Noon Meeting News – May 30, 2017 – Memorial Scholarship and Educator of the Year Awards

Phather Phil’s Prayer

Heavenly Father, like the Grinch, I thought of something I never thought of before. Least we continue our complacent ways. Help us to remember that somewhere out there a man died for us today. As long as there is war,
we must ask and answer, “Are we worth dying for?” What did we do to receive this gift of freedom? The soldier didn’t know us nor we him or her How did the word “freedom” become so powerful? Only by losing it could we find out. A lesson we don’t want to learn. Too many of us vote and then sit on our hands and close our mouths. Being a patriot is more than raising the flag or singing the National Anthem. It’s coming together to do what is best for all and preserve the precepts of our founding Fathers. When we value privilege above principal we will lose both! Our elected officials need our input. We can not just think Optimistically. We need to act Optimistically. Lord, help us do our part for that soldier out there that did his part. Amen!

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Today’s Guests

Guest Guest Of
Jessica Barton Award Recipient
Jim Barton Awardee’s Guest
Melissa Barton Awardee’s Guest
Alexandria Bollinger Award Recipient
Bronson Bollinger Awardee’s Guest
Kayla Bollinger Awardee’s Guest
Trent Bollinger Awardee’s Guest
Adrienne Freccero Award Recipient
Brian Freccero Awardee’s Guest
Jessica Freccero Awardee’s Guest
Clint Freese Ron Tinnerman
Clay Schiebrel Awardee’s Guest
Kevin Schiebrel Awardee’s Guest
Melanie Schiebrel Awardee’s Guest
Dan Slouffman John Speers
Tom Stauffer Ellie Parker
Jan Awardee’s Guest
Laurel Awardee’s Guest

Today’s Speaker

First, Gary Anderson explained eligibility for and past recipients of the Outstanding Teacher Award. Glen Freese told the club about Sherry Kim, beloved English teacher at Tower Heights middle school. She spoke briefly thanking CNO for the award.

Second, Gary Smiga  introduced 3 students from CHS as recipients of CNO’s Memorial Scholarships which are awarded to students in honor of deceased club members.

Alexandria Bollinger with a 3.89 GPA, planning to attend Brigham Young University.

Jessica Barton with a 4.496 GPA, planning to attend Cedarville University.

Adrianne Freccero with a 3.91 GPA, planning to attend University of Dayton.

President Larry Lynde presented each student with a $ 1500.00 check, CNO gave a standing ovation to the students.


Member Birthday
Tzuling Kuo May 31
Mike Witt June 01
Shawna Hatton June 01
Mark Kingseed June 03
Larry Larrimer June 04
Dick Stevens June 05

Membership Anniversaries

Member Month Day # Years
Steve Fenstemaker May 31 16
Gary Aiken June 1 35
Greg Crabtree June 1 9
Wayne Christie June 1 29
Blanca Ortiz June 3 3

New Member Readings and Inductions

Name Sponsor 1st 2nd 3rd Reading or Induction
Ashley Morgan Joe Madden 2nd reading
Chris Ziehler Bob Collins Induction

Sergeants at Arms 

No time for sergeants this week.

 Happy Bucks!

Tom Novak For 116 helpers for AOF
Beth Lybrook For her great Social Committee
Don Kelley For icy slush on his car at graduation in Colorado

Dave Kay

For an offspring graduating from Cornell and having a job so they are off the “Kay Payroll “ as of Monday
Vince Reidy For a 7 month old granddaughter coming to visit
John Speers For a 5th grade graduation
Bob Duffy For graduations in Colorado
Myron Rheaume For veterans in CNO and all Veterans
Stan Fronzaglia For driving to DC where his grandson placed a wreath on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
Ron Tinnerman For being introduced to a neighbor and potential new member


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