Centerville High School B.O.L.D (Building Our Lives Drug Free)Program

Phather Phil’s Prayer

Heavenly Father, our Optimist membership is a 24/7 affair. Make our every action, every attitude a statement to the world that there is a better way to live thru Optimism. Am I bragging – probably. Am I being prideful – not for me but of all the members. This is not an activity we do at our leisure. Optimism is truly an activity of giving of time ,talent and treasure. Not for ribbons or bows nor accolades but for the joy we feel in fulfilling our reason for being. We pray our joy reflects on You and the blessings You have given us for being Optimists. Amen

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Today’s Guests

Guest Guest Of
Kate Bowling Dr. Tom Henderson
Danielle Meyer Speaker
Beth Mires Dr. Tom Henderson
Dave Phillips Greg Fay
Jake Rankey Speaker
David Roer Dr. Tom Henderson
Kadijah Taylor Roberta Taylor
Amy Wang Patrick Arehart
Andrea White Jim Long

Plaque for our president, Chris McAlpine

Beth Duncan took the February 8, 2018 Q&A article in Dayton Biz Journal of the interview they did with Chris McAlpine about Centerville Noon Optimists and made a beautiful plaque he can proudly display.

Today’s Speakers

Thomas Henderson, PhD., introduced his guest Centerville school board President, David Roer, MD. He is the co-chair of South Suburban Coalition United for Alcohol and Drug Free Youth. Their goal is to reduce drinking and drug use by finding healthy alternatives. In attendance today was Beth Mires, the CHS Advisor to BOLD Student Group and intervention counselor at CHS. Also, in attendance today was Andrea White, the co-chair of South Suburban Coalition. Henderson informed, “Andrea interfaces with all of the student leaders form the South Suburban School Districts on a regular basis. She has a passion for working with our youth promoting good decision-making and health lifestyles.”

David Roer, MD, introduced today’s speakers, members of the Centerville High School (CHS) senior class of 2018 and student members of the South Suburban Coalition, Danielle Meyer and Jake Rankey They are influential seniors and came to us to talk about the BOLD (Building Our Lives Drug-Free) organization at CHS.

What is BOLD? “A student led organization whose members have committed to being 100% drug and alcohol free and whose purpose is to promote positive messages on the importance of committing to a drug-free lifestyle”- Beth Mires-CHS Advisor to BOLD Student Group.

BOLD currently has about 30 members. They put on middle school programs to explain early to kids before they hit high school that not only is drug and alcohol use unhealthy, but you can still be one of the “cool” kids by just saying no.

One of the ways they have gotten the word out when they first started the group was to have trifold boards set up at parent-teacher conferences and explain to parents the problems that exist and tactics to combat these issues. Now they also have put up banners around Centerville sports fields asking everyone to be bold and to join BOLD.

Their mission statement for this year is, “To be known so that we can educate students, parents, community members in order to break down stereotypes about teen drinking and drug use.” Their core values are, “Integrity, grit, commitment, and willpower.”

A question was asked of them by our group if they think the legalization of marijuana has made their job more difficult. They said, maybe but then pointed out that just because it is legal in no way makes it safe. Jake also communicated his recent culture shock experience in Denver. There were numerous marijuana stores with customers who obviously have drug and money problems. Additionally, he saw large amounts of homelessness in the area.

Phone numbers listed in the BOLD pamphlet were: Suicide hotline 800-273-8265, National Helpline 800-662-4357, Student Safety Hotline 866-547-8362.

Additionally, BOLD uses social media to get the word out. Follow them on Twitter @CentervilleBOLD,


Member Birthday
Mark Casey March 10
Tony Lombardo March 12

Membership Anniversaries

Member Month Day Joined # Years
Barbara Santo March 9 03/09/1999 19
Diane Mescher March 9 03/09/1999 19
Bob Glavin March 12 03/12/1993 25

New Member Readings and Inductions

Name Sponsor 1st 2nd 3rd Reading or Induction
Amy Wang Patrick Arehart 2nd Reading

Sergeants at Arms

Member Infraction
Every male with a beard Having a beard
Everyone wearing red. Wearing red
Greg Fay Not going to be able to share the stage with Steve VanGorder next week at CNO 2.0 and no microphones will be needed.
Beth Duncan Mistaking April for March when announcing the Euchre party
Chris McAlpine Getting the plaque from Beth Duncan
Barbara Santo Losing her name badge – Again
Greg Griffin Throwing away Barbara Santo’s spare name badge right before she needed it

Happy Bucks!

Member Reason
Tom Novak Glad flag season is here. Flag Assembly this Saturday 3/10/18.
Jay McAlpine Finally can prove he has good parenting skills since his son received a plaque honoring his good deeds.
Donna Huss Optimistic her husband will pull through soon his recent bout of bad luck: gash on head, root canal, skin cancer removal, and now pneumonia.
Bill Stone Great weekend in Colorado
Bill Stone Kelly’s step dad doing well after pacemaker implant
Bill Stone Nice to have his plane back in Dayton after its yearly service in Muncie
Joe Madden Since Chris McAlpine got a plaque, he thought Dr. Dan should also get an award for dental plaque.


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