Noon Meeting News – May 2, 2017 – Tim Bockhorn – Kentucky Derby

Phather Phil’s Prayer

Heavenly Father, little do we realize that it is direction not desire that will determine where we will end up. In other words we’re all going to end up somewhere, so we might as well pick the path that will get us there. This is a universal truth of life, as well as the kingdom of God. Lord help us discover the joy found in what You want for our life. Touch us Lord so that our first thoughts are about the needs of others. Help us recognize the silent, unseen work of our fellow Optimist and others in our life. Then give them a pat on the back, a warm hand shake or a friendly hug. The reward – “What goes around comes around.” – Amen!

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Today’s Guests

Guest Guest Of
Judy Bockhorn Speaker’s Family
Terry Bockhorn Speaker’s Family
Tim Bockhorn Speaker
Meghan Hollabaugh Mike Bevis
Karen Posey Bill Powell
Shannon Sellers Mike Bevis
Tammy Wilhelm Marge Back

2017-2018 Club Officer Election Results

President Elect Donna Huss
Vice President Greg Griffin
Vice President David Ladd
Two-Year Board Member Liz Fulz
Two-Year Board Member Gary Hansen
Two-Year Board Member Bob Lawson
Two-Year Board Member Don Massie
Two-Year Board Member Roland Rapp
One-Year Board Member Jack Anderson

Today’s Speaker

Tim Bockhorn shared some very helpful information with us about the 2017 Kentucky Derby, the longest lasting sporting event. This is the first year the horses will be racing the farthest they have ever raced at the Derby: 1 ¼ miles. There will be 20 horses racing and there is said to be no dominant favored to win, though Classic Empire, Irish War Cry, and Gunnevera are in the top 5.

The slideshow Tim put together for us was emailed to the group on May 2nd and that shares some information about what happened in the 2016 race, trends on how to win, and some facts about each of the twenty horses that are racing.


Member Birthday
Mary Madden May 06
Pamela Miller May 06
Louis Brinkman May 06
Tom Henderson May 06

Membership Anniversaries

Name Month Day Year # Years
 Craig  Dring May 7 1997 20
 Dave  Kay May 8 1992 25
 Paul  Bowell May 8 2000 17

New Member Readings and Inductions

None this week

Sergeants at Arms 

Member Infraction
Joe Madden The elections took too long so the sergeants weren’t able to fine anyone last week
Bob Burkman No money for Carol Burkman, so she wasn’t able to participate in the 50/50 raffle drawing
Dick Stevens Stuffed his hat in his wife’s purse (Sandy Stevens)
Greg Griffin Did not have his camera to take photos of the WWII Vet (in his defense, he did have his Smart Phone)
Jerry Staley There was no mention of the Optimist Club in the article he posted about the Jr. Golf Outing in the newspaper
Dan Beck Poor Ron Tinnerman was passing out ballets for the board and so he didn’t get a lunch, well he did get a dollop of something and some fruit. Dan was to blame for this!
Bill Powell Bill’s guest is Ron’s neighbor, he stole her
Beth Lybrook Beth didn’t wear her badge and she forgot to state there would be “hearty appetizers” (Donna’s famous line) at the Derby event May 6th
Pam Miller She was a little late
Ellie Parker and Gary/Gail Aiken Welcome back! Pay $1

 Happy Bucks!

Jesse Lightle Election day for Washington Township was Tuesday
Joan Cordonnier Happy to be a part of Optimist and put in $5 for her anniversary with her husband
Paula Kalaman The Kalaman blood drive, which honors her son, collected 10 gallons of blood and thank you  to all the Optimists that came out to donate
Ellie Parker Glad to be home


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