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Club Member Joe Madden was inspired to rewrite The Optimist Creed – so we give you now – The Corona Creed -with apologies to Christian D. Larson, Author of The Optimist Creed.

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Greg Griffin, president of CNO, reminds members if you want to be more involved with various committees contact the committee chairs which you can find in the CNO handbook. Contact Greg if you need a PDF copy of the handbook.

Mike Brubaker, Avenue of Flags, announced that the AOF subscribers have paid for 2745 to be displayed at their homes or businesses. There were 415 new subscriptions since Memorial Day this year. Several routes have been added. The AOF can use several more volunteers for flag delivery and pickup. Contact Tom Novak if you can help. If you have a flag friendly vehicle such as Van, SUV or Truck that would be great. Do not worry if you do not have a flag friendly vehicle. they still want you; you will be paired with someone who does.

Mike Bevis, golf committee, announced the golf outing fundraiser is still scheduled for 9/28/2020.  The golf committee is discussing how the golf outing will look this year recognizing it will not be as large as in past years.

Happy Birthday Charla Rheaume

Today was Charla Rheaume’s birthday. Tradition had us singing to her through our Zoom meeting. I am surprised that Zoom’s servers didn’t explode under the stress of processing the audio!

After we finished Charla exclaimed, “You all have NOT improved over the years!”

Adam Blanchard, Dayton Children’s Hospital

Greg Griffin introduced Adam Blanchard, the director of Donor Engagement at Dayton Children’s Hospital (DCH).

He thanked CNO for its continued support and for having donated $173,000 to Dayton Children’s over the years.

5 ways Dayton Children’s is keeping your family safe:

  • Screenings, masks, and hand sanitizer
  • Clean, clean, and clean again
  • The right tools for the right care in the right spaces
  • Social distancing made easy
  • Limiting people on site

DCH needs community support. The COVID-19 crisis is affecting revenue at DCH. The weekly average of kids needing care is down this year. The cause is social distancing. Kids are not around each other and are not participating in sports. Less disease is being spread and fewer injuries are occurring. This causes stress on the finances of the hospital. They are not hoping for more injuries or infections, but it is an indicator of the financial health of the region. They do not expect “normal” to come back until January 2021 at the earliest. Adam said DCH losses so far are $25 million.

Jonathan Thackeray, MD, Dayton Children’s Hospital

Adam Blanchard introduced Jonathan Thackeray, MD, FAAP, the chief medical community health officer at Dayton Children’s Hospital (DCH).

He thanked CNO for what it does for DCH and for the community at large. He truly appreciates it.

View his slide deck here.

His presentation was titled “Improving the Health of Our Community.”

The DCH Mission is, “The relentless pursuit of optimal health for every child within our reach.”

The DCH Vision is, “Reinventing the path to children’s health for families throughout our region and beyond.”

Over time Ohio is now spending more money on healthcare and getting less quality of care.

Health Value in Ohio as of 2019

Compared to other states Ohio is number:

  • 43 in population health
  • 28 in healthcare spending
  • 46 in health value

Montgomery County is one of the worst counties in the state

  • 81st out of 88 Counties in health outcomes
  • 26 percent of children live in poverty
  • 50 percent of kids 0-11 are overweight or obese
  • Infant mortality rate is 6.8 per 10000, 43rd in the nation
  • Only 34 % of students are ready to start kindergarten
  • 25,000 children, or 1 in 5 have food insecurity

Mental Health in Montgomery County

  • 1 in 5 families need help for a mental and behavioral problem with a child
  • 6 % of high schoolers have made a suicide plan
  • 4% of high school students have attempted suicide

Disparities in Montgomery County

  • Of children aged 0-5 living in poverty
    • 3% are White
    • 9% are black
  • The infant mortality rate is
    • 5 per 1000 white children
    • 5 per 1000 black children

Improving Health Beyond Medical Treatments

The Child Health Pavilion of Dayton Children’s located at 1010 Valley St, Dayton OH, opened a year ago to provide health care differently for the community. They have done very well medically, but they want to help with health care outside of the hospital. They have launched a team of community workers.

Services of the Pavilion

  • Dayton Children’s Pediatrics, which has expanded clinical space
  • A comprehensive medical home for children in foster care or kinship care, with specially trained staff
  • Food “pharm” and teaching kitchen
  • Services for children with complex medical conditions
  • Dayton Children’s community engagement programs, including the Dayton Asthma Alliance, injury prevention, and healthy lifestyles programs
  • Families of patients can also be screened and referred to outside community resources through the Family Resource Connection on site

When a family visits the Pavilion, care workers ask, “Do you have enough food?” If the answer is no, they can send them down the hall where they will be given enough food for 72 hours. That gives enough time to connect the family to other food resources. So far, 587 families have been helped with 1000 boxes of food.

The Pavilion opened April 30, 2019. Just one week later, the Dayton tornado disaster occurred. The building was spared and only had minor roof damage. They were ready and available to help with issues caused by the disaster. The word got out that they were there to help, and they received huge amounts of donations.  They received many items, especially items like water, diapers, and shoes were brought to the facility and they had the space to store the items.

The extra space was also useful for the federal disaster relief workers that were sent to the area to help with the tornado disaster. They set up their command center at the Pavilion.

Then, just a few months later, the Dayton Oregon district shootings occurred. They prepared editorials and blog statements about firearms safety. They have partnered with AAP to distribute lockboxes for firearms. They have also integrated a firearms safety question into the questions they ask caregivers of children using their services.

Jonathan said he will personally give any of us a tour of the Pavilion facility.

Responding to COVID-19

The Pavilion has been:

  • Addressing increased food insecurity needs of the neighborhood by delivering food
  • Providing health visits over video and phone
  • Informing local state and government officials on how COVID-19 effects children’s health, welfare, and the community as a whole
  • Finding ways to connect with our community

Looking Ahead

In the past year, their first year, they have mainly been reacting to the Dayton 2019 disasters and COVID-19. They have plans for the next year to continue to improve their strategy:

  • Integrated behavioral health services at the Pavilion
  • Taking health care out of the building and into homes and schools
  • Developing a research/data infrastructure to “tell our story”
  • Utilizing primary care / community collaboratives to identify outcomes-based strategies related to:
    • Preventative care
    • Behavioral health
    • Violence reduction
    • Healthier lifestyles
    • Educational success

Thank you Adam Blanchard and Jonathan Thackeray for speaking to our members today.

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CNO Donations 2013 through May 2020

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Over 50 years, we have donated close to $2,000,000 to our youth community. In the past 6 years, we have donated nearly $753,000.


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