Noon Meeting News – Larry Lynde’s First Meeting as President – October 4, 2016

Phather Phil’s Opening Prayer

Unfortunately Phather Phi’s opening prayer for this week was lost in cyberspace – we hope that it lands in the hands of some folks who are blessed byt it – as we always are. Amen!

Photos from the Meeting!

Photographer’s note from Greg Griffin – forgot my SLR camera this week and had to make due with my phone.  (I feel a Sergeants’ Fine coming my way over this – LOL)

Today’s Speaker

Jeff and Ellen Ireland – Levitt Pavilion Dayton – Bringing All Type of People Together with the enjoyment of great music

Birthdays This Week

Don Wildenhaus September 25
Diane Arehart September 26
Evelyn Griffin September 26
Heather Craaybeek September 27
Jeff Kujawa September 27
Roy Barclay October 1
Mike Fanelli October 1
Katie Hurst October 6
Linda Fisher October 8

Membership Anniversaries

Club Member                                           Join Date                            Years

 Dennis  Glidden September 24 2005 11
 Mike  Wall September 26 1995 21
 Ron  Weir September 26 1995 21
 Stephen  Walker September 28 1998 18
 John  Powell September 29 1999 17
 Pat  Behn September 29 2003 13
 Steve  Burkman September 29 2015 1
 Bradley  Fizer September 29 2015 1
 Anita  Foster-Polizzi September 29 2015 1
 Steve  Polizzi September 29 2015 1
 Jared  Rhoten September 29 2015 1
 Brooks  Compton September 30 1994 22
 Denise  O’Neil September 30 1994 22
 Don  Wildenhaus September 30 1997 19
 Karl  Frydryk October 1 1988 28
 Robbie  Mirisciotti October 2 2011 5
 Ken  Irwin October 2 2012 4
 Rick  Kempfer October 2 2012 4
 Larry  Larrimer October 2 2012 4
 Linda  Fisher October 3 2011 5
 Christy  Gariety October 3 2011 5
 Cristlyn  Johnston October 4 2010 6
 Val  Huff October 7 2004 12

Sergeants at Arms

Larry Lynde Dead battery
Dan Beck Last table to eat at install dinner
Greg Fay Haunted trail location ???
Scott Langer Arrived late and won the “Scott Langer Award” named after him
Joe Madden No lines on attendance form
Anyone Without 50 50 ticket
Barbara Santo Badge missing
Cherie Gentry Subliminal message on badge KISS (Kindness Is Something Simple)

Happy Bucks!

Julie Walling Honor Mike Bevis for memberships
Myron Rheaume For CNO being a distunguished club and chartering the Sinclair College club
Bob Burkman Carol returning home from KMC
Jack Ackerman Acknowledging the Kettering Dor-Wood Club’s sponsorship of CNO back in 1968

CNO Featured in International Optimist Magazine

Our own Centerville Noon Optimist Club is featured in the Fall Edition of The Optimist – the worldwide magazine published by Optimist International.  Recognized for our award-winning Reel Optimism Video submission in 2016, It’s Not What We Do – It’s Why We Do It our club has gained international attention for our support of Youth in the local community.  The three-minute club showcase video can be seen here:

[youtube ]

As the first- place award winner, our club earned a $1,500 grant from Optimist International to support our local kids.  Our 250 + members all were the stars of the production that highlights our major fundraisers and many activities to “Bring Out the Best In Our Kids and Ourselves” such as scholarships, free youth events and donations to local youth programs.

The Article in The Optimist Magazine can be viewed here:

Download (PDF, 932KB)


Sinclair College Optimist Club is OFFICIAL!

Miami Valley’s newest Optimist Club is now OFFICIAL – On Wednesday September 28th, the Sinclair College Optimist Club held its charter meeting with thirteen members in attendance.  The club is off and running – with officers elected, by-laws approved, future meetings scheduled and ideas for first club projects under consideration.  Centerville Noon Optimist’s past President, Myron Rheaume, was in attendance in his new role as Lt. Governor, as well as Darrel Basford, who represented Optimist International during the charter meeting and installed the club officers and board of directors.  The charter members of the area’s new Optimist Club are very excited about the formation of their club and anxious to begin serving local youth.  The Centerville Noon Optimist Club – who sponsored the Sinclair College Optimist Club extends its hand in support and wishes all of the charter members all of the best as they begin their journey in Optimism for our kids.


About Our Members – Why Not Join us?

Thank you for your interest in the Noon Optimist Club of Centerville. If you are already a member, thank you. You are one of more than 200 members who understand the need to “Bring Out the Best in Kids!” You are involved in many of the club’s activities and events and know the Optimist Creed by heart. Centerville Noon Optimists get things accomplished in our community. We set examples and embrace an optimistic mindset for all to see. We display leadership skills and working relationships locally, regionally and nationally. We reach out and help young people.

Please join us any Tuesday for a free lunch at noon at Yankee Trace Golf Clubhouse. Our meetings are always fun and informative. Having a tough day and need a little “Optimism?” See you next Tuesday! You will be a stranger for all of five seconds.

Unable to join us at Lunch on Tuesdays?  Optimist 2.0 is for you. We meet every third Thursday at various local venues to enjoy 60-90 minutes of fun, networking, a guest speaker and an opportunity to join a group of folks dedicated to helping local kids. Information on Optimist 2.0 is here.

We‘d love to have you join us! Please use the  application form from this website to apply for membership or call 937-221-6720.

Our mission is to enhance the quality of life for the youth in our community – why not have your name listed below,  with our current club members, whose combined service to the youth of our community totals over 2,700 years!

Member Member Since
Gail Aiken 09/08/1993
Gary Aiken 06/01/1982
Gary Anderson 09/01/1979
John Anderson 02/16/2016
Nancy Anderson 10/17/2017
Diane Arehart 07/05/2016
Patrick Arehart 10/17/2017
Marjorie Back 07/20/2016
Christine Balsan 11/21/2013
Roy Barclay 07/01/1986
Robert Bargmeyer 07/17/2014
Amy Barker 05/26/2008
Ben Barlow 11/21/2017
Marilyn Becht 11/20/2016
Daniel Beck 12/01/1981
Thomas Beery 07/17/2014
Pat Behn 08/05/2003
Erin Belangia-Sanchez 01/31/2006
Michael Bevis 01/15/2002
Stephen Blake 11/03/2015
Paul Boeckman 12/09/1994
Harry Bossey 02/17/1994
Wayne Botkin 02/10/2009
Paul Bowell 05/08/2000
Dav Bremer 03/31/2001
Louis Brinkman 02/17/1995
David Brookman 07/27/2011
Jeffrey Brown 03/25/2015
Michael Brubaker 10/28/2008
Sue Brubaker 09/23/2008
Carol Burkman 05/31/2003
Robert Burkman 05/21/2003
Jeff Busch 08/31/2001
Willard Cale 01/01/1976
Aaron Campbell 10/20/2009
Steve Campbell 10/20/2009
John Carroll 01/03/2012
Laura Caschera 02/18/1997
Edward Case 04/01/2009
Mark Casey 02/17/2010
Stephanie Catanzaro 10/03/2017
CeAnn Chalker 07/10/2000
Wayne Christie 06/01/1988
Wesley Cleaves 06/22/1993
Robert Clements 05/25/2005
Tim Clemmer 11/16/2001
Julie Cochran 11/19/2009
Robert Collins 02/21/2014
Brooks Compton 09/30/1994
Joan Cordonnier 03/22/2008
Denver Cottle 09/20/2015
Greg Crabtree 07/02/2008
Bill DeFries 11/23/2004
Gary DeMarco 01/20/2016
Judy DeMarco 02/27/1998
Frank DePalma 09/01/1979
Melissa DeShurko 05/18/2011
William DeShurko 09/14/2016
Andy Devito 07/16/2013
Charles Dickerson 05/01/1977
Shelby DiPasquale 10/17/2017
Debe Dockins 05/26/2009
Craig Dring 05/07/1997
Robert Duffy 01/01/1988
Beth Duncan 11/20/2016
Natalie King Dunlevey 05/16/2012
Chris Dwenger 12/01/2009
Chris Elrod 05/18/2011
Larry England 11/17/1994
Mike Fanelli 10/22/2003
Greg Fay 04/03/2014
Ryan Fay 10/17/2017
Jane Fiehrer 02/27/1998
Robert Foster 10/22/2003
Anita Foster-Polizzi 10/17/2017
Jon Fox 11/20/2000
Laura Franklin 07/19/2017
Mercdes Franklin 10/17/2017
Stanley Fronzaglia 04/19/1999
Karl Frydryk 10/01/1988
Liz Fultz 11/29/2015
Cindy Gaboury 11/21/2017
David Gaines 02/20/2013
Jesse Gaither 10/08/2016
Christy Gariety 10/03/2011
Bill Gaul 09/20/2016
Cherie Gentry 06/17/2015
Kelly George 05/20/2015
Robert Glavin 03/12/1993
Renee Glenn 02/05/2014
Dennis Glidden 09/24/2005
Rachel Goetz 01/31/2013
Robin Golden 07/04/2012
Charles Goodwin 10/28/2008
Denise Green 06/19/2013
Evelyn Griffin 10/21/2015
Greg Griffin 04/03/2014
Gary Hansen 06/30/1999
Shawna Hatton 08/23/2016
Sara Hemmeter 07/01/2014
Tom Henderson 10/20/2009
Dean Heyne 09/14/2016
Jay Hoffman 05/15/2017
John Horner 02/17/2010
Valorie Huff 10/07/2004
Russell Hulbert 02/20/2013
Ted Humphrey 11/29/2001
Art Hung 11/16/2001
Donna Huss 04/24/2012
Kenneth Irwin 10/02/2012
Martha Jackson 11/21/2013
Robert Johnson 11/21/2017
Cristlyn Johnston 10/04/2010
Robert Jones 03/31/2001
John Kalaman 11/20/2016
Paula Kalaman 11/20/2016
Maha Kashani 08/15/2006
David Kay 05/08/1992
Todd Kelchner 01/30/1992
Donald Kelley 04/01/1983
Rick Kempfer 10/02/2012
Anne Kessler 08/29/2002
Jessica King 10/28/2008
Mark Kingseed 03/01/2001
E David Klein 11/21/2013
Kathy Klein 08/05/2016
Stephen Kohls 03/14/2003
Joseph Kronenberger 07/01/2014
Patricia Kuhlman 02/08/2011
Jeff Kujawa 01/22/2015
Tzuling Kuo 04/16/2014
Heather Kuth 05/19/2010
David Ladd 05/16/2012
Thomas Lakes 07/19/2017
Scott Langer 12/30/1997
Larry Larrimer 10/02/2012
Michael Laughter 11/21/2017
Robert Lawson 02/17/2016
Richard Lee 01/18/2017
Nancy Lehren 11/17/1994
Jesse Lightle 11/28/2006
Bryan Link 10/03/2017
W Anthony Lombardo 05/20/2015
James Long 07/27/2015
Melissa Lucas 11/29/2015
Larry Lynde 09/01/1988
Joseph Madden 05/01/1982
Mary Madden 08/26/1998
William Marker 05/18/2011
Don Massie 08/20/1991
Gregory McAfee 01/07/2008
Chris McAlpine 01/27/2009
Jay McAlpine 10/17/2017
Vida McDowell 04/19/1999
Kristopher McKee 03/22/2017
Andrew Mckenzie 09/01/1987
Rhonda Meeker 11/21/2017
Diane Mescher 03/09/1999
Keith Meyer 10/16/2013
Gary Miller 08/23/2005
Pamela Miller 01/18/2017
Carrie Million 10/21/2015
Stephen Mock 07/19/1996
James Mogan 10/08/2016
Brent Moore 07/05/2016
Paulette Novak 05/25/2005
Tom Novak 12/13/1990
Denise O’Neil 09/30/1994
Blanca Ortiz 04/16/2014
Jeff Papanek 07/17/2014
Eleanor Parker 02/08/2011
Daniel Passidomo 04/25/2007
Kristen Passidomo 08/16/2017
Ken Peacock 08/31/2001
Mark Petre 04/22/1996
Molly Petsch 04/06/2004
Samuel Pfabe 06/17/2015
Frederick Pfeiffer 08/21/2013
Laurie Poeppelman 10/22/2003
Fred Polizzi 08/09/2005
Bill Powell 10/22/2014
John Powell 09/29/1999
Jean Pummill 10/17/2012
Kristina Rainer 11/21/2012
Mandy Ransdell 10/08/2016
Roland Rapp 12/10/2002
Cheryl Reichel 05/26/2008
Vincent Reidy 04/05/2016
Lynne Reilly 01/18/2017
Charla Rheaume 02/27/2014
Myron Rheaume 08/01/1987
Scott Rheaume 02/27/2014
Harry Rife 05/22/2013
Donna Robinson 07/28/1997
Philip Robinson 04/01/1982
Jeff Rolf 05/20/2015
James Rumford 01/01/1990
Daniel Samiec 04/06/2010
Rafael Santillan 05/18/2016
Barbara Santo 03/09/1999
Deborah Saunders 10/08/2016
James Schumacher 05/22/1991
Rachel Selby 10/08/2016
Anna Sexton 11/21/2017
John Sherman 07/24/2009
Sharon Silverberg 11/21/2017
Sonny Singhvi 10/17/2017
Karen Sirmans 10/28/2008
Don Skelton 09/01/1987
Gary Smiga 12/01/1985
Gregory Smith 10/17/2007
Matt Somerlot 08/21/2013
Joe Soucy 04/16/2014
John Speers 01/07/2008
Jerry Stahley 09/01/1986
Richard Stevens 02/28/2001
Sandy Stevens 02/17/2010
Kelly Stone 02/28/2001
William Stone 04/01/2013
Paul Stull 01/01/1970
Tim Stull 05/01/1987
Patrick Swan 04/24/2012
Richard Talda 11/21/2017
Charles Tapp 05/01/1978
Roberta Taylor 12/06/1995
Shawn Thacker 01/18/2017
Ira Thomsen 04/05/1991
Susan Thomsen 01/14/1997
Ron Tinnerman 04/11/2005
Deb Ulrich 01/18/2017
Sarah Umbreit 02/17/2016
Bob Vogt 11/08/2005
Stephen Walker 09/28/1998
Michael Wall 09/26/1995
Julie Walling Noeth 08/20/2008
Greg Wasmund 01/25/2007
Paul Webendorfer 07/05/2016
Jayne Weikel 11/21/2017
Ronald Weir 09/26/1995
Donald Wildenhaus 09/30/1997
Shane Wilken 03/14/2003
Joseph Willhoite 03/01/1989
Bill Williams 09/20/1993
Mike Witt 04/26/1994
Michael Yoder 01/22/2014
Chris Ziehler 02/26/2017
Monty Zinck 10/20/2009

Speaker Topic – Meeting Date

Pictures from today’s meeting can be found here:

Today’s Speaker
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Welcome Guests!

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[Guest Name] guest of [Member Name]

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[Guest Name] guest of [Member Name]

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Sergeants at Arms
[Member Name] for [infraction]
[Member Name] for [infraction]
[Member Name] for [infraction]

Happy Bucks
[Member name] for [happy buck reason]

Members Birthdays this Week
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Club Membership Anniversaries this Week
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Americana Festival Recognizes Optimists for Providing Flags

The Americana Festival Leadership Team recently expressed their thanks to our club for providing the American Flags for the Parade Grand Marshal’s Reception.  “On behalf of the City of Centerville and the Americana Festival, thank you for providing our flags for our Grand Marshal’s Reception.  Having the US flags proudly displayed provided the perfect setting for our new program which honors our country’s birth and independence.” stated Maureen Russell Hodgson, Centerville Community Resources Coordinator.

The Centerville Noon Optimist Club’s Avenue of Flags program is a terrific way to show your patriotism on five flag holidays every year, where we place an American Flag at your Centerville or Washington Township home or business.  For more Avenue of Flags information:

Centerville Noon Optimist Club Wins Top International Award for Club Showcase Video

Our Centerville Noon Optimist Club was recently selected as the GRAND PRIZE WINNER of the Optimist International 2016 “Reel Optimism” Video contest!  Our club showcase video entitled It’s Not What We Do It’s Why We Do it was shown to over 1,000 global Optimist International Convention Attendees in Quebec City and took top honors – and a $1,500 Club Grant for our local kids!


Additionally, our club took first place in the “Braggers Hall of Fame” where Optimist clubs are invited to present club projects to the convention attendees, for our presentation  that featured information on our fundraisers and community activities.

Our award-winning club showcase video (3 minutes) can be seen here:


Optimists Donation of “Rides 4 Kids” at Dayton Children’s Enhances Kids Treatment Experience

The Centerville Noon Optimist Club delivered five wagons and five push carts to Dayton Children’s Hospital recently.  This was the second donation of wagons and push carts which are used to transport children into and out of the hospital as well as between their rooms and test labs.  “The wagons and push carts improve the experience for the kids and make transporting them less frightening” said Myron Rheaume, President of the Centerville Optimist Club.  Rheaume commented further, “We have a long history of supporting Dayton Children’s with a previous donation of wagons and carts, hosting Free Build a Bear events, as well as making a $25,000 gift to support a place for kids in the new hospital expansion project that is nearing completion.”
“We are so grateful for this wonderful donation from the Centerville Noon Optimist Club! Your generosity continues to make a positive difference in the lives of the young patients we serve.” stated Jill Lewis, Dayton Children’s Donator Relations Specialist who accepted the gift on behalf of the hospital.
Mr. Rheaume gives the credit to the local community for supporting the club: “We do what we do because we believe our children are our future – without the support of our local community purchasing Christmas Trees at our tree lot, or subscribing to our Avenue of Flags or participating in our Tee Off for Youth Golf Outing, none of this would be possible.”
The Centerville Noon Optimist Club, founded in 1968, is a volunteer service club whose motto is “Friend of Youth”.   The Club meets for lunch every Tuesday at twelve noon at Yankee Trace Golf Course Clubhouse for lunch and members of the public are invited to attend to see what the club is all about.

Optimists Host Free Build a Bear Event for Kids Fighting Cancer at Dayton Children’s

The Centerville Noon Optimist Club hosted a Free Build a Bear Event on Thursday May 26, 2016 at Dayton Children’s Hospital for kids fighting cancer and their families.  Our sponsor – BILL’S DONUT SHOP (yes THAT Bill’s Donuts) sponsored the evening.  Chik-Fil-A and Mike-Sell’s also helped to make the event possible and the kids had a blast.  Photos of the evening can be found here:!52047&authkey=!ALxw07g4G7C8KtQ&ithint=folder%2cjpg