Bar Codes Unlimited, Inc. – Craig and Dana Dring

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  • 7/18/2022, All Day, the 30th year of the Tom Frazier Tee Off for Youth Golf Classic will be held on 7/18/2022. To volunteer use the member calendar here.

Social Events

7/10/2022, 3 PM, Carillon Park guided private tour followed by dinner at the Carillon Brewing Company. Admission (including the tour) is $11 ($9 for those 60+, free if you are a member). Dinner and drinks are on your own. Payment is at the park. Everyone should arrive by 2:45pm for the tour. To attend use the member calendar here.

CNO 2.0 Venue and Details

The venue for tonight’s CNO 2.0 meeting was Mi Lindo Jalisco Mexican Restaurant and Bar, 520 Miamisburg Centerville Rd.

Chastity Irwin won the 50/50 drawing. As always, the other half of the 50/50 is donated to the Optimist International Foundation to benefit youth.

There were 29 people at the meeting (23 members and 6 guests).

Greg Fay, chair of CNO 2.0, said he was so thankful for all the guests and members that came to tonight’s meeting. He also gave a recap of what our club is all about and that information is at the bottom of this article.

Bar Codes Unlimited, Inc. – Craig and Dana Dring

Greg Fay introduced Craig and Dana Dring, the owners of Bar Codes Unlimited, Inc. and longtime CNO members.

Craig showed an interesting PowerPoint presentation – to see it – CLICK HERE

Some interesting facts that Craig shared with us about Bar Codes Unlimited, Inc. and their business

  • Craig opened his presentation with a photo of the TOP Optimist Club Members helping on the Fishing Derby – this is a Special Needs Adults club that Craig and Dana helped charter.
  • Craig’s father, Jay Dring, was pictured demonstrating barcode scanning in the early 1970’s for then Secretary of Commerce Elliott Richardson. Craig mentioned that what is not seen in the photo is the NCR Service Technician under the counter scanner getting constantly shocked by the prototype unit while Jay made the successful demonstration!
  • The very first item scanned was a 10-pack of Juicy Fruit Chewing Gum at a Marsh’s Supermarket in Troy, Ohio. The item is in the Smithsonian today.
  • Craig pointed out that contrary to what some folks may think – a barcode is merely a “license plate,” that is a number than can be scanned and looked up in an item database for description and selling price.
  • Barcodes are everywhere – primarily because they are relatively inexpensive and very reliable as evidenced by their deployment in nearly every phase of our lives.
  • Craig discussed “two-dimensional” barcodes. One such two-dimensional barcode is a “QR Code,” developed in Japan, which is widely used today for all kinds of encoding of information – including websites, email addresses and other uses where a lot of data needs to be encoded in a small space. We see QR Codes everywhere today.
  • RFID (Radio Frequency Identifications) is a newer technology that allows “scanning” via radio waves when an item passes through a portal – negating the need to individually scan items.  RFID technology is expensive compared to barcodes, so barcodes remain the dominant technology for item identification today.
  • Craig mentioned several “interesting” projects that Bar Codes Unlimited, Inc. collaborated with customers to develop.  President Obama’s Cell Phone, Ricky Schroder Productions and John Ellison and the Soul Brothers Six UPC for his BBQ Sauce. John Ellison was the writer of the song “Some Kind of Wonderful.”
  • Today Bar Codes Unlimited, Inc. has two main divisions – Bar Codes Unlimited and The company prints millions of barcode labels and tags for customers each year.
  • Craig mentioned that four Bar Codes Unlimited, Inc. employees are Optimist Club Members – Craig, his wife and company co-owner, Dana, Greg Griffin and Julie Rado.

Thank You Craig and Dana Dring

Thank you, Craig, and Dana Dring, for speaking at tonight’s CNO 2.0 meeting and telling the story of Bar Codes Unlimited, Inc.

About CNO 2.0

CNO 2.0 is a club within a club of the Centerville Noon Optimist Club. CNO (and CNO 2.0) is a world class service organization. Being a member of either club allows their members all the same opportunities to participate in fundraising and club activities. CNO 2.0 was created about 5 years ago and is very much a part of the 54-year-old Centerville Noon Optimist Club. CNO has given away over $2 million during its history. CNO is a group of like-minded members that are passionate about helping youth and having fun in the process.

The speaker at each 2.0 meeting is someone with a local business success story.

Annual Fundraisers

  • Christmas Tree Lot
  • Avenue of Flags
  • Golf Outing

Major Activities for the youth in our community

  • Build-a-Bear at Children’s Hospital, 3 times a year
  • Fishing Derby in June
  • Kid’s day in the park in August
  • Easter Egg Hunt
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