Noon Meeting News – October 3, 2017 – Community Champion Award Presented to Tiffany and Greg Moehl

Phather Phil’s Prayer

This week – instead of leading our prayer – Phather Phil again is in need of our prayers…  

Phather Phil had a biopsy on his bladder recently and is home resting.  We hope to see him soon with prayers for better days. David Ladd led the club in prayer,  with an addition of a prayer for Phather Phil himself.

Photos from the meeting

Today’s Guests

Guest Guest Of
Patty Ackerman Tom Novak
Lisa Hansford Mike Fanelli
Claire Kerr Ron Tinnerman
Michael Laughter Vince Reidy
Tony Miltenberger Judy DeMarco
Greg Moehl Honoree
Judy Moehl Judy DeMarco
Tiffany Moehl Honoree
Anna Sexton Greg Griffin
Sharon Silverberg Robin Golden
Jim Tremlett Pat Behn
Suzanne Werts Ron Tinnerman
Sarah Williams Speaker

Today’s Speaker

Presentation of the 2017 Community Champion Award was introduced by Judy DeMarco who told us that we recognize unsung heroes. Gary Anderson  then introduced Pastor Tony Miltenberger of Centerville United Methodist Church who praised Greg and Tiffany Moehl for the work they have done establishing a food bank at the United Methodist Church. The Food Bank serves over 300 families in our area. Greg and Tiffany received a standing ovation.

Greg Fay introduced our speaker Sarah Williams from Hannah’s Treasure Chest. She told us they have grown and now have 65 core volunteers and serve over 5,600 families. She told us about their new diaper program and in serving basic needs they consider themselves a hand up not a handout. To adopt a child or a family for Christmas visit the Hannah’s Treasure Chest Website.



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Diane Arehart September 26
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Michael Wall September 26 09/26/1995 22
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Bryan Link Jean Pummill Induction

Sergeants at Arms

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Happy Bucks!

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