above and beyond he started the Junior World of Golf not just for our club but for Optimist International. And he was recognized with the Christian D. Larson Award posthumously in 2018.

In recognition of what he accomplished in his life for our club and Optimist International, we are honored to have his two daughters and family with us today from Atlanta.

Please welcome Diane Frazier Bieisiadecki and Paula Frazier Steen.

About Tom Frazier by Diane Frazier Biesiadecki and Paula Frazier Steen

Thank you for welcoming us to the 30th annual Tom Frazier Tee off for Youth tournament and for inviting us to the meeting today (7/19/2022). It is so wonderful to see some of Dad’s friends.

Many of you may not have known our Dad, so we would like to give you a little bit of information about him.  Dad grew up in Portsmouth, OH, attended Wilmington College where he played basketball and was the drum major for the band.  He graduated from Ohio State Dental school and enlisted as a dentist in the Airforce.  Very soon after he and mom married, he was assigned to practice dentistry at Wheelus Air force base in Tripoli, Libya North Africa. Mom was a teacher on base.  After 3 years, they moved to Tampa, then to Kettering, OH where he set up his practice and became a charter member of the Dorwood Optimist Club. We remember the safety village and how fun that was for us children. After moving to Centerville, he became very involved in the Centerville Noon Optimist Club, as Mike has explained.

We have fond memories of meetings at Antonios, working the Christmas tree lot at Elder Beerman, super bowl parties, Jr. world of golf, oratorical contests, fishing derby and many more fun community service activities. I remember Dad coming home from San Diego saying he saw a 12-year-old boy play in the tournament and knew he was going to be a great golfer.  His name was Tiger Woods.  As kids, many of our family vacations were National conventions-Montreal, St. Louis, Atlanta, San Diego, DC.

Dad had a passion for dentistry, community service, and of course golf.  We are forever grateful for fun and friendships this club gave not only to my parents but to us also. He would be amazed to know that the club has grown to 300 members. Thank you for your continued time and effort to support our youth.  We hope that you all, too, will cherish the fun and friendships as members of the Centerville Noon Optimist Club.

Tom P. Frazier – Poet

At a CNO lunch on July 19, 2022, Tom Frazier’s daughters Diane Biesiadecki and Paula Steen read this poem they found written by their Dad.

I Promised Myself

I promised myself…thru my optimist creed

To help any person…that I found in need

If by only a word…or a cheery smile

To make them feel…they were really worth while.

To be so strong…that what troubles I find

Will not disturb my peace of mind

Health and happiness…will be my theme

And a rich fulfillment…of every dream.

For mistakes I make…I will atone

By making each one…a stepping stone

That will lead me on…and guide my way

To greater achievements…at some future day.

Too large for worry…to strong for fear

Too noble for anger…should trouble appear

With an optimist nature…and that spirit implied

I will always look…on the sunny side.

I will strive for the best…and do all that I can

But I’ll praise the success…of my fellowman

I will keep so busy…at my own enterprise

I will have no time…to criticize.

So when I come…to the end of the day

I can put my thoughts…and my work away

I will have that feeling…as I take my rest

That throughout this day…I have done my best.

Yes, I promised myself…thru my optimist creed

To help any person…that I found in need

And I’ve kept that promise…but I must agree

That the one I’ve helped most…has really been me.

– Thomas P. Frazier, DDS

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