Noon Meeting News – April 11, 2017 – Scott Halasz – Sportswriter

Phather Phil’s Prayer – through Mary’s Eyes

Won’t You Let Me Pass – I’m Looking For My Child:
My eyes behold a dream. It cannot be as I perceive.
Yet many times he’s hinted thusly, hinted our hearts soon would grieve. There is a chance they won’t condemn him. Condemn him? Why? What has he done? Surely ’twas a parable he told us. Oh, my handsome son. What has happened? I hear voices screaming. Shouting. “Crucify” Oh Father, No! Not that. I beg you! Did I raise him just to die? Wait. he’s gone! Oh no, where is he? Have you seen my precious son? Closed my eyes a second: now I don’t know what they have done. “Won’t you let me thru? I’m looking for my child. Please let me pass.” Up ahead, oh no, there’s soldiers marching in a muddled mass. Whose that man I see? It can’t be. No, it cannot be my child! Bent and burdened – now he’s fallen. bloody, dirty, cursed, defiled! Almost there – I cannot look. My God! My God! It is my Boy!
My little one, what have they done? How could they? Oh! My life my joy! Your little tousled locks, now scarlet. Your knees are torn. Your back is bleeding.
“Don’t hold me back! Let me go to him. It’s his mother now he’s needing.” “Yes, you’re right. I’ll dry my tears.” His pain could not endure my sadness. Yet, how much can I control before I pass to utter sadness. He’s almost here. I must stay back; I cannot help him now, I know Oh, broken mothers heart, be silent! I must be strong. It must not show. His eyes are searching- now he has found me. What’s that I See? A little smile? He thinks of me thru all His torment. Only God could bear this trial. Yet, I must bear it too, my Jesus, for I know twas meant to be.
Only, You, my dearest Son could pay the price to set men free. Amen!

by Mrs. James Ross – Kettering, Ohio

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Today’s Guests

Guest Guest Of
Scott Halasz Speaker
Ron Duncan Beth Lybrook
Cheryl Probst Christine Balsan

2017-2018 Club Officer Nominations

President Elect Donna Huss
Vice President Greg Griffin
Vice President David Ladd
Two-Year Board Member Liz Fulz
Two-Year Board Member Gary Hansen
Two-Year Board Member Bob Lawson
Two-Year Board Member Don Massie
Two-Year Board Member Roland Rapp
One-Year Board Member Jack Anderson

Today’s Speaker

Scott Halasz joined us on Tuesday’s meeting to brush us all up on our knowledge of Dayton’s sports teams. He works a lot with the Greene County newspapers dealing with both sports and other local stories. He believes Dayton is one of the best areas for sports and says they wouldn’t thrive as well if we had a pro sports team in the area.

A few neat facts that Scott presented:

  • UD arena has hosted 117 NCA sports games
  • Dayton has the top 30 in attendance in the country
  • Wright State University has 4-5,000 that attend every game

A couple other quick tidbits Scott shared were:

  • CHS and other area high schools have great fan support
  • Luke Kennard is ready for the NBA and he will probably be a late round pick
  • He assumes if the Cincinnati Reds rebuild and change personnel they have the possibility to be a great team in a few years


Member Birthday
Stephen Kohls April 12
Casey Howard April 15
Anne Kessler April 15
Elie Parker April 16
Carol Burkman April 16

Membership Anniversaries

 Ron  Tinnerman April 11 2005 12
 Sue  Kuo April 16 2014 3
 Blanca  Ortiz April 16 2014 3
 Joe  Soucy April 16 2014 3

New Member Readings and Inductions

Name Sponsor 1st 2nd 3rd Reading or Induction
Kris McKee Greg Griffin Induction
Sheri Howard Mike Bevis 3rd Reading

Sergeants at Arms 

Member Infraction
Charlie Tapp Fined for inconvenient scheduling
Larry Lynde Giving a future member a hard time
Kris McKee and Kelly George Fined for being late
Pat Behn “Pat you can’t count on weather report 4 days out? That isn’t very Optimistic”
Dan Beck Disrupting a sergeant’s vacation last week
Joe Madden Fined for wearing short and subjecting us to “those” legs
Barbara Santos Her “lost” badge that was replaced with club funds, was found just as the new badge arrived
David Ladd Fined for the wearing a Hawaiian shirt
Bob Duffy Fined for eating dessert and it wasn’t his birthday

 Happy Bucks!

Tom Novak DayAir holds 30 people for AOF
Pam Miller Dad is out of the hospital
Dan Beck Finally moving to Columbus to be closer to family, but will be commuting to Optimist and work for a while
Joe Madden Happy he doesn’t shop for shirts where “they” do. (Two members had the same shirt on)
Mike Bevis Knows Dan Beck’s neighbor and said he’s happy he’s moving!
Tom Beery Celebrating his recovery from esophageal cancer – this resulted in a huge ovation from fellow Optimists
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