Joey O’Brien, Stubbs Park Plans, Photo Contest Results

The Assistant City Planner of the City of Centerville, spoke about the Stubbs Park Improvements project. Phase 1 construction will begin in the summer of 2022 and end in June 2023 with a budget of $3.9 million. Its focus will be Amphitheater and Plaza Improvements, which include adding a sounds system and public restrooms.

Kelly Blankenship DO, Mental Health Crisis for Kids

The division chief of psychiatry at Dayton Children’s spoke about the importance of mental and behavioral health in children. Enabling all children to thrive will require all of us to come together to meet the need.

Herb Reisenfeld, Adventures of a Tour Director + CNO Officer and Board Nominations

For over 48 years, Herb Reisenfeld has traveled with thousands of guests all over the U.S. and many parts of the world. He gets a tremendous thrill sharing his experiences by visiting various destinations that he has been blessed to enjoy many times. Today, he told stories from his book “Checking Inn – Adventures of a Tour Director.”

Jaclyn Miller, Mound Cold War Discovery Center in Miamisburg, Ohio

The Mound Laboratory facility developed technology for the Cold War and the Space Race. Much of their work is still Top Secret. The people, the plant, their research, and manufactured items were at the leading edge of the Nuclear Age in the United States.

Alexis Gomez, Musician from Centerville

A country music star who placed in the top 12 on American Idol in 2015. She grew up playing music and is still chasing the goal of becoming an established artist. You can see her perform at different venues around Centerville.

Tim Engleka, Former CHS Baseball Coach Tells Humorous Stories

A Dayton native, he played baseball and graduated from Miami University and has a masters from Xavier University. He had a record of 760 wins and 307 losses when he retired. More than 60 former players played in college and numerous were drafted professionally.

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