Noon Meeting News – August 8, 2017 WHIO-TV News Anchor James Brown

Phather Phil’s Prayer

Heavenly Father there are times when we discover we can’t do something without Your help. Then we come to You in earnest prayer. Being an impatient lot, after a while we may feel our prayers were not answered. That’s when we need to realize You did answer by not giving us what we wanted. Sometimes not getting what we want is a stroke of luck. Help us Lord to first count our blessings to make us realize we have all we need. Amen!

Photos from the meeting

Today’s Guests

Guest Guest Of
Johnny Acampora Fred Polizzi
James Brown Speaker
Dave Fairs Dick Lee
Angie Larrick Marge Back
Dave Reichard Jesse Gaither




Today’s Speaker

Dave Kay gave us a humorous introduction to our speaker, James Brown of WHIO-TV  Channel 7 News.  We were given a demonstration of Sky 7 a drone technology device used for news gathering, photos and videos. Operators of the drone must be licensed pilots.  Brown then discussed politics and people’s reluctance to talk about the subject; however, he observed that cable news is driven by politics. Local news is highly trusted whereas national news is in doubt about its partisanship. Channel 7 receives 81% of local viewers, Brown advised us to check web news sources and to be critical. Lively questions and thunderous applause followed.


Member Birthday
Andy Devito August 09
Judy DeMarco August 10
Art Hung August 10
Paul Stull August 11
Larry Lynde August 12
Fred Polizzi August 13
Vincent Reidy August 14

Membership Anniversaries

Member Month Day Joined # Years
Fred Polizzi August 9 08/09/2005 12
Maha Kashani August 15 08/15/2006 11

New Member Readings and Inductions

Name Sponsor 1st 2nd 3rd Reading or Induction
Laura Franklin Ron Tinnerman Induction

Tuesday August 15th, we will gather at the Margaret Barclay shelter in the Yankee St. park. Our program that day will recognize Will Cale scholarship recipients.

Sergeants at Arms

Member Infraction
Dick Lee On Dick Stevens “drill team” for AOF new flags assembly
Larry Lynde For messing up the wording of the induction (Larry did it by memory since he last the paper with the induction statements on it
Pat Behn OCD ( obsessive compulsive disorder )
Kelly Stone Away too long
Bill Stone Away too long
Bob Bargmeyer Away too long
Gary Smiga Being last in Euchre

Happy Bucks!

Member Reason
Bob Bargmeyer Returned  from trip to Madison Connecticut .and birth of their 6th grandchild, a girl
Greg Griffin 30th anniversary  with wife, Evelyn is TODAY!
Beth Lybrook Joe Madden’s help with Euchre