Noon Meeting News – January 10, 2017 – Neil Sullivan – UD Athletic Director

Phather Phil’s Prayer

Heavenly Father, help us greet the new year with a happy spirit. Their are few things that will raise the spirit of Optimism like a good belly laugh. I think we all have experienced the time when we laughed so hard a tear ran down our leg. Yet, we still throw ourselves a pity party from time to time. At these times Lord help us to return to the music of the soul and learn to laugh at ourselves. There is nothing that will chase the blues away like a
good belly laugh even when a tear runs down our leg. Amen!

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Today’s Guests

Guest Guest Of
Sheri Howard Mike Bevis
Neil Sullivan Dan Beck
Heather Wang Gary Smiga
Bill Westbeld Jean Pummill

Today’s Speaker

Todays special guest speaker was the University of Daytons athletic director, Neil Sullivan, who lives in Waynesville with his wife and 3 children.  He began by thanking Bill and Kelly Stone for being such amazing supporters, but feeling sorry for them since they happen to be in Florida in January. He discussed the “pay to play” for the athletes at UD and some of the legal issues that arise with that subject. It becomes complicated when they need to determine what they should reimburse the students and/or parents back for and what not to. He spoke about what UD faces with a small budget, comparatively speaking, to other top 30 Division 1 teams that play for a shot at the final four tournament. He spoke of the macro economic conditions they deal with, such as bettering the 1969 arena for the nation, which lacks A/C and is outdated, but still keeping it a classic area for the city of Dayton.

Update on Memorial Scholarship Recipient – Heather Wang

Heather Wang, a recipient of our club’s Memorial Scholarship, joined us for lunch today – and as Gary Smiga told us: Heather was eligible for and received educational assistance renewal due to her 3.67 GPA freshman year at Yale University, while working on her Bachelor of Arts degree. She mentored younger students, volunteered at the local soup kitchen, joined the administrative board of Volunteers Around the World, volunteered at YHack, and the Science Olympiad. She participated and supported musical groups on campus and is a violinist. Heather has received a check from us for $1,500 that will help towards her tuition, fees, or book expenses for the 2016-2017 year.  Congratulations Heather – who hails from our own Centerville High School – we are so very proud of you!

 Birthdays This Week 

Don Massie



Ron Weir January 11
Bill Williams January 11
Joe Soucy January 12
Bob Jones January 13
Bob Duffy January 15
Bill Powell January 15
Barbara Santo January 17

Membership Anniversaries

None this week.

New Member Readings and Inductions

Name Sponsor 1st 2nd 3rd Reading or Induction
Lynne Reilly Phather Phil 2nd Reading
Deb Ulrich Mike Bevis 2nd Reading
Dick Lee Mike Brubaker Induction

Sergeants at Arms

Member(s) Infraction
Right around half the room, if not more… Anybody not wearing an Optimist pin

Happy Bucks!

Mike Bevis Thank you to Ellie Parker for donating the mattress and box spring to a local family from Chevy Chase apartments that lost their home in a fire. Thank you to Bob Bargmeyer for helping move those items into the apartment.
Bob Bargmeyer Thank you to Ellie and Mike for helping, the family was living in an apartment that was 42 degrees due to the furnace being broken.
Cherie Gentrie Got through Christmas time, did Toys for Tots and survived! Feeling older in January due to having two of her kid’s birthdays occurring: turning 29 and 23, and has a 6 year old grandchild