Noon Meeting News – August 15, 2017 Will Cale Scholarship Winners

Phather Phil’s Prayer

Heavenly Father, when we lose someone we know whether it is a friend or family member our heart aches at the loss. With regret we hurt because we didn’t get to tell them how much we love them or how much they have meant to us for just being them. Lord give us the wisdom to always thank another for all they have meant to us, for we never know when the last chance will be to reap the joy of giving. Amen!

Photos from the meeting

Today’s Guests

Guest Guest Of
Jim August Mike Bevis
Cameron Barber Student Honoree
Michelle Barber Tom Novak
Kathy Beck Dan Beck
Dominick Benincasa Student Honoree
Jen Benincasa Student Honoree
Hunter Busch Jeff Busch’s Son
Eli Damron Student Honoree
Garret Eichlin Will’s Grandson
Cindy Harris Ron Tinnerman
Ashley Long Student Honoree
Brent Morgan Student’s Father
Kelsey Sizemore Student’s Family
David Student Honoree

Today’s Speaker

1st Joe Madden recognized Pat Behn as our distinguished past Lt. Governor for zone 14.

Dan Beck talked about the Will Cale scholarships and how the recipients are chosen. He acknowledged the committee and Will Cale’s 50 years in education and his contribution.

Tom Novak and Gail Aiken mentor Cameron Barber who was introduced with his family.

Will Cale and his wife, Sylvia mentor Eli Damron who was introduced with his parents.

Gary Hansen and Joan Cordonnier mentor Dominick Benincasa who was unable to join us today.

Dan and Kathy Beck mentor Ashley Long who was introduced with a guest.

Kathy Beck introduced Kelsey Sizemore, a past Will Cale recipient and success story.


Member Birthday
Greg Wasmund August 15
Gail Aiken August 17
Susan Thomsen August 20
Stephen Walker August 21

Membership Anniversaries

Member Joined # Years
Maha Kashani 08/15/2006 11
David Brookman 08/16/2011 6
Cristlyn Johnston 08/17/2010 7
Don Massie 08/20/1991 26

New Member Readings and Inductions

None this week.

Sergeants at Arms

Member Infraction
Hunter Busch Looking too much like his Dad
Charlie Tapp Returning from Italy knowing only “Prego” in Italian
Bill and Kelly Stone Running out on fines last week
Jesse Gaither Printing a copy of the Visitors Welcome Guide  upside down
Rachel Shelby 2nd fine, no reason

Happy Bucks!

Member Reason
Gary Smiga Won  golf game as team against other CNO team
Phather Phil Birth of 1st great granddaughter, also has 5 great grandsons
Myron Rheaume 52nd Anniversary with Charla
John Kalaman Paula doing well after surgery
Joan Cordonnier Mom in nice memory care unit