2022-23 Officer Installation and Awards Presentation Dinner

Officer Installation and Awards Program for 2022-2023

Tonight, we had a wonderful evening of feast and fellowship at the Presidential Banquet Center. This was a great night to celebrate the past year and to look forward to the next 2022-2023 Optimist year. This is the end of the Centerville Noon Optimist Presidential year for Gary Hansen.

We welcomed Beth Duncan as the 55th President of CNO!

New board members and vice-presidents were also installed this evening.

The social committee, Debe Dockins, Sue Jessee, Sarah Umbreit and Erin Laurito, put on a great party. We started with drinks and appetizers, followed by a buffet. The food was great.

Just like a lunch meeting, we started with a prayer by Erin Dickerson and proudly recited The Pledge of Allegiance.

Thanks to Debe Dockins, the master of ceremonies for the evening. She did a fantastic job and kept us entertained and on time.

For being president, Gary Hansen received from CNO his Past President pin, a Lifetime OI Membership and pin, and a plaque with a gavel recognizing his year as CNO president.

A/V and Pictures of the Event

Thank you, Greg Griffin, for setting up and running the A/V for the evening.

Thank you, Bob Collins, for all the great pictures from tonight’s event.

Erin Dickerson’s Prayer in Memoriam

In Ecclesiastes we learn that everything has its season.  As we bring our optimist year to a close, we celebrate the addition of new members and friends, but we also mourn the loss of five of our brothers and sisters in optimism.  As their names are read, we will pause for a brief moment of silence in their memory.

  • Gary Aiken
  • Will Cale
  • Dick Lee
  • Kathy McAlpine
  • “Phather” Phil Robinson

We are eternally grateful for their contributions to CNO, their desire to make the world a better place for our children and youth, and for the love and friendship shared between us.

Please join me in prayer.

Lord our God,

Tonight, we give thanks for and celebrate our leaders of this past season.  We are grateful for their leadership and dedication to our club.  You have blessed us with their varied gifts and talents, and we ask that you show them the same love and blessings they have shown us and those we serve. 

We ask for your blessings upon this new season and its new leadership.  Help to steer them and us as we continue in our mission to serve the children and youth in our community and strive to make the world a better place, one optimistic act at a time. 


Debe Dockins Opened the Evening

Debe said, “It is only fitting that we begin this evening’s festivities as optimists ‘looking on the sunny side of everything’ with a quote from our 16th President, Abraham Lincoln ‘We can complain because rose bushes have thorns or rejoice because our thorn bushes have roses!’ Enjoy your dinner!”

Michigan Poem for Gary Hansen

Debe Dockins read this poem about Gary Hansen’s beloved Michigan. It’s called The Green of Michigan by Edgar Albert Guest, the former poet laureate of the State of Michigan.

President Beth Duncan!

Beth Duncan’s theme for the year will be “Making an Impact.”

Making an Impact Logo for Centerville Noon Optimist

Beth said, “I thought ‘Making an Impact’ fit our group perfectly.  We as a group have made a major impact on our community but we are not done yet.  There is so much more to do.  Our youth today needs us now more than ever.  We know as an organization we make a major impact through our scholarships and fundraisers but don’t ever underestimate the impact each one of you make on children just by a kind comment or a word of encouragement while volunteering at our events.”

“We all can make an impact on someone’s life by just asking a question or listening.  This is what each of us can do with the Youth we encounter at our events.”

“We do it for each other as well.  I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all the friendships I have made with each of you here in this room.”

“I also want to thank Gary Hansen for all his service this past year.  His will be tough shoes to fill but I know I will have plenty of help with this awesome board and all of you helping me along the way.”

Officers of CNO 2022-2023

  • President, Beth Duncan
  • Vice President, Patrick Arehart
  • Vice President, Paul Boeckman
  • Secretary, Jean Pummill
  • Treasurer, Roland Rapp
  • President-Elect, Joan Cordonnier
  • Immediate Past President, Gary Hansen
  • Past President’s Representative, Mike Bevis

Newly Elected to the Board of Directors with a Two-Year Term, 2022-2024

  • Mitch Bodenmiller
  • Andy Dickerson
  • Rachel Goetz
  • Art Hung
  • Carol Smerz

Continuing Board of Directors with One Year Left, 2022-2023

  • Diane Arehart
  • Brandon Barrett
  • Katie Calloway
  • Bob Glavin
  • Evelyn Griffin

Officer Installation and Oath

Incoming Ohio District Governor and longtime CNO member Bill Stone swore in the new Club Officers and Board of Directors.

It is always great when the governor of your district can do the officer installation of your club.

Thank you, Bill Stone, for performing the installation of officers for 2022-2023.

The Oath:

I hereby solemnly promise on my honor as an Optimist that I will carry out the duties of the office to which I have been elected to the best of my ability, in loyalty to my Club, and in harmony with the Bylaws of my Club and Optimist International. So help me God.

Passing of the Gavel

After the new board members were sworn in there was the traditional passing of the gavel. All the attending previous presidents formed a line at the front of the room in the order they served as CNO president. Beth Duncan was, of course, the final person to receive the gavel this evening.

For a complete list of past presidents refer to your Club Handbook.

Past CNO Presidents at tonight’s celebration passing the gavel were:

  • Don Kelley
  • Brian Nicholas
  • Margaret Barclay (represented by Roy Barclay)
  • Jerry Stahley
  • Mike Wall
  • Tom Novak
  • Nancy Lehren
  • Mike Bevis
  • Kelly Stone
  • Bob Burkman
  • Myron Rheaume
  • Larry Lynde
  • Greg Griffin
  • Debe Dockins
  • Gary Hansen
  • Beth Duncan for 2022-2023!

CNO Rookie of the Year, Mitch Bodenmiller

The 2021-2022 Rookie of the Year was awarded to Mitch Bodenmiller.

From Gary Hansen:

The CNO President each year selects someone who in their first year as a member really stands out. We had several great candidates this year, but one really rose above the rest in my mind.

Mitch joined late in Debe Dockins’ year as president and almost immediately became active.

In just his first year, he worked on Avenue of Flags, at Haunted Trail, became a Tree Lot Captain, worked at Fishing Derby, co-chaired our Big Six Wheel at the Parties in the Park and now has stepped up to join Beth’s board of directors.

Gary Hansen Remarks and Thank You Gifts

From Gary Hansen

I presented most of my year-end board gifts at the board meeting last week, but please give a warm hand to the best board a President could ask for. Stand up, board! I saved a few special ones for tonight.

The first goes to a non-board member who did so much for me and this club that I wanted to give him special recognition. Greg Griffin, in addition to leading us through the first round of COVID and keeping our club alive, acted as my AV assistant, prepared the slide decks for every weekly meeting, published the Handbook, co-chaired the Christmas Tree Lot and the Easter Egg Hunt and was one of my most trusted advisors all year long. Thank you, Greg!

Debe Dockins guided us through the second year of COVID, got us back to meeting in person and handed me a club that was ready to rock. Then this year, she led Speakers and Socials and was also an especially trusted advisor. Thank you, Debe!

Jean Pummill is one of two full-time “employees” of our club. As Secretary, she handles all district and OI submissions, keeps track of membership, meets all deadlines, prepares detailed minutes and keeps her finger on the pulse of our club, helping me look good every day. Thank you, Jean!

Our other full-time “employee” is Roland Rapp. As any of you who are active knows, Roland is always available to write a check, provide a credit card machine or cashbox, and check and distribute mail from the CNO P.O. Box. In addition, he prepares thorough and detailed financial reports, explains them succinctly at each board meeting and acts as the financial conscience for the board and me. Thank You, Roland! 

Next, I want to thank my wife, Nancy. As many of you know, she was not a big fan of my taking on this job, but once I did, she was all in. Planning around my schedule, editing my President’s Notes, and pitching in anywhere she could to help me be successful. Thank you, Nancy.

I also want to thank all of you, our members. It has been a real honor to serve as your President, and the hard work you do every day for our community really makes this job so much easier. I’d especially like to thank all of the past presidents you saw passing the gavel earlier. I am so happy to be joining their ranks and I look forward to joining that line every year.

Beth, it’s all yours!

Optimists of the Year 2021-2022

It is the job of the previous year’s winners, Evelyn Griffin and Bob Lawson, to announce the recipients of the Centerville Noon Optimist Thomas P. Frazier Optimist of the Year Award.

Each Optimist of the year received a beautiful plaque commemorating the recognition of their service to the community and CNO.

The plaque says:


Person’s Name Here



Sarah Umbreit Optimist of the Year

Evelyn Griffin introduced 2021-2022 Optimist of the Year Sarah Umbreit.

Sarah joined CNO on 2/17/2016 and has participated in several events, fundraisers and other volunteer activities including:

  • She worked ALL 3 fundraisers: Tree Lot, Golf Outing & AOF
  • Has been on the Board of Directors & a VP
  • Co-Chair of Children’s Health and Wellness Committee
  • Member of the Social Committee
  • Volunteered at these events:
    • Tri-Star Basketball
    • Easter Egg Hunt
    • Safety on Wheels
    • Americana & 5k Run
    • Got Talent Contest

And starting 10/1/2022 Sarah will be the Treasurer of the Ohio District of Optimist International.

Patrick Arehart Optimist of the Year

Bob Lawson introduced 2021-2022 Optimist of the Year Patrick Arehart.

Patrick joined CNO on 11/27/2017 and has participated in several events, fundraisers and other volunteer activities including:

  • Volunteered for numerous events (TriStar Soccer, Easter Egg Hunt, Big Backyard Party, Party in the Park, Merchant Market)
  • Worked all scheduled shifts of the Tree Lot
  • CNO Board of Directors
  • Finance Committee
  • Technology Committee
  • Avenue of Flags
  • Worked with Golf Committee on using CRM system to improve tracking of golfers and sponsors
  • Handled all online prep and follow up for Visual Arts Contest
  • Built webpage and handled all online prep and follow up for Photography Contest
  • Updated the Donation Request Process and added online capabilities
  • Redesigned and Re-Organized centervillenoonoptimist.com
  • Added Online Calendar to website with online signup capabilities
  • Wrote CNOtes weekly (monthly for CNO 2.0)

And starting 10/1/2022 Patrick will be the Webmaster of the Ohio District of Optimist International.

Closing Remarks from Emcee Debe Dockins

We have had a wonderful night honoring our past and hearing about all the great things we have accomplished. As we turn our attention to the future, we have one last presentation to celebrate Gary and set the tone for the upcoming year.

You will want to stay until the end because, not only is this the presentation they’ll be talking about for years to come, but Erin Laurito and Barbara Santo will be handing out gifts to every member upon leaving. And, of course, no meeting is complete until we close with our Optimist Creed.

But, for now, remember, it was our 6th President John Quincy Adams who said, “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”

Closing Skit and End of the Event

As a thank you to Gary Hansen, a skit was put on by:  Beth Duncan, Mike Cordonnier, Joan Cordonnier, Jean Pummill, Jesse Gaither, Evelyn Griffin, Debe Dockins, Brandon Barrett and Andy Dickerson.

View the skit here.

Mike Cordonnier was the lifeguard and coach of the synchronized swimming team. They all wore costumes, there was a stage, props, simulated water and even a bubble machine.

It was really entertaining and funny! Great job, people!

After the skit was complete, we cheerfully recited the Optimist Creed.

The End of One Year and the Beginning of Another

Thanks to President Gary Hansen for all he has done as president in the last year and we look forward to another great year under the leadership of President Beth Duncan, her team and our members!

A Copy of the Event PowerPoint Slide Deck is here

All Photos taken at the Event are here

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