Mission Addiction, Edward Livesay

Erin Dickerson’s Prayer

Gracious and Holy Lord,

The new year brings with it 365 new possibilities, a hope for the future, inspiration for what may be, and anticipation for what You have in store for us.  As we look forward to this year ahead of us, we give You thanks for what we have learned and for how we have grown over the past year.  Help us to move forward into 2023 with a sense of joy and optimism for this life and these opportunities you have granted us.


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  • Mike Bevis announced that a new Welcome Guide trifold is available to share with guests and those interested in CNO. It was recently revised by the marketing committee. The marketing committee is looking for more members.

Happy Birthday Joe Madden

Today was Joe Madden’s birthday. He was not at the meeting, but someone called him and Beth Duncan led us in singing Happy Birthday over the phone. The person calling him asked why he was not at lunch today and he said, “This is precisely why I’m not at today’s lunch.” By the way, Beth Duncan can’t lead a choir at all. Still, I have a feeling Joe was glad we called. Have a great trip around the sun Joe!

Mission Addiction, Edward Livesay

Debe Dockins introduced Edward Livesay, Founder & Executive Director of Mission Addiction. Their website is a great resource to learn more about what they do and when their 30-week programs start.

Introduction from Debe Dockins:

Edward Livesay (pronounced Li-vuh-say) is a former business consultant-turned-founder, pastor and executive director of Mission Addiction, a faith-based 501(c)(3), based in Dayton, Ohio. He has experience with corporations, small business, local government and nonprofits. Based on significant research and experience, he has developed a unique combination of services to teach and coach hurting individuals, struggling couples and strained families through many different life c0hallenges.

Their advanced program series is called “The MAP For Healing & Recovery.” MAP classes cover physical, emotional, relational and spiritual elements (including life purpose), while personal mentoring helps people “put it all together.” Serving others is at the core of Mission Addiction and their name.

To date, they’ve worked with diverse participants and volunteers from around the country, with a significant number of students and internships. Edward has worked tirelessly to train and organize this special virtual team of caring people to serve those in need, both in person and online.


Edward didn’t see himself as a leader of a non-profit. He became concerned about the Opioid epidemic especially since the worst place in the nation was the Dayton region and he felt compelled to do something about it.

The Mission Addiction program can help everyone improve their lives, not just those with an addiction.

The Mission Addiction name is a play on words. Edward said helping others feels great and can be addicting! It’s a “Mission Addiction.” And he said they help participants and volunteers develop a growing appreciation for serving and doing things God’s way vs. getting in our own way.

Young people appreciate the fact that Mission Addiction is a judgement free zone to admit their mental issues, something they would not do in school.

MAP courses are in person or online and cost $795 for a 30-week course that meets once per week and average 2 hours. Don’t worry if you can’t afford it. They get donations that allow them to offer free courses for those with a need. The class size is currently around six people, but the hope is to get it up to twenty-five participants and after that they will start a second class.

Issues Mission Addiction helps people with include: COVID Funk, Anxiety, School, Stress, Worry, Divorce/Separation, Family Communication, Addiction, Anger/Resentment, Loneliness, Abuse, Shame, Life Challenges, Health, Grief, Feeing Separated from God, and Life Purpose.

When COVID hit their reach grew as they started virtual assignments for volunteers. They have had participants and volunteers from twenty-five states, three countries and nine time zones. Their group is very diverse. It amazes Edward that volunteers and groups outside Dayton are helping those in Dayton. There is a North Carolina fraternity that held a fundraiser for Mission Addiction and there are numerous people from California volunteering remotely.

You can view Edward Livesay’s slide deck here. See the slide deck for six inspirational quotes from individuals and couples they have helped.

Mission Addiction Services

  • The MAP for Healing and Recovery – a fast-track guide that will help you become the best version of yourself, physically, emotionally, relationally, and spiritually and the maps path is: Get Healthy > Learn to Cope > Improve Relationships > Grow in Faith > Help Others
  • Coaching and Mentoring – free confidential coaching and mentoring service is offered to individuals, couples, families, and friends in any combination
  • Healing Prayer – The spiritual inner healing prayer is a life-changing and faith-changing experience for those with deeper hurts
  • Prayer Support – the prayer team will join in your effort to bring your request before God
  • Student and Parent Prevention Talks – A compelling mix of sobering facts, video clips, coping skills, faith, engaging discussion, and ways to make a difference

2023 Goals

  • Spread the word and God’s message!
  • Develop partnerships
  • Develop and replicate campus ambassador program
  • Enhance internal processes and systems
  • Explore online/app potential of the MAP program
  • Recruit key personnel

Specific Human Resource Needs

  • Executive/administrative assistants(s)
  • Fundraiser/Ambassadors
  • Diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Leaders/supervisors/working board members
  • Social media/graphic design and marketing
  • Coach/mentors

Financial Needs

Mission Addiction is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization. Levels of contributions are below:

  • Faith-Enhancer, $20, helps with gently used bibles and devotionals
  • Good Samaritan, $50-$1,000, helps with providing emergency assistance like bus passes, food, furniture, resumes and more
  • Life Changer, $795, covers the MAP program fee for an individual (partial sponsorships are accepted)
  • Mission Changer, $500-$10,000, helps with advertising, professional services, salaries and more


Thank You

Thank you, Edward Livesay, for educating us about the services of Mission Addiction.

Welcome Guests!

GuestGuest Of
Cadance LowellBill Williams
Colton DickersonErin Dickerson
Edward LivesaySpeaker
Nora DickersonErin Dickersonm
Glen BrendelErin Laurito

New Member Readings and Inductions

No readings or inductions this week.

Happy Bucks

Debe DockinsThank you all for the cards she received for the passing of her mother.
Debe DockinsVery happy for the honor of receiving the Optimist International Christian D. Larson award.
Paul BoeckmanGeorgia beat OSU.
Dick StevensHe and Sandy got to spend time with both sets of grandkids over the holidays, one set on Christmas the other on New Year’s Eve.
Joan CordonnierDaughter just got enganged.
Bob Burkman$5, Celebrated 60th Wedding Anniversary with Carol on 12/29/2022.
Beth DuncanLeaving soon for a week long cruise.

Sergeants at Arms

Jesse GaitherNeeds a haircut after his Portugal trip,

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John CarrollJanuary 3, 201211
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Joe MaddenJanuary 3
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Laura CascheraJanuary 8

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