CNOtes 8/17/21: Skilled Trades Scholarships 2021

President-Elect Gary Hansen Facilitated Today’s Meeting

President-Elect Gary Hansen facilitated today’s meeting. Debe Dockins was out of town today taking care of her mother. Gary did a fine job and we know we will be in good hands when his presidential year begins on 10/1/2021.


  • Bill Stone, the Ohio District OI Foundation Representative announced he would love to see more participation from the CNO club. The easiest way to donate is to use the OI website. On the website you will be able to sign up for the 50th anniversary Dime-A-Day Pin. Note that you can give any amount you wish to support the OI Foundation, which is the philanthropic side of OI. If you prefer, you can print out and mail this form with your donation.
  • Gary Hansen announced the 21st season of TOP soccer for special needs kids will start on 8/22/2021. The program needs volunteers, including assistant coaches and on-field buddies assigned to a participant. The kids look forward to the event each year. Volunteers do not need to know anything about soccer to help.
  • Tom Novak announced that the Labor Day flags will stay out to include the twentieth anniversary of 9/11. Flag delivery will be on 9/1/2021. Flags retrieval will be 9/14/2021.
  • Gary Hansen announced that CNO 2.0 is looking for additional committee members.
  • Gary Hansen announced that the Haunted Trail committee is looking for a new co-chair to shadow Gail Aiken with the plan of taking over the committee.
  • Andy Dickerson announced the Fishing Derby will be on August 28, 2021. Please contact Bob Lawson or Andy Dickerson if you can volunteer at the event.
  • Gary Hansen announced the CNO officer installation dinner will be on Tuesday September 28, 2021 at Yankee Trace. There will not be a CNO lunch meeting that day.
  • Patrick Arehart announced that CNO is holding a Membership Drive where participating members will share in $400 based on the number of points received.  Receive 1 point for bringing a guest to any meeting, 3 points for a returning guest and 10 points for a guest application.  The contest runs through 9/21/2021.

Committee Meetings

9/21/2021, 6 PM, Monthly Board of Directors Meeting

Community Events

8/28/2021, the annual Fishing Derby will be held at RecPlex                            

Happy Birthday to Gail Aiken

Bob Duffy led us in singing Happy Birthday to Gail Aiken since today was her birthday! Somehow our singing has gotten worse. You would think somehow by accident we would hit a note correctly. Maybe the quality issue is being caused by music director Bob Duffy?!? 🙂

Skilled Trade Scholarships

Gary Hansen introduced Evelyn Griffin, the co-chair of the Skilled Trade Scholarships Committee. Fred Polizzi and Gary Aiken are the other two co-chairs of the skilled trades committee.

Two of the three 2021 Skilled Trade Scholarship recipients were at lunch today and introduced themselves and their family members.

2021 Recipients

  • Reid Almand will be attending the Hobart Institute of Welding. Reid brought his parents Cobey and Scott Almand to lunch today.
  • Connor Dimisa will be majoring in Automotive Technology at Sinclair Community College. Connor brought his mother Christine Dimisa to lunch today.
  • Andrew Bellanca will be attending the Hobart Institute of Welding. Andrew was unable to attend today’s lunch.

2020 Recipient Updates

There were 3 scholarships awarded in 2020 and all 3 attended the Hobart Welding Institute. They are Alexander Weller, Jacob Goetz and Michael Knox. Alexander and Jacob have graduated and have jobs!

2019 Recipient Update

Gabriel Couch will graduate in the spring of 2022 with a degree in construction management from Sinclair Community College. His degree has been delayed because COVID cancelled many of the classes that he needed for his degree.

About CNO Skilled Trades Scholarships

The Skilled Trades Scholarship launched in 2019. This scholarship requires a guidance counselor’s recommendation with an emphasis on financial need and a desire to pursue a degree in the student’s chosen trade. In addition to financial assistance, each student will have two mentors. A scholarship to Sinclair University provides up to $750 per semester for up to six semesters, sufficient for an associate degree. A scholarship to Trade Schools is a one-time payment of $2500.

Businesses are having a really difficult time finding skilled trades workers to fill open positions. This is a link to a YouTube video of a TEDx presentation discussing the issue and how women are being encouraged through grants (not loans) to get skilled trades education to fill some of the 1 million open jobs. In the U.S. compensation is rising for skilled trades jobs.

Hobart Institute of Welding

Several Skilled Trade Scholarship recipients have elected to attend programs at the Hobart Institute of Welding in Troy, Ohio. The courses last 6-12 months depending on the program chosen. The programs are valuable, but not cheap. CNO scholarships help make it affordable. The school was started in 1930 and there have been over 100,000 graduates. It is a nationally recognized program. There is a huge need for workers in the skilled trades. Welders can make over $!00,000/year.

New Member Readings and Inductions

NameSponsor1st 2nd 3rd Reading or Induction
Jane HenryCarol SmerzInduction on 8/19/2021 at St Leonard
Sally MartinoMike BevisInduction on 8/19/2021 at St Leonard
Jessica WagnerMike Bevis2nd reading
Mitchell BodenmillerTom Novak2nd reading

Welcome Guests!

GuestGuest Of
Christine DimisaHonoree’s Family
Cobey AlmandHonoree’s Family
Connor DimisaHonoree
Logan Stan Fronzaglia
Mitch BodenmillerTom Novak
Reid AlmandHonoree
Scott AlmandHonoree’s Family
Sharon OldhamJulie Noeth
Suzie WolffStan Fronzaglia

Happy Bucks

Bob CollinsMyron Rheaume is recovering well from his back surgery.
Larry LyndeCNO member Tom Berry sang his signature Happy Brithday to his wife Shari at the Sunday concert at Stubbs Park.
Mike BrubakerThank you to all that atteneded the Presidential Club Volunteer of the Year breakfast where he and Beth Duncan were honored last week.
Gary HansenGary has been able to see his son often in the last couple of months after not seeing him for so long because of the pandemic.
Joe MaddenGary Aiken for expertly arranging a birthday lunch for his wife Gail with about 80 CNO members today!  🙂
Don KelleyGranddaughter Molly is ready to start her sophomore year at Miami University.
Erin DickersonAfter 18 months her kids are at school again.
Jim MoganFor the first time in two years, he will soon see his son who lives in Colorado.
Jesse GaitherDaughter startng school at Ohio University. Other daughter started middle school in Springboro.
Bill WilliamsHis son Parker completed a 209 mile timed endurance run “Big Foot 200” from Mt. St. Helens in Oregon to Mt Adams in Washington. His time was 91 hours and he placed 37th out of 220 runners.
Bill WilliamsCelebrating 38th wedding anniversary with his wife Cadance.
Rene GlennJust accepted a new job offer and she gets a couple of weeks to take some trips before starting.
Mike BevisHappy with how well previous skilled trade scholarship recipients are doing.
Mike BevisJesse Gaither delivering the CNO tent to his home very early in the morning, even though his wife thought there was an intruder in the driveway.
Mike BevisHe, Donna Huss and Judy McFadden had great success at Boomerfest with their booth. They believe they have secured 3 new members.
Gail AikenJoe and Mary Madden donating a bunch of halloween items for the Haunted Trail event.
Ron KukerCelebrating 59th weddig anniversary with his wife Fayne.

Sergeants at Arms

Gary SmigaCalled sergeant Scott Langer’s cell phone last week to see if it would ring during the meeting. Gary didn’t realize that Scott was about to be a sergeant!
Bob DuffySitting at the birthday table when it was not his birthday AGAIN!
Kelly StoneLate to today’s meeting.
Guest and previous member Suzie WolfMoved to a different state to avoid a fine.
Paul Stull, Brian Nolan, Charlie GoodwinBeing former sergeants.
Will CaleTrying to take 2 50/50 tickets instead of 1 when he paid for just one.
Gail AikenCouldn’t find her name tag and let Gary Hansen retrieve the presidents bell too soon.
Jesse GaitherGetting a name wrong.
Greg GriffinGreg promissed that during his presidency that Ron Tinnerman would be a sergeant and he never was.
Tom NovakSergeant Ron Tinnerman was not mentioned in a recent article in a local magazine about Avenue of Flags.

Membership Anniversaries

MemberMonthDayJoined# Years
Don MassieAugust208/20/199130
Julie Walling NoethAugust208/20/200813
Matt SomerlotAugust218/21/20138


Gail AikenAugust 17
Susan ThomsenAugust 20
Stephen WalkerAugust 21
Marilyn BechtAugust 21

CNO Donations – 2013 through July 2021

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Thank You Notes Received

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Links to PowerPoint and Pictures

A Copy of this Week’s Meeting PowerPoint Slide Deck is here

The photos taken at Today’s Meeting are here.

July 14, 2020 – All About Our Skilled Trades Scholarships Program

A Replay of the ZOOM Meeting is Here

The Meeting PowerPoint Slide Deck is Here


In keeping with social distancing requirements – our CNO Meetings have transitioned temporarily to a online format using ZOOM.

Club Member Joe Madden was inspired to rewrite The Optimist Creed – so we give you now – The Corona Creed -with apologies to Christian D. Larson, Author of The Optimist Creed.

Welcome Guests!

No Guests this week.

New Member Readings and Inductions

No Readings or Inductions this week.

Zoom Meeting This Week

We had another meeting using Zoom. We will continue our weekly meetings via computer, cell phone or tablet for at least the next several weeks. Please join us and keep inviting guests.

Who can Attend Zoom Meetings?

Any member of any type of Centerville Noon Optimist can attend Zoom meetings. CNO 2.0, St Leonard’s and CNO full members or CNO monthly members can ALL attend.

Guests are also welcome. Please invite guests and introduce them if you like. Just share the Zoom link with them for that week.


Mike Brubaker, Avenue of Flags, announced that 30 subscriptions have been added since Independence Day 2020. Over 500 subscriptions have been added since Memorial Day 2020.

Gary Smiga reported that the Terry Blair scholarship was awarded last night at the Washington Township meeting to a CHS student. Judy Blair funds this scholarship and CNO gets to give it away.

Evelyn Griffin and Fred Polizzi, Skilled Trades Scholarships

Greg Griffin introduced Evelyn Griffin and Fred Polizzi, the chairs of the Skilled Trades Scholarship committee. This is the third year of the CNO Skilled Trades Scholarship.

Fred Polizzi informed us that this year 3 students have applied and been awarded the scholarship. All three will be attending the Hobart School of Welding in Troy, Ohio. The courses last 6-12 months depending on the program chosen. The programs are expensive. The school was started in 1930 and there have been over 100,000 graduates. It is a nationally recognized program.

There is a huge need for workers in the skilled trades. Welders can make over $!00,000/year.

Businesses are having a really difficult time finding skilled trades workers to fill open positions. This is a link to a YouTube video of a TEDx presentation discussing the issue and how women are being encouraged through grants (not loans) to get skilled trades education to fill some of the 1 million open jobs. In the U.S. compensation is rising for skilled trades jobs.

Evelyn Griffin updated us on Gabriel, a previous recipient of the CNO Skilled Trades Scholarship. He is still attending Sinclair in their Construction Management program. Despite the challenges of the school moving online, he is progressing. He and his mother are very appreciative of the financial help CNO has given him.

Partners Club, CNO Club Within a Club

Greg Griffin updated us on the “Partners” Optimist Club that was started a year ago. It is an Optimist club of special needs adults. At a recent Optimist International training meeting Greg attended he said that CNO was spotlighted for both the “Partners” club and CNO 2.0.

Our “Partners” club is not the first special needs club in Ohio, but Ohio had the first special needs Optimist Club in the world.

Special needs clubs are active in the community. They work together and plan how to serve the community. They focus on their abilities, not disabilities. Special needs clubs have made presentations to police departments on how to handle encounters with those who have special needs. The CNO “Partners” club during the 2019 holidays had a Poinsettia fundraiser. The funds were used to purchase Teddy Bears for Dayton Children’s Hospital.

Scott Rheaume, an adult with special needs and the son of a long time CNO member and current Governor of the Great Ohio District of OI, is both a CNO member and a member of the “Partners” club. He really enjoys being part of both clubs.

There are plans to start special needs Optimist clubs in schools.

Thank You Notes sent to CNO

No Thank You Notes Received this Week

CNO Donations 2013 through May 2020

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Over 50 years, we have donated close to $2,000,000 to our youth community. In the past 6 years, we have donated nearly $753,000.


Member Birthday
Denise Green July 15
Sue Brubaker July 16
Mark Petre July 18
Bob Burkman July 19

Membership Anniversaries

Member Month Day Joined # Years
Bob Bargmeyer July 17 7/17/2014 6
Jeff Papanek July 17 7/17/2014 6
Tom Beery July 17 7/17/2014 6
Mike Brem July 18 7/18/2018 2
Sue Jessee July 18 7/18/2018 2
Steve Mock July 19 7/19/1996 24
Tom Lakes July 19 7/19/2017 3
Marge Back July 20 7/20/2016 4

 Sergeants at Arms

No Sergeants this week. 

Happy Bucks

Member Reason
Carolyn Taylor Her 101 year old mother has finally agreed to move into an assisted living facility.
Fred Polizzi Thanks to CNO members for supporting the Skilled Trades Scholarship.
Tom Novak Thanks to all the Avenue of Flags helpers, including CNO members, VFW, Blue Star Mothers, CHS Wrestling team and Subscriber helpers.
Greg Griffin Thanks to the Social Media Committee members for the great job they are doing. (Katie Calloway, Diane Arehart, Greg Fay, Emily Duke and Ashley Simeone)
Beth Duncan During the COVID-19 Crisis, thanks to Greg Griffin for doing so well leading us as President of the great Centerville Noon Optimist Club.
Renee Glenn Very happy to be a member of CNO and thinks Greg Griffin is doing a great job with running our meetings on Zoom. She missed working at the Americana booth this year.
Myron Rheaume Granddaughter Kira is starting her Junior year at UC’s film school and has just obtained a job as assistant director for Pureflix. This will also count as her internship credit.