CNOtes – July 10, 2018 – Terry Oroszci – Study of Terrorism in America since 9/11

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Larry Lynde announced this year’s Phather Phil’s birthday 9-hole golf outing will be on July 31, 2018 after lunch.

Today’s Speaker

Jay McAlpine introduced Terry L. Oroszi, M.S., Ed.D., Assistant Professor, Pharmacology & Toxicology; Director, MS Graduate Program, P&T, BSOM; Director, CBRN Defense Certificate Program at Wright State University.

She has authored 2 books about terrorism so far with another about to be released. She has also published several articles.

Terry spoke to us about her study of terrorism based on data she has collected since 9/11.

Her full presentation can take over 90 minutes and Terry did an excellent job of reducing it to the 20 minutes we were able to offer her at today’s lunch. She shared a lot of interesting information from her research into terrorists

A Few Points Terry Mentioned:

  • Countries can reduce chances of terrorism by feeding the hungry.
  • Spikes in terrorist acts can occur. Often, they are from copy cats of recent terrorist events, new U.S. presidents, and ISIS in general is sponsoring a lot of the World’s terrorism.
  • Of U.S. states, Ohio ranks 3rd highest in the number of American citizens that are terrorists.
  • Men are much more severely sentenced, often getting 21 or more years, while women only get about 4 years.
  • Veterans are often recruited because of their training and that they often feel like they don’t fit in after leaving the service.
  • The main targets for terrorist attacks are bridges, military installations and military personnel.

Online Resources

A great summary of what Terry discussed is available on Wright State’s Site at Included on this page is a typical profile of a terrorist. She went over this profile with us and it was very interesting.

At the bottom of her WSU page is a list of her experience and other qualifications in her curriculum vitae.

Terry Oroszi, Author

Oroszi, T. & Ellis, David (2018). The Profile of an American Terrorist; A Comparison and Compilation of Americans Charged with Terrorism Since 9/11.  (in Press), Greylander Press

James, L. & Oroszi, T., (Eds.), (2015). Weapons of Mass Psychological Destruction and The People That Use Them, Praeger, Santa Barbara, CA Praeger Publishing, 2015


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