CarePortal, Aaron Roy

Erin Dickerson’s Prayer

A prayer written by Dr. Ray Pritchard


Grant me tenacious winsome courage as I go through this day.  When I am tempted to give up, help me to keep going.  Grant me a cheerful spirit when things don’t go my way.  And give me courage to do whatever needs to be done.


Bob Glavin, Christian D. Larson Award Recipient 2022

There are three Christian D. Larson awards for CNO members for 2022. The awards are presented at meetings when the honoree is present. Debe Dockins and Greg Wasmund were awarded previously.

Craig Dring announced the third recipient, Bob Glavin. Remember that the details about a recipient are given in a slow reveal and the name of the recipient is not mentioned until the end of the list.

Craig announced the following about Bob Glavin before revealing his name:

Bob has participated in

  • TOP Soccer founder and still coaches
  • Castle Optimist Club
  • Avenue of Flags

Positions held by Bob

  • Vice-President
  • Board of Directors
  • Chair of Junior Golf

Other Organizations

  • House of Bread

After receiving the award, Bob Glavin spoke briefly, “All I can say is Wow! As I was listening to the description of the award, I thought that it would be a really cool award to win and then Craig said my name!”

Congratulations Bob Glavin! Bob became a member of CNO on March 12, 1993.

Substitute President Today

CNO President Elect Joan Cordonnier ran today’s meeting while Beth Duncan was playing hooky on a cruise ship. Joan did a great job and the meeting ended exactly on time. She also devoted A LOT OF ENERGY to protecting the bell and gavel, which she kept safe and sound. We will see how she does keeping the bell and gavel from theft when she is CNO President. The score is Joan 1, membership 0.


Eric Parsley announced that the CNO 2.0 speaker on January 19, 2023, at 5:30 PM will be Doyle Burke, a retired Dayton detective currently working cold murder cases in the Dayton region. Eric said to remember to invite your friends to this and future meetings. CNO 2.0 has exciting and fun meetings coming up. The February 16, 2023, meeting will feature Karaoke at the Soft Rock Café. Start picking out your songs!

Happy Birthday Don Massie

Today is Don Massie’s birthday. Bob Duffy led us in singing Happy Birthday to Don. I thought for a few seconds that club members must have been rehearsing with Bob because it sounded so good, but then I stopped daydreaming and woke up to a cacophony of terrible and loud singing! Don Massie was smiling so we must have still done something right! Happy Birthday Don!

CarePortal, Aaron Roy

Introduction by Debe Dockins

Aaron Roy has spent the last twenty plus years committed to community development initiatives specifically in under resourced communities. His passion is to mobilize community agencies and entities toward establishing healthy partnerships with community members and residents which will result in flourishing for all who are involved. He has had the privilege of doing this work in Chicago, Oakland and now the state of Ohio. He currently serves as CarePortal’s Champion Ambassador for the state of Ohio. This allows him to travel the state connecting those who care about their community, in particular those who are in the business sector, with vulnerable children and families in their community who could use their help and care.

About CarePortal

CarePortal’s primary goal is to prevent kids from entering the foster care system. CarePortal is a database tool that matches vetted needs to those that want to provide help. This helps prevent children from entering the foster system as well as helping those who are in it or have aged out.

They have served 6000 families in the last year and a half, caring for some of the most vulnerable children and their families.

CarePortal is a platform of “The Global Orphan Project.”

You can view Aaron’s slide deck here. The flyer he left for us on the table is here.

About Aaron Roy

Aaron said he grew up in the foster system. He went to prison for three years at the age of 18 for selling drugs. He became faithful while in prison. When he was released from prison, a Christian family took him in and he had a supportive family. They introduced him to church; he liked it and the church paid for him to go to college. A community member then gave him a job after college as a bank teller, which is a hard job to get after three felonies. His foster family is still an important part of his life. Aaron has lived in Ohio for four years.

Four Million Children are on the Verge of Going into the Foster System

There are four million children on the verge of entering the foster system. The cause for 65% of them is unintentional neglect. Unintentional neglect includes issues like not having enough bedrooms in a home or a family can’t pay a utility bill. Child Services hears about these issues and they can remove a child from their home. The parents love their kids but may not have the resources to properly care for all their children. CarePortal and its Champions help with this.

The lack of beds is a huge problem for families in crisis. Aaron said that CarePortal is in the business of supplying beds.

Statistics of Those Who Have Been in the Foster Care System

  • 50% of the homeless in America were in the system
  • 60% of females rescued from human trafficking were in the system
  • 69% of those incarcerated were in the system
  • 80% of those on death row were in the system

CarePortal’s first goal is to help children stay in their homes by helping those homes become more stable. Even when it seems like the right answer is to remove a child form their home, the statistics say it is much better if they don’t enter the foster system.

Ohio and CarePortal

CarePortal is currently in 30 states. Ohio has become the model for the rest of the country. The Ohio government so far has given a million dollars to CarePortal.

Ohio is one of two states in the US that has offices for faith-based organizations in their capital building. Governor DeWine wants to have CarePortal up and running in all 88 counties in Ohio.

Ohio has a rich history of its business sector being very generous.

Why was CarePortal created?

After a decade of caring for orphans around the world, The Global Orphan Project (GO Project) created CarePortal in 2015 as a tool to mobilize U.S. churches to care for foster children and vulnerable families in their own backyards.

Searching for CarePortal Champions

Aaron said that CarePortal works, but they need help. They are always looking for “Champions.” Champions are organizations, businesses, universities, teams, families and individuals that care about their community. Champions donate resources to help meet needs. CarePortal has the help of churches and child services, but what they really need are more “Champions.”

CarePortal has professionals vet needs and then their system matches those needs with Champions.

Champions receive a CarePortal account where they can view needs and make an impact. Champions set various parameters in their profile including geographical locations where they want to make an impact. The system then gives Champions a list of matches.

CarePortal does not take a part of the money Champions provide. The money is given directly to the need and doesn’t go through the family. For example, if a Champion wants to pay an electric bill, CarePortal will pay the electric company directly.

How It Works

A caseworker identifies a high-impact need of a local child or family in crisis — like a crib for a new mom trying to reunify her family or a mentor for a youth transitioning out of foster care.

They submit a request through CarePortal, which immediately notifies the closest local churches and community members who’ve joined the network.

Each church can respond directly back to the caseworker to meet the need or they can engage other churches and community partners who want to help.

Whether it’s one church that responds or a community of churches, businesses and individuals working together, CarePortal makes vital connections possible through an easy-to-use platform.

Every request presents the opportunity for churches to make meaningful connections. Sometimes, connection means meeting one need at just the right moment. At other times, connection starts life-changing relationships.

Impact – Children Served in Ohio

Champions help children and families in one of nine ways:

  • Support
    • Improve a child’s well-being (275 children)
    • Strengthen a biological family (1462 children)
    • Support youth aging out of foster care (13 children)
  • Preserve
    • Help prevent a child from entering care (333 children)
    • Help preserve foster/kinship placement (542 children)
    • Help preserve and adoptive placement (3 children)
  • Unite
    • Help reunify a biological family (277 children)
    • Help place a child in foster/kinship care (138 children)
    • Help unite a child with an adoptive family (9 children)

Thank You

Thank you, Aaron Roy, for educating us about the services of CarePortal and their Champions.

About the Christian D. Larson Award

Craig Dring presented the following:

The Christian D. Larson award is Optimist International’s most prestigious award. This award is a lifetime achievement recognition given to a person who has exemplified outstanding service to both our community as a whole and The Centerville Noon Optimist Club in particular.

The award was named in honor of Mr. Larson because he was the author of the well-known Optimist Creed which was written in 1912 and is what we Optimists live by every day. In the one hundred years of Optimist International, with hundreds of thousands of members, less than eight hundred individuals worldwide have been accorded this honor, twenty-seven of whom are from our club.

Each year, our club donates half the proceeds of the tickets purchased for the 50/50 drawing along with all the money raised through the Sergeant at Arms fines and Happy Bucks during our Noon meetings. This money goes to the Optimist International Foundation for the purpose of supporting its charitable, literary, and educational activities. In return, for each one thousand dollars donated, the Optimist International Foundation grants our club the privilege of presenting a Christian D. Larson Award.

The qualifications to be considered for this prestigious award are as follows:  Have a minimum of ten years in the club, have held leadership positions, contributed greatly to both the community and our club, exhibited a positive optimistic attitude and volunteered consistently over many years actively enhancing the club’s formula for success.

The past recipients of the award meet and nominate deserving candidates. These candidates are voted on by past recipients and the winners are chosen.

Previous Recipients of the Christian D. Larson Award

  • Steve Fisher
  • Margaret Barclay
  • Phil Robinson
  • Joe Madden
  • Jerry Stahley
  • Chuck Dickerson
  • Jim Hawley
  • Bill Stone
  • Gary Aiken
  • Judy DeMarco
  • Dan Beck
  • Gary Smiga
  • Kelly Stone
  • Mike Bevis
  • Tom Novak
  • Gary Anderson
  • Will Cale
  • Don Kelley
  • Charlie Tapp
  • Bob Burkman
  • Nancy Lehren
  • Pat Behn
  • Mary Madden
  • Myron Rheaume
  • Tom Frazier
  • Stan Fronzaglia
  • Karl Frydryk
  • Joan Cordonnier
  • Gail Aiken
  • Roy Barclay
  • Barbara Santo
  • Vida McDowell
  • Larry Lynde
  • Craig Dring
  • Chris McAlpine
  • Don Wildenhaus
  • Debe Dockins
  • Bob Glavin
  • Greg Wasmund

Welcome Guests!

GuestGuest Of
Aaron RoySpeaker
Cadance LowellBill Williams
Debbi PummellPat Behn
Ginger RossStan Fronzaglia
Kathy RearickSteve Rau
Melodie JamisonPat Behn
Mindy HoffbauerDebe Dockins
Nick TannerDavid Ladd
Ron RearickSteve Rau

New Member Readings and Inductions

NameSponsor1st 2nd 3rd Reading or Induction
Kathy RearickJoAnne Rau 3rd Reading
Ronald RearickJoAnne Rau 3rd Reading
Carol MaysSteve MaysInduction

Happy Bucks

Donna HussSecond grandson was born in December
Gary HansenCelebrating 48th Wedding Anniversary with Nancy
Mike CreechDoing well after his full hip replacement 3 weeks ago
Nancy LehrenDaughter went to the University of Georgia and even though she is an OSU fan she is happy Georgia won the College Football Championship
Bob LawsonHappy to have recovered from pneuomonia followed by a trip to Disney with his grandkids when it was 39 degrees

Sergeants at Arms

Bill and Kelly StoneBrought so many grandkids to lunch it looked like a family reunion
Jerry SthaleyBrought his own food to today’s lunch
Nick TarkanyRare member sighting. Nick paid $2.
Gary AndersonUsed the word “erstwhile” in a sentence
Anyone who bet on TCUBetting on TCU to win the College Football Championship

Membership Anniversaries

Susan ThomsenJanuary 14, 199726
Emily DukeJanuary 16, 20194


Don MassieJanuary 10
Jesse GaitherJanuary 11
Karen MyersJanuary 11
Bill WilliamsJanuary 11
Rob JonesJanuary 13
Kelly KemptonJanuary 13
Bob DuffyJanuary 15

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