Noon Meeting News – May 9, 2017 – Respect for Law Award

Phather Phil’s Prayer

Heavenly Father I wonder how many of us ever think if You get any pleasure out of the way we are living our lives. We all make mistakes, it’s the way we learn. We have learned that mistakes can be very costly, especially if we don’t learn from them. So help us Lord to always conduct ourselves with the sole purpose to make You smile. Then we will know how great it is to look at the sunny side of everything and make our Optimism come true. Amen!

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Today’s Guests

Guest Guest Of
Jan Eisenhauer Honoree’s Family
Rachel Elkins Will Cale
Linda Glass Shawna Hatton
Tom Stauffer Ellie Parker
Jim Stephenson Honoree
Katie Stephenson Honoree’s Family

Today’s Speaker

Member Gary Anderson introduced officer Mike Yoder who introduced and presented for the John R. Kalaman Award, Officer Jim Stephenson. Officer Stephenson’s duties include serving as our school resource officer from the Centerville Police Department. Officer Stephenson sees himself as a peace officer rather than as a police officer.  Officer Stephenson received several standing ovations throughout the presentation.


Beth Lybrook May 09
Brent Moore May 09
Jon Fox May 10
Jessica King May 11
Marge Back May 11
Sheri Howard May 11

Membership Anniversaries

Member Month Day Joined # Years
Joe Soucy May 13 05/13/2014 3
Joseph Kronenberger May 13 05/13/2014 3
Thomas Riley May 13 05/13/2014 3

New Member Readings and Inductions

None this week

Sergeants at Arms 

No time for Sergeants this week (Hey – isn’t that the title of a movie?)

 Happy Bucks!

Tom Novak Help with Avenue of Flags
Scott Langer 27th  anniversary with wife Julie
Donna Huss Success of the Derby Party
Pat Behn Granddaughter’s 12th birthday
Julie Noeth Winnings at the Derby Party
Debe Dockins Acknowledging guests Jim Stephenson and Jan Eisenhauer
Myron Rheaume District meeting involvement especially Heather Kuth and Debe Dockins
Shawna Hatton, Myron and Charla’s daughter Being with parents and her daughter’s 15th birthday
Bob Bargmeyer Disastrous flying episodes and glad to be home
Greg Fay Support and clapping for Optimist 2.0
Cheri Gentry District support
Nancy Lehren Her guest and mentored student Rachel and her graduation
Phather Phil Good time at Derby Party