Kim Senft-Paras, Washington-Centerville Library Director

Phather Phil’s Prayer

Heavenly Father why is the grass in the other fellow’s yard greener than ours? We need to turn from envy by counting our blessings! If we really could walk in another’s shoes, we would probably have corns and blisters and break out in a sweat. Whatever we are envious of didn’t arrive by luck or happenstance. It was love, persistence, Optimism and dedication that were the driving force that got us where we are today. Help us to realize that wherever we are it took time effort and the best driving force our thoughts could muster, it was You Lord and we should thank You every day! Amen!

Today’s Guests

Guest Guest Of
Michelle Brown Mike Bevis
Joe Cantrell Wayne Christie
Mary Ann MacKenzie Carolyn Taylor
Rocky Matthews Brandon Barrett
Wasfi Samaan Pat Arehart
Kim Senft-Paras Speaker

All Photos from the Meeting are Here

Ohio District Conference was held 4/26/2019-4/28/2019.

Donna Huss told us about The President’s Third Quarter Recognition award which is based on an individual who is a champion of our work for and with kids. This quarter CNO member Greg Griffin received this award. Greg chairs the Tree Lot and Co-chairs the Easter Egg Hunt. He sets up the sound system and projector for speaker slide shows. He prints name tags for all guests. He is the photographer each week at lunch and at the District Convention. Greg helps with maintaining membership data, established the coded badge system and sends club e-mail communications. There are other items not listed here. Thank you, Greg Griffin, for all you do for our club!

Myron Rheaume, Ohio Governor Elect, announced at the District meeting that 71 of our members have earned new PGI/PDP awards, which represented several levels of achievement. He handed out the awards to the members that were present.

Myron also announced today that the Optimist International President is planning to attend our Ohio State District Convention in August, 2019.

Upcoming Social Events

  • 5/11/2019, Dayton Dragons game with a luxury box, food, drinks and hat. Contact the Dragons at (937) 228-2287 ext 134 for tickets or email [email protected] with questions.
  • 5/29/2019, 6:30 at Heather’s Café in Springboro, “Dining in the Dark”. There will be a nice meal, but you will be blindfolded during it. The event includes meal, music and silent auction. The cost is $65 per person. The event is a fundraiser and raises awareness about the issues facing the blind community. This is being arranged by Bob Collins’ daughter.

Committee Announcements

Donna Huss announced that Safety on Wheels (AKA Bike Rodeo) will be held on Saturday May 18th, 2019, from 9 AM to 12 Noon at Miami Valley South Hospital (RAIN or SHINE). The event is done in conjunction with the Centerville Police Department. Local police officers will be doing the bicycle checks. There will be a raffle, bicycle-based games, prizes, free helmets and gifts available. All ages of children are invited to join in for the safety and fun. They could use more volunteers. Paul Boeckman is the chair of the event.

Nancy Lehren announced that the next Build-A-Bear event will be on Friday, May 10th, at Children’s Medical Center. The event could use a few more volunteers.

Bob Lawson announced that for the upcoming Fishing Derby on June 1, 2019 he needs someone with a pickup to help transfer items to and from the event.

Jerry Stahley, chair of the OI Junior Golf Championship, is selling raffle tickets for the event. The price is 6 Tickets for $5 and the prize is a case of wine. Tickets will be available for the next few weeks.

Gary Anderson announced that the Respect for Law Awards will be presented at the meeting next week.

Laurie Poeppelman and Evelyn Griffin announced they are taking orders for embroidered Opti-Gear spring items for the next few weeks at lunch. Last lunch to order is May 7, 2019.

Jerry Stahley said that on May 31, 2019 there will be a Dayton Area Optimist Club Dayton Dragon’s night for $10/ticket.

Donna Huss announced that on Monday, May 6th at 5:30PM, CNO will be featured on the William Pace Show on Spectrum Cable Channels 991 & 995. CNO member Mike Bevis is interviewed on the show.

Kim Senft-Paras, Washington-Centerville Library Director

Gary Smiga introduced Kim Senft-Paras, who since 2009 is the Washington-Centerville Public Library Director. Kim has created a vibrant Friends of the Library group, expanded library programming and planned and led the renovation and expansion of Woodbourne Library.

Kim holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Miami University and a Master of Library Science from Kent State University. She is also a Certified Public Librarian. Kim feels privileged to work in such a fine library system, located in a warm and welcoming community. Kim came to us to discuss our library.

She explained that librarians don’t just “shush” people and read books. They do many other things to help the community. The library asked the community to, “Envision the library of the future” and asked, “What do you hope to see?”

Patrons wanted:

  • Well maintained, comfortable and welcoming environment.
  • Keep up with technology no matter how much it changes.

Their mission statement is, “The library is our community’s connection to diverse opportunities for education enrichment and engagement.”

There are many programs available at the library:

  • Fixit Clinic
  • Soldering 101
  • Full STEAM Ahead – featuring Maker Kits, some use 3D Pens.
  • Noon Year’s Eve Party
  • Family Trivia Nights
  • And more…

She showed us a slide of the Children’s Gardens that CNO donated $25,000 for last year, and thanked us for our generosity.

The library’s sources of income are:

  • 64% Local Operating Levy
  • 29% from the State of Ohio Public Library Fund
  • 7% from fines, passports, and sales of miscellaneous items such as ear buds.

There is a board of advisors guiding how to spend their money.

The library’s expenditures are:

  • 59% Salaries and Benefits
  • 15% Purchase/Contract Services
  • 17% Library Materials
  • 7% Capital Outlay
  • 2% Supplies

When asked about the parking lot situation at the Centerville location of our library system, she said that they know it needs major repair, but they could not close the lot and the library until Woodbourne was renovated. The contractor began surveys of the parking lot and it will be renovated soon.


Member Birthday
Brandon Barrett April 30
Lynne Reilly May 01
Melissa DeShurko May 04
Lou Brinkman May 06
Mary Madden May 06
Pam Miller May 06
Dr. Tom Henderson May 06

Membership Anniversaries

Member Month Day Joined # Years
Charlie Tapp May 1 5/1/1978 41
Joe Madden May 1 5/1/1982 37
Tim Stull May 1 5/1/1987 32

New Member Readings and Inductions

Name Sponsor 1st 2nd 3rd Reading or Induction
Wasfi Samaan Patrick Arehart 2nd Reading
Laura Mercer Debe Dockins 2nd Reading
Mary Ann MacKenzie Carolyn Taylor 2nd Reading
Mark Karns Jean Pummill 3rd Reading

Sergeants at Arms

No time for sergeants this week.

 Happy Bucks! 

Member Reason
John Kalaman At the blood drive on Monday honoring his son John P. Kalaman, 67 units were collected.
John Kalaman Thank you to all the Centerville Noon Optimist who donated.
John Kalaman Special thanks to Brian Nolan for helping all day with the blood drive.
Rachel Goetz The CHS show “Fiddler on the Roof” is fantastic!
Rachel Goetz Her daughter signed a letter of intent to attend Miami University to study art this fall. This is the first signing ceremony of this type for Art at CHS. She received three scholarships: Redhawk Excellence, College of Creative Arts, and Creative Arts Scholars.
Ken Irwin Has earned his associates degree in robotics and starts work using his degree in two weeks at Yaskawa.
Dan Beck Two new grandchildren are expected this year.
Joan Cordonnier Ran into one of our Will Cale recipients at “Fiddler on the Roof” last week.  After a rough start, he is excelling in school, and made the Dean’s List!
Charlie Goodwin Recently visited Edwards Air force Base with his son, who was born there.
Rhonda Meeker Had a great vacation in Cancun paid for by her franchiser N2 Publishing.
John Speers For spending two weeks on a Holy Land trip with our church.
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