Cindy Gaboury – Audio Etc. (and Club Member)

Guests and Members in Attendance

Katie Boeckman
Megan Boeckman
Butch Brown
Karin Gilstrap
Mark Karns
Baby Abram (infant)
Jack Anderson
Pat Arehart
Denise Christie
Wayne Christie
Judy DeMarco
Shelby DiPasquale
Beth Duncan
Cindy Gaboury
Jesse Gaither
Evelyn Griffin
Greg Griffin
Cindy Harris
Donna Huss
Brian Nolan
Tom Novak
Laurie Poeppelman
Fred Polizzi
Cheryl Probst
Jean Pummill
Brent Richburg

CNO 2.0 Venue and Details

The venue for tonight’s CNO 2.0 meeting was Chappy’s Social House at 880 Washington Village Drive. Thank you to the team at Chappy’s for hosting us.

We had 22 members and 6 guests in attendance.

CNO 2.0 Introduction

Jack Anderson, CNO 2.0 committee, welcomed everyone to tonight’s gathering. He introduced Cindy Harris, Kate Boeckman, Megan Boeckman, and tonight’s speaker, Cindy Gaboury.

Cindy Harris announced that the next Build-A-Bear event will be on Friday, May 10th, at Children’s Medical Center. Remember that CNO 2.0 members participate in all the same volunteer opportunities and fundraising events as CNO members. Each child attending will receive a stuffed animal and an outfit of their choice along with other festivities. CNO members are invited to sponsor a child at the Build-a-Bear for $25.  Each sponsor will receive a picture of the child sponsored holding their new stuffed animal.  To sponsor a bear, mail your check payable to Centerville Noon Optimist, c/o Nancy Lehren, 6857 Cedar Cove Dr., Centerville, OH 45459.

Katie Boeckman and Megan Boeckman, the daughters of long time CNO member and Safety on Wheels committee chair Paul Boeckman, told us about the Safety on Wheels event (AKA Bike Rodeo). They have volunteered for many years for this event and before that they participated in it many times. It will be held on Saturday May 18th 2019, from 9 AM to 12 Noon at Miami Valley South Hospital (RAIN or SHINE). The event is done in conjunction with the Centerville Police Department. Local police officers will be doing the bicycle checks. There will be a raffle, bicycle-based games, prizes, free helmets and gifts available. All ages of children are invited to join in for the safety and fun.

Tonight’s Speaker: Cindy Gaboury

Jack Anderson introduced CNO member, local business leader and entrepreneur Cindy Gaboury. She and her husband Kirby own Audio Etc at 551 Congress Park Dr, Dayton OH 45459. They provide commercial and home A/V, home automation, entertainment systems and more. They service all areas surrounding Dayton and have customers within a few hours of Centerville including Kentucky and Indiana. They have been in business for 35 years. Their current facility is 17,000 square feet and has several rooms setup as working models of the work they can do for business and consumers.

Cindy said, “I was an Air Force brat. I lived in 16 places before I was 18 years old.”

In 1984, Kirby and Cindy got married and launched Audio Etc in its first location, which was only 1000 square feet.

She switched subjects from talking about her business success to how you can be a successful person and help others, by being an Optimist club member and learning and living the promises in the Optimist Creed.

She asked us, “Think about who has influenced you the most.”

She asked us to recite the creed with her and we did. She highly recommended that we all take the time to memorize the creed. It will inevitably help you or someone else one day. It has helped her and people she has helped several times.

She focused on the second promise which is, “Promise yourself to talk health, happiness and prosperity to every person you meet.” She said, “Doesn’t that sound like mentoring to you? I do a lot of mentoring through the organizations I belong to.”

She had a great mentor in her life, Jeanne Porter, and she asked Cindy a few years ago to be the chairperson of Women in Business (WiBN), which is part of the Dayton BBB organization. She was very bashful and was uncomfortable speaking in front of groups. With Jeanne Porter’s mentoring help, she was able to overcome her fears and be a productive chairperson for WiBN.

Cindy pointed out that Jean Pummill (a CNO member in attendance tonight and dear friend) is a great example of a person who helps many people through mentoring.

Cindy explained, “This is the first time in the history of humanity that four generations of people are working together. This is a perfect opportunity to mentor and to be mentored.” People are retiring at a much older age. There is often more than 50+ years difference in age. The young and the older need to mentor each other so they can communicate better and learn how each views the past, present and future. Be available for people.

She said, “Mentoring is important. You will see things in people that they don’t see in themselves. Impacting even one person can change the direction of their entire life. Character and identity can be completely transformed. Every conversation is an opportunity to elevate someone.”

She then said, “You may be thinking, ‘Ok Cindy, how do I do that?’ ”

She answered by saying, “Have you considered helping others that are going through what you’ve overcome?”

She gave some examples:

  • Have you suffered a significant loss? You can volunteer at Hospice.
  • Have you or a close family member or friend had an addiction? You can help others going through an addiction related issue. Volunteers of America might be a fit.
  • Have you had issues involving the criminal justice system? You can check out the Victory Project in Dayton.
  • Have you adopted a child or been adopted? Are you interested in fostering a child or have experience? Volunteer to help the Agape for Youth organization that helps Southwest Ohio.

She asked us, “Think about that person that made a difference in your life. How can you emulate and honor them for mentoring you? If they are still with us, thank them.”

Cindy closed with the second line of the creed, encouraging all of us to “Talk health, happiness and prosperity to every person you meet!”

Thank you, Cindy Gaboury, for your inspiring presentation tonight!

Remember the CNO 2.0 meeting is always the third Thursday of the month at 5:30 PM at a local bar or restaurant. The next meeting will be on May 16, 2019 at Heavier Than Air Brewinc Co. in Centerville – Dan Apolito – Owner of Archers Tavern will be our Speaker.

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