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Erin Dickerson’s Prayer


When we turn on the news, the radio, or open our internet browser, we are inundated with news of a world burning with violence and hatred.  While, in the words of Billy Joel, “it was always burning since the worlds been turning”, it feels as if more is being done to fan the flames than put them out.  We let our worries and fears pull us apart rather than push us together and closer to You.  Lord, help us to turn those worries and fears into prayers, not only for ourselves, but for one another and the world around us.



  • The youth event Tri-Star Basketball will be held on March 12, 2022 at Watts Middle School. The event needs 16 volunteers in each of two shifts (8 AM-10 AM  and 10 AM – 12 PM). You can work one or both shifts. Please contact Craig Dring, Scott Langer or Gary Hansen if you can help.
  • Washington Centerville’s Got Talent is accepting video submissions until 4/7/2022 from kids aged 4-18. Only the first 30 applicants will be accepted. The prize money for places 1-3 are $500, $250 and $100. An in-person FINALE of the top 10 chosen will be held in the Central Theater at Centerville High School on 5/4/2022 at 6:30 PM.
  • Gary Hansen, the chair of the Will Cale Scholarship Committee, announced that this program needs CNO volunteers to be mentors to the 3-6 students who will receive $1000/semester for up to 6 semesters while attending Sinclair Community College. The scholarships are given directly to the student for fees that typical scholarships and grants do not help with. These students have additional challenges like transportation to and from Sinclair or access to healthy food. Mentors help keep students on track to complete their associates degree from Sinclair.
  • Jesse Gaither announced that the next CNO 2.0 meeting will be on 3/17/2022 at Heavier than Air Brewing Company in Centerville. The speaker will be Alexis Gomez. Alexis made it to the final 6 of American Idol. She splits her time living in Dayton and Nashville.
  • Jerry Stahley. Co-chair of the Junior Golf Tournament, said a lot of volunteers are needed to help with the qualifying round on June 6, 2022 at Yankee Trace. There will be 18 qualifying junior golfers from our area that will go to the international junior golf tournament in Florida.
  • Evelyn Griffin and Stan Fronzaglia announced that applications for Skilled Trade Scholarships have been emailed to Guidance Counselors at Centerville High School and The School of Possibilities. The deadline for submission is April 1, 2022.
  • Gary Smiga announced that the Memorial Educational Assistance Scholarship applications are due by 4/1/2022. The award is $2000 and renewable for one more year. Five new scholarships will be awarded. The qualifications for our Educational Assistance award are:
    • Be a graduating high school senior that will be attending a college/university offering a two or four-year degree upon the completion of an accredited program.
    • Be a resident of Centerville or Washington Township.
    • Have a strong record of participation in community service activities.
    • Possess a financial need as affirmed by the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).

Committee Meetings

  • 3/16/2022, 6 PM, Tom Frazier Tee Off for Youth Golf Classic 2022. Meetings in 2022 will be on Wednesdays on 1/26, 2/16, 3/16, 4/20, 5/18, 6/15, 7/13. Additional golf committee members and volunteers are always welcome. The event will be held on 7/18/2022.

David Burrows, Jr, Dayton Development Coalition

Jesse Lightle introduced David Burrows, Jr, the VP of Engagement at the Dayton Development Coalition (DDC). Burrows was born and raised in Englewood and currently resides in Troy with his family.

About Dave Burrows from the DDC website:

Dave Burrows is the Vice President of Engagement. Dave has 25 years of professional experience ranging from manufacturing to executive leadership in both the public and private sectors. Dave previously spent over four years with the DDC as Vice President of Economic Development Programs. Dave was instrumental in the development of JobsOhio at the DDC. Read more….

You can view the slide deck of his presentation here.

The DDC Helps Companies Grow

From their website:

The Dayton Region specializes in scientific breakthroughs that work their way into the everyday fabric of our world. Every time you board an airplane, start your car, or pop open a can of craft beer, you connect to the Dayton Region’s culture of innovation. We dream big, then we find a way to make that dream come alive. We once built it from wood and fabric; today we build it from advanced composites and carbon fiber. We create a network of fiber and data like no other in the world.

About the DDC

Vision: Where are we going?

To drive an economic development engine for the Dayton Region that is nationally recognized.

Mission, Why do we exist?

To recruit, expand, and retain jobs in the Dayton Region.

DDC Core Values

  • Service
  • Leadership
  • Collaboration
  • Integrity
  • Catalyst
  • Inclusive

Some Details About the DDC from Burrows’ Presentation:

  • Is a large part of why Dayton, Ohio is a great place for businesses to locate; Ohio is number 3 in the nation for manufacturing jobs
  • Covers 12-county footprint serving 1.7 million people
  • Attracts, retains, and expands aerospace, defense and cyber Industries to the Dayton region
  • Has a dedicated lobbyist in Washington DC
  • Has added over $10 Billion in new Ohio payroll since 2011
  • Works with government leaders on issues affecting the Dayton region
  • Coordinates processes to establish community priorities for government funding
  • Supports NASA; nothing at NASA happens without companies in Ohio
  • Read More on the PDF here.

Intel Plant

The DDC helped with Intel’s decision to build a huge chip plant near Dayton, Ohio. The new project is one of the largest in the nation. The president of Intel had the letter stating their plans delivered to Governor Mike DeWine and Lt Governor Jon Husted on Christmas Day 2021. Over 40 states competed for the Intel plant. There is a “Chip” bill in the house that has already passed the senate. It is important that it pass for the deal to move forward. Intel’s plans have already created many more discussions of billion-dollar projects for Ohio.

Wright Patterson Air Force Base is Major Focus of the DDC

  • WPAFB employs over 33,000 workers, over double just a few years ago
  • WPAFB is 20% of the region’s GDP and adds over $15 Billion to the economy each year

The City of Wilmington

Burrows graduated from Wilmington College.

Wilmington suffered a huge loss in November 2008 of 8000 jobs when DHL pulled out. The DDC has helped and now every building at the Wilmington Airpark is filled again.

NCAA First Four

The NCAA First Four/Big Hoopla is another example of how friendly the Dayton Region is to business. It will be held again in 2022 on March 15 and 16. The first 4 has only been held at the University of Dayton Arena and they are pushing to have it at UD forever.

Thank You

Thank you, Dave Burrows, for educating us about all the good the Dayton Development Coalition is doing for the Dayton, Ohio Region.

New Member Readings and Inductions

NameSponsor1st 2nd 3rd Reading or Induction
Jenna RobbinsJesse Gaither1st Reading
Andrea NewportJesse Gaither3rd Reading

Welcome Guests!

GuestGuest Of
Andrea NewportJesse Gaither
Christina PearsonBlanca Ortiz
Dave BurrowsSpeaker
Jenna RobbinsJesse Gaither
Julie SullivanSpeaker
Ray DalyStan Fronzaglia

Happy Bucks

Myron RheaumeGrandson Liam, a senior and captain of the Springboro Hockey team, has made the All Ohio Athletic Scholars for the 4th time and has a 4.7 GPA.
Myron RheaumeSon and CNO Partners member,  Scott Rheaume, is getting better from his severe case of COVID.
Blanca CrinerHer 17 year old son is going to be a pitcher on the varsity baseball team.
Blanca CrinerHer guest, Christina Pearson, was able to attend a CNO lunch for the first time.
Bob CollinsCelebrating 58th wedding anniversary to his wife Karen.
Kelly StoneFor beating Sergeant Beth Duncan at Backgammon 3 times over the weeknd.

Sergeants at Arms

Chris McAlpineDissing the sergeants and thinking he could get away with it because he had to leave early.  He bet $100.00 Sergeant Beth wouldn’t remember to fine him next week anyway!  Sergeant Beth got the schedule switched fines were given out early. Chris  donated $100.00 as his fine!  WOW!!  
Fat Tuesday Group FineAnyone who has been to New Orleans for Mardi Gras and is not wearing beads today.
Kelly StoneTold Beth she has been playing Backgammon wrong her whole life. Even though Kelly was right, Sergeant Beth is devasted and lost 3 games to Kelly.
Andy DickersonRrecently went to Florida twice without his family, $2 fine.
Blanca CrinerStole guest Christina Pearson from Sergeant Beth Duncan.
Gary HansenSergeant Beth asked for a piece of paper and Gary handed her a sheet of graph paper.

Membership Anniversaries

No membership anniversaries this week (this is rare)


Tim StullMarch 2
Tim ClemmerMarch 2
Rachel GoetzMarch 2
Greg FayMarch 3
Ralph YoungMarch 4

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Thank You Notes Received

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