Noon Meeting

Skilled Trade Scholarships 2022

The scholarship requires a guidance counselor’s recommendation with an emphasis on financial need and a desire to pursue a degree in the student’s chosen trade. In addition to financial assistance, each student will have two mentors. A scholarship to Sinclair University provides up to $750 per semester for up to six semesters, sufficient for an associate degree. A scholarship to Trade Schools is a one-time payment of $2500

It’s Time 2! Be Part of the Solution

The mission of It’s Time 2! is to address bullying, raise awareness of mental health issues and teen suicide using real stories to inspire young people to accept one another, treat each other with respect, and ultimately make the right choices. They discuss the problems and how students, teachers, family and friends can be a part of the solution.

Memorial Educational Assistance Awards 2022

Gary Smiga presented the 2022 awards and the renewals from last year. This year there were 5 recipients and 3 renewals.
Annually, the Noon Optimist Club of Centerville recognizes outstanding youth with Memorial Education Assistance Awards given in memory of the club members who have passed away while active members. Recipients must be a graduating high school senior attending a college or university, be a resident of Centerville or Washington Township, have a strong record of participation in community service activities and possess a financial need. Applicants also write an essay which is used to select the winners.

Uptown Centerville Updates – Michael Norton-Smith and Kate Bostdorff

Get an update on the status of Uptown Centerville and Centerville Cornerstone projects. Uptown Centerville is a vibrant district at the heart of our community. Uptown is a welcoming, walkable destination that is home to our history and a friendly gathering place where local businesses thrive. Overall, the City of Centerville wants to make the area a safer, easier place to park, stay and play in Uptown Centerville.

John P. Kalaman Respect for Law Awards 2022

Every year one award is selected for the City of Centerville Police Department and one award is selected for the Washington Township Substation of the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office. Nominations are accepted from the peers of those eligible. All employees of the department are eligible, not just police officers.

Centerville-Washington Park District, Kristen Marks

Kristen is passionate about creating a Sense of Place in the parks in Centerville and Washington Township. The Park District includes 51 parks in our community, including 34 neighborhood parks, and their goal is that you are always within a 10-minute walk of a CWPD park.

Simwatachela Sustainable Agricultural and Arts Program – Heather Cumming is a food, nutrition, and water sustainability organization. Heather Cumming, the Executive Director and Founder was today’s speaker. Their mission in remote areas of Zambia and Sierra Leone is to alleviate starvation by securing a sustainable water source; to promote sustainable agriculture and nutrition and to promote empowerment through income-generating activities.

Erma Bombeck: A Celebration of Laughter – Presented by Debe Dockins

Erma Bombeck is a cherished American humorist.
Debe started off with the Erma Bombeck quote, “Never lend your car to anyone to whom you have given birth.”
Erma Bombeck raised her family in Centerville, Ohio and lived near Centerville High School, where her husband Bill Bombeck was a teacher.
She published 15 books, had 900 U.S. newspapers publishing her column, and appeared on Good Morning America for 12 years. She wrote over 4000 newspaper columns, mostly about Midwestern suburban housewives.

Bringing Out the Best in Kids Award 2022 – Jackie Vollmer

The award honors long time educator Margaret Barclay who was also a long-time member of the Centerville Noon Optimist Club. The award started in 2003 as the “Achievement in Education” award. Some call it the Teacher of the Year award.

Annual Avenue of Flags Kickoff and Club Day

The AOF is our club’s biggest fundraiser. Avenue of Flags is a win/win program. The community loves it and it helps enable CNO to do what it does. The fundraiser netted $103,000.00 in 2021. Additionally today, we heard about TOP Soccer, Optimist International Foundation and the recent Ohio District Conference.

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