CNOtes – January 8, 2019 – Josh Staley – FC Cincinnati

Today’s Guests

Guest Guest Of
Charlie Doll Chris McAlpine
Adam George Kelly George
Carol Marinangeli Stan Fronzaglia
Janet Peasant Donna Huss
Jerry Raugh Cheri Gentry
Morgan Schiffhauer Diane Arehart
Josh Staley Speaker

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Happy New Year!

The lunch today at Yankee Trace was great! It has been a few weeks since the Centerville Noon Optimists have gotten together. Have a Happy and Optimistic Year!

Special Announcement

The Dickerson family has started The Chuck Dickerson Memorial Scholarship. The scholarship will be awarded to a high school senior who is a child or grandchild of a current or former member of the Centerville Noon Optimist Club. The scholarship application is available now for the 2019-2020 school year and is available online at Scholarship Connect on All sections need to be completed on the application for consideration.

Committee Announcements

Donna Huss announced there will be a “NOW” Event on January 17, 2019 from 5-8 PM at Yankee Trace. This is a great time to invite guests (potential new members) to actually have a visual of what we do in giving back to the community. NOW is an acronym for “New Optimists Welcome”. Read more about it here. It is a program designed to capture the interests of prospective new Optimist Club members.

Greg Griffin gave the summary of the tree lot sales. There was just short of $90,000 in sales with a profit of $48,000.

Nancy Lehren announced there will be Childhood Cancer/Build-a-Bear meeting at Panera Bread on January 10, 2019 at 6:30; all are welcome.

Today’s Speaker

Chris McAlpine introduced Josh Staley, the director of premium ticket sales for FC Cincinnati. FC Cincinnati is an MLS soccer club based in Cincinnati, Ohio. The club was started 3 years ago. They will begin play in Major League Soccer in 2019. Josh is a graduate of Centerville High School and Chris McAlpine coached him in soccer when he was age 10 through age 16.

Josh highlighted the accomplishments and growth of FC Cincinnati and showed a video about the club.

Soccer is very popular in the U.S. By popularity, the top five ranked sports in the U.S. are the NFL, MLB, NCAA Football, MLS, and the NBA. Soccer is the 3rd most viewed U.S. Sport.

FC Cincinnati has been labeled “The Hottest club in North America.”

FC is a winning brand that is family friendly, with visibility in the community for the Dayton and Cincinnati area. They have worked to keep the tickets at a family friendly price close to the cost of having a family outing to see a movie. Josh stated a significant difference is at a sporting event, you can still talk with your family unlike at a movie.

FC Cincinnati supports the local community. They support many local youth soccer clubs. Mercy’s Health Training Center in Milford is being built to be open at the end of 2019. The players will train there and youth soccer clubs will also have access to the facility.

Quick Facts

  • First match was April 19, 2016 with 15,000 in attendance.
  • Average attendance is now 24,000.
  • Carl H. Linder III is the majority owner of the club.
  • Home matches are played at Nippert Stadium at the University of Cincinnati.
  • They are building a new stadium in Cincinnati called West End Stadium. The stadium will be located in the West End neighborhood at the current site of Stargel Stadium, on Central Parkway at Wade Street. It is expected to open in 2021.


Member Birthday
Rafael Santillan January 01
Sonny Singhvi January 01
Joe Madden January 03
Ted Humphrey January 07
Laura Caschera January 08
Don Massie January 10
Bill Williams January 11
Jesse Gaither January 11
Ron Weir January 11
Joe Soucy January 12
Rob Jones January 13
Bill Powell January 15
Bob Duffy January 15
Barbara Santo January 17
Myron Rheaume January 20
Gary Smiga January 21

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Member Month Day Joined # Years
Bill Stone January 1 1/1/1977 42
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John Carroll January 3 1/3/2012 7
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Dennis Glidden January 19 1/19/2018 1
Gary DeMarco January 20 1/20/2016 3

New Member Readings and Inductions

Name Sponsor 1st 2nd 3rd Reading or Induction
Emily Duke Gary DeMarco 2nd Reading

Sergeants at Arms

Member Infraction
John Kalaman Raising the bar too high for other men by dropping wife at the door for today’s meeting
Bill Stone Raising the bar too high for other men by dropping wife at the door for today’s meeting
Liz Fultz Library fined Chris McAlpine (a sergeant this quarter) 25 cents for a late book
Debe Dockins Library fined Chris McAlpine (a sergeant this quarter) 25 cents for a late book
Jerry Stahley Critiqued the hanging of the banners today

 Happy Bucks! 

Member Reason
Beth Duncan Spaghetti Warehouse, Joan Cordonnier, Kelly wearing her inmate uniform
Mike Bevis Dan Koontz was promoted and will leave CNO
Joan Cordonnier Daughter Jill has started a job in Cincinnati after moving back from Utah
Joan Cordonnier Daughter Jill is moving out of Joan’s house and into her own home
Myron Rheaume Grandson Liam made the starting lineup for varsity hockey at Springboro High School as a Freshman
Jeff Rolf Son just graduated OSU and already has a job
Mary Madden Successfully surprised Joe Madden with a surprise 75th birthday party (Born 1/3/1944)
Jane Fiehrer Thanks to Josh Staley (today’s speaker)   from FC Cincinnati, her son loves soccer and so does she and her husband