Noon Meeting News – November 8, 2016 – Sandy Gudorf – Downtown Dayton Partnership

Phather Phil’s Prayer

Heavenly Father here we are on the horns of a dilemma.  It looks like who ever becomes our President, the prayers for help are going to increase.  Our only other hope is that they are not as bad as the media makes them out to be.  Because we live in such a great country, we were told that anyone could be President.  Seems now that was a fore warning instead of an aspiration.   So here we are with a choice of deciding to vote for the lesser evil.  We pray our vote will do that and  You will install your spirit in the new President’s eyes and mind so we will continue to be proud to be an American.  Amen!

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Today’s Guests

Guest Guest of
Sandy Gudorf Speaker

Today’s Speaker

Dave Kay introduced Sandy Gudorf, president of Downtown Dayton Development Corp. , after explaining that Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton declined to speak at our meeting today.  Ms. Gudorf told us the Corp is non profit and represents the public and private sectors. Projects she related included housing expansion, the Levitt pavilion, the Arcade, the new library and Chaminade’s stadium. Lively questions followed.

Build-a-Bear Event Video

Click here to see the Build-a-Bear Video – we think you will find it touching

Birthdays This Week

Name Month Day
Ken Irwin November 9
Gary Aiken November 11

Membership Anniversaries

Name Month Day Year # Years
 Bob  Vogt November 8 2005 11
 Katie  Hurst November 14 2013 3
 Reba  Hurst November 14 2013 3

New Member Readings and Inductions

Name Sponsor 1st 2nd 3rd Reading or Induction
John Kalaman Gail Aiken Induction
Paula Kalaman Gail Aiken Induction
Pam Miller Mike Bevis First Reading

Sergeants at Arms

Member Infraction
Pat Behn Had ticket #554 and got to be Jerry Stahley’s assistant
Phather Phil Not wearing a badge but he got a pass for being over 90.
Nancy Lehren Sat at table with incorrect candy
Bob Vogt Throwing Larry Lynde under the bus
Christine Balsan Late
Nancy Lehren Late
Brooks Compton Late

Happy Bucks!

Name Reason
Myron Rheaume $2.00 For Sinclair club members participating in Build a Bear and for being cancer free 20 years
Ken Irwin $ 20.00 Money found on a hike
Barbara Santo for Judy DeMarco Thanking the club for prayers and well wishes for grandson’s surgery, he is doing well.
Joe Madden He found 25 cents
Heather Craaybeek For being an American
John Kalaman For being a CNO member
Don Wildenhaus For17th season of TOP soccer
Paula Kalaman For Gail Aiken’s sponsorship
Fred Polizzi For a happy life
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