Noon Meeting News – November 28, 2017 – Alzheimer’s Assocation and K12 Tejas

Phather Phil’s Prayer

David Ladd, our Ohio District Chaplain, filled in for Phather Phil today and gave us one of his inspiring extemporaneous prayers as on he can deliver.

Photos from the Meeting

Today’s Guests

Guest Guest Of
Brie Ann Blair Speaker
Rebecca Cantrell Speaker
Evan Derr Jessie Gaither
Jon Horwitz Mike Bevis
Rhonda Meeker Mike Bevis
Betsie Molinsky Julie Noeth
Jerri Standard Speaker
Rick Talda Beth Duncan

Today’s Speaker

Julie Walling introduced our 1st  speaker Brie Ann Blair from the Alzheimer’s  Association. She spoke about Healthy Mind and Body, taking care of yourself through exercise, diet, cognitive activities and engaging scoially. She emphasized that stimulating the brain through learning and cardio exercise may prevent dementia.

Our 2nd speakers from the K-12 Tejas Gallery talked about exercising the right brain through creativity. K-12 offers a variety of art classes in its 35,000 square foott space in downtown Dayton. Rebecca Cantrell and Jerri Stanard told us how they serve over 61,000 students annually, adults and children.


Member Birthday
Denver Cottle November 29
Thomas Beery November 29
Nancy Anderson November 30
Paul Bowell December 03
Chris Elrod December 05

Membership Anniversaries

Member Month Day Joined # Years
Jesse Lightle November 28 11/28/2006 11
Liz Fultz November 29 11/29/2015 2
Melissa Lucas November 29 11/29/2015 2
Ted Humphrey November 29 11/29/2001 16
Chris Dwenger December 1 12/01/2009 8
Daniel Beck December 1 12/01/1981 36
Gary Smiga December 1 12/01/1985 32

New Member Readings and Inductions

Name Sponsor 1st 2nd 3rd Reading or Induction
Rick Talda Beth Lybrook 3rd reading
Rhonda Meeker Mike Bevis 3rd reading
John Thompson Vince Reidy 1st reading
Ben Barlow Jerry Stahley 2nd reading
Cindy Gaboury Jean Pummill 2nd reading
Anna Sexton Jesse Gaither Induction
Sharon Silverberg Robin Golden Induction
Robert Johnson Greg Griffin Induction

Sergeants at Arms

Member Infraction
Chris Mc Alpine Having an artificial Christmas Tree
Jay Mc Alpine Poor parenting causing [Chris to have an] Artificial Christmas Tree
Julie Walling Scheduling two speakers on one day
Beth Duncan (formerly Lybrook) Passing out business cards in lobby
Carol Burkman Not providing cookies for Christmas Tree Lot Workers
Jerry Stahley Impersonating Bob Duffy
Cindy Gaboury Gave an unnecessary check for $10 for her lunch to Tim Clemmer who had to be inconvenienced by holding  the check and ultimately returning it to Cindy since she is in readings and joining the club


Happy Bucks!

No time this week for Happy Bucks.


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