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CNO Officer Installation Dinner, No Lunch Meeting that Day

The annual CNO officer installation dinner will be on Tuesday 9/28/2021 at Yankee Trace. There will not be a CNO lunch meeting that day. The cost is $20 per person which includes appetizers, full buffet and dessert. There will be a cash bar. Please send your payment via check or cash to Sarah Umbreit no later than 9/20/2021. There are no sign-ups at the door.

No lunch meeting will be held on 9/28/2021.


  • Gail Aiken, chair for the Haunted Trail, announced that the event will be held this year on October 12 and October 13. They need a lot of volunteers especially trail guides It will be held behind the RecPlex this year. There are a lot of new scenes being built by Mike Cordonnier and his helpers at the High school. Contact Gail if you can help with this fun community event.
  • Debe Dockins announced that CNO is holding a Membership Drive where participating members will share in $400 based on the number of points received.  Receive 1 point for bringing a guest to any meeting, 3 points for a returning guest and 10 points for a guest application.  The contest runs through 9/21/2021.
  • Debe Dockins announced that the next CNO 2.0 meeting will be 9/16/2021 at 5:30 PM at Tuscany’s Italian Restaurant with speaker DJ Terrance Dorsey. Every member of all CNO related clubs is invited. You are encouraged to bring a guest.

Committee Meetings

  • 9/21/2021, 6 PM, Monthly Board of Directors Meeting

Community Events

  • 10/12/2021 and 10/13/2021. Haunted Trail at RecPlex. This is a free event that kid’s 14 and under and their families enjoy each year. All ages may attend.


Happy Birthday Roberta Taylor

Today is Roberta Taylor’s Birthday. Bob Burkman led our rag tag choir poorly in singing a version of Happy Birthday to Roberta that was painful to listen to, but it felt great to celebrate a member’s birthday. Roberta, have a great birthday and a great year!

Liza Fridenmaker, Brigid’s Path

Carol Smerz introduced Liza Fridenmaker, the Grants and donations associate at Brigid’s Path, a newborn recovery center offering grace, support and hope. Since they welcomed their first infant in December, 2017, they have cared for 250 babies and families in the crisis of addiction. They are the first facility in Ohio to offer in-patient, home-like treatment. Brigid’s Path offers support for families facing addiction with compassion, care and guidance.

Liza came today to update us on Brigid’s Path and infant mental health. She showed us a video and you can view it on Brigid’s Path.

Brigid’s Path takes care of infants with Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS). NAS is a group of behavioral and physical conditions a baby experiences when withdrawing from exposure to drugs in the womb. Brigid’s Path can keep most of the babies they help from having to enter the foster care system. Over the years research has shown that NAS infants are better off receiving smaller amounts of food per feeding that is given more times each day than would be given to a healthy infant.

View the flyer Liza Fridenmaker put on the tables before lunch.


 “Brigid’s Path improves the health of newborn babies and mothers impacted by addiction. We offer grace for the past, support for the present, and hope for the future.”

What They Do

They help infants and mothers. They teach moms how to be successful moms and they help mothers get treatment for their alcohol or drug addictions.

Brigid’s Path employs the latest therapeutic techniques – both medicinal and nonpharmacological – to help babies be as comfortable as possible while they experience withdrawal. They use a wholistic approach to help mom and baby in a non-confrontational way.

They ween the babies off the morphine for 15 days. The symptoms can linger for another 2 years after being weened. It takes a lot of work. At Brigid’s Path, there is a 1 nurse to 2 baby ratio and a 1 volunteer cuddler to 1 baby ratio.

Brigid’s Path Basics

  • 24-hour medical care for baby
  • Safe, comfortable, and homelike setting
  • Private nurseries
  • 24/7 visitation
  • Across from an RTA route 18 stop
  • Showers and meals provided

Services for Mom and Family

  • Family Advocacy Program
  • Non-judgmental support
  • Help with children services
  • Community resources connections
  • Identification of personal strengths
  • Help with setting goals
  • Empowering families
  • Ongoing support

Donations of Time and Money

Brigid’s Path can use your help. Liza asked to please consider helping with time or money to help them deliver services to babies and their families.

You can get details on their website including what it takes to become a cuddler. Note they give babies comfort 24 x 7, something that a NICU cannot provide. They have a large need for cuddlers between 12 am and 6 am.

How Brigid’s Path Started

In 2014 Jill Kingston and her husband were fostering older kids. They wanted to foster an infant. They were told there would be a long wait for an infant. They were lucky and quickly received a call to foster an infant. The challenge however was the infant had NAS. They accepted the challenge and soon they were offered another infant with NAS. Jill thought there had to be a better way than a hospital NICU to help infants and their families handle the crisis of addiction.

This led her to start Brigid’s Path, the first newborn recovery center in Ohio. She went to West Virginia to visit Lily’s Place to learn how they were helping infants with NAS.

Additional Information

  • In 2020 79% of the mothers of treated infants at Brigid’s path were in rehabilitation treatment programs. This will help with a successful life for the babies and the mothers.
  • Unlike after being discharged from a hospital, by coming to Brigid’s path, families can have up to 90 days to get their home ready for the baby.


They receive money from grants and some support from the state. The state support is not related to Medicaid. They also receive private donations.

Thank You

Thank you, Liza Fridenmaker, for joining us to talk about Brigid’s Path and infant mental health.

New Member Readings and Inductions

NameSponsor1st 2nd 3rd Reading or Induction
McKenzie MorinBill Stone1st Reading
Anne KohlsMike Bevis1st Reading

Welcome Guests!

GuestGuest Of
Dennis TurnerSpeaker
Jackie PowellTom Novak
Anne KohlsMike Bevis
McKenzie MorinBill Stone

Happy Bucks

Bob CollinsMyron Rheaume is having a good day today and hopes to go out to a dining group with Bob Collins tomorrow night.
Julie NoethHappy to have a guest today and for wearing white after labor day.
Debe Dockins$3, $1 for each of her guests today at lunch.
Debe DockinsKelly George is doing well.
Bill WilliamsWelcomed first grandchild, Theodore James Williams, 9 lbs, 6oz.
Don Kelley$5 for his 5th hole in one, which happened at Yankee Trace golf course.
Louise Haun8th great grandson was born.
Gail Aiken28 years ago Gary Aiken invited her to her first CNO meeting.

Sergeants at Arms

Bob Burkman, Tom Novak, Mike BrubakerGreg Fay put a flag through his windshield last Wednesday at AOF headquarters. The sergeants decided somehow it was the AOF committee chairs fault.
Debe DockinsFailure to meet her guest in the lobby when she arrived.
Greg GriffinMaking an inappropriate comment to Pat Behn. Greg’s explanation – “while at the fishing derby I was helping Pat carry her food (hot dogs) and I innocently asked Pat if she needed help with her bun”…

Membership Anniversaries

MemberMonthDayJoined# Years
Gail AikenSeptember89/8/199328


Roberta TaylorSeptember 7
Doug RenoSeptember 8
Karl FrydrykSeptember 8
Sam PfabeSeptember 11

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