Wayne Davis

Josh Staley – FC Cincinnati

FC Cincinnati is an MLS soccer club based in Cincinnati, Ohio. The club was started 3 years ago. They will begin play in Major League Soccer in 2019. Josh is a graduate of Centerville High School and Chris McAlpine coached him in soccer when he was age 10 through age 16. Josh highlighted the accomplishments and growth of FC Cincinnati and showed a video about the club.

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Taryn Filer – Holiday Traditions

Taryn is an Adult Services Specialist with the Washington-Centerville Public Library. She has worked for the library since December, 2017 and was quickly scooped up into the Speaker’s Bureau. Taryn researched and put together information about the various winter holidays after getting requests for a seasonal presentation. She discussed a list of the Winter Holiday celebrations.

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Wayne Davis – Centerville City Manager

Wayne has been the City Manager of Centerville since August 2017. For 17 years he worked for the City of Montgomery, five years as city manager, seven years as assistant city manager, and five years as finance director. He guided the city through the purchase of several key parcels to assemble the Gateway Redevelopment Area project; established substantial shared-service partnerships and oversaw successful strategic plans over the year.

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