CNOtes – February 26, 2019 – Jessica Barry – Modern College of Design

Today’s Guests

Guest Guest Of
Jessica Barry Speaker
Amy Blakeman Ron Tinnerman
John Decker Paul Stull
Dylan Melling Paul Stull
Becca Orebaugh Donna Huss

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Pat Behn Receives Optimist Hall of Fame Award

Tom Kendo, the immediate past governor of the Great Ohio District, was a guest today. He presented CNO member Pat Behn with the Optimist Hall of Fame Award. Pat Behn has been a member since 2003 and is very deserving of this, the highest honor presented by Optimist International. Thank you Pat Behn for everything you have done, do and will do!

Pat Behn’s Birthday

Pat Behn’s Birthday was today so Charlie Tapp led us in singing Happy Birthday to Pat as only we can. If the goal is to show how much we appreciate the birthday honoree by singing as far off key as possible, then we obviously love Pat Behn a LOT!

Today’s Presentation about the Modern College of Design.

Bill Williams introduced today’s speaker, Jessica Barry, the President, Owner and a graduate of The Modern College of Design (aka “The Modern”). She grew up in Versailles, Ohio. She graduated from The Modern in 1987. She became its president in 2007 and purchased the school from founder Tim Potter in 2013.

Jessica presented to us the history, mission and vision of The Modern.

The Modern, (originally called The School of Advertising Art,) was founded in 1983 by Tim Potter and is located on David Road in Kettering. It is a nationally recognized college for design. About a year ago they moved to their current 23,000 square foot location. Since moving they have added 17 more employees. The Dayton Business Journal named The Modern College of Design as the 2018 overall Business of the Year.

About 30% of the students are from the local area. The other 70% are from all over including as far away as California. Social media has helped spread the word about The Modern. The Modern helps its students find housing in Kettering. Local business owners in the area appreciate how many students the school brings to the area as they need young, reliable workers to work in their local businesses.

The Modern is a microcosm of a larger University. They currently have 200 students. Even though they have a lot fewer students than a typical college, they offer all the expected services such as financial aid and scholarships. Classes generally have 12-20 students, but never more than 20 students.

Currently there are 1400 alumni and the job placement rate ranges from 93-100%, with 90% of graduates finding jobs in Dayton, Cincinnati and Columbus. Others who have left the area have landed prestigious jobs at well-known companies like Apple and Nike.

The Modern offers an associate degree that can be completed in two years. Graduates are ready for entry level jobs after the fast-paced curriculum. Design skills learned include web-based languages such as CSS and HTML.

The Modern is finishing the process of being approved to offer a bachelor’s degree. The program focuses on helping students become entrepreneurs. They learn leadership and strategies to form a business in addition to learning design.

Curriculum Areas Include

  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design, for both mobile and desktop
  • UI/UX (User interface and user experience)
  • Video
  • Photography
  • Motion Design (essentially 2D design)
  • Illustration by hand and computer
  • Marketing (teaches the strategy for why the designs are made)

Their vision is to create students that are passionate about their work and work with integrity.

Looking ahead Jessica said they need to hire more professors. Now, because of the bachelor’s program, The Modern needs to teach more math and science and they need professors to do this. They now have enough students that they are working on building their first dorm to help with first year housing.


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Blanca Ortiz February 26
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Chris Ziehler February 26 2/26/2017 2
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New Member Readings and Inductions

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Doug Reno Carolyn Taylor Induction
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Sergeants at Arms

Member Infraction
Nancy Lehren Late to meeting
Ron Thompson Grabbed Ron Tinnerman’s name badge
Greg Fay Buying 4 50/50 tickets for 4 dollars instead of 7 tickets for $5
Paul Stull Buying 4 50/50 tickets for 4 dollars instead of 7 tickets for $5
Doug Reno Couldn’t find his badge
Bob Collins For having an issue getting his to go box of seafood fettuccine home intact

 Happy Bucks! 

Member Reason
Bill Stone $5 for 5 year wedding anniversary to Kelly Stone
Debe Dockins Thankful the library employs a graduate of the Modern College of Design
Donna Huss Husband inducted in the Centerville H.S. Athletic Hall of Fame 2/15
Pat Behn Thanks to the district for awarding her the Optimist Hall of Fame Award
Vida McDowell Thank you Diane and Patrick Arehart for hosting the wine and beer social last Saturday
Jean Pummill Thank you Diane and Patrick Arehart for hosting the wine and beer social last Saturday
Tom Kendo For the Centerville Noon Optimists being such a great club
Myron Rheame Granddaughter Keara has been selected by the faculty of the Digital Arts Consortium at University of Cincinnati to captain the inter collegiate film competition team where she will oversee production and directing