Noon Meeting News – Centerville PD Detective James Myers – October 25, 2016

Phather Phil’s Testimony to the Power of Prayer

If you think the prayers of our club for Phather Phil’s son Skip were not heard, then read this…

Skip spent a restful night and has been cleared to go home today. Yea! He will be able to go back to work Monday with some minor restrictions.  The stents they used have been cleared for use in just the past month as they are an absorbable material and will last only for a year or two.  Wow!  The people here have been unbelievable in their knowledge and  accommodations.  Skip will be checking back by Email in two months as he has the lead surgeon’s Email address.  Wow! Again!  This place is fantastic.  They furnished me a cot to spend the night with Skip in his room.  Oh! The parking garage is free and they have a free coffee machine. 

God is in his heaven and all is right with the world.

Love to all and Amen!

Phather Phil

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Today’s Guests

Guest Guest of
Tom Greenlee Jean Pummill
Pam Miller Mike Bevis
James Myers Speaker

Today’s Speaker

David Kay introduced James Myers a Police Officer and Detective in Centerville for 22 years. Detective Myers spoke about how policing has changed through laws and technology. He also told some amusing stories from his career.

Birthdays This Week

Name Month Day
Fred Pfeiffer October 26
Bob Bargmeyer October 29
Dennis Glidden October 29
Steve Fenstemaker October 31
Cheryl Reichel November 1

Membership Anniversaries

Name Month Day Year # Years
 Mike  Brubaker October 28 2008 8
 Charlie  Goodwin October 28 2008 8
 Jessica  King October 28 2008 8
 Karen  Sirmans October 28 2008 8

New Member Readings and Inductions


Name Sponsor 1st 2nd 3rd Reading or Induction
John Kalaman Gail Aiken First Reading
Paula Kalaman Gail Aiken First Reading
Beth Lybrook Bill Stone Induction

Sergeants at Arms

Member Infraction
Gary Aiken Set up a cartel but no cartel member saw any money back at Keeneland.
Whole table where Jerry Stahley sat – Vida Mc Dowell, Karen Sirmans, and Laurie Poeppelman, Chris McAlpine, Scott Langer Ladies for yakking too much, Chris for not shaving, Scott not specified.


Gary Miller Haunted Trail???

Happy Bucks!

Vida McDowell Here tennis team is going to Sunrise, Arizona for a Tennis Tournament.
Charlie Tapp For no Cleveland Browns victories.
Tom Novak Retrieving a horse from South Dakota with his daughter.
Gail AIken For the fun trip to Keeneland and in appreciation of Donna Huss for setting it up.
Cherie Gentry For her Governor’s Term being partly over and for making it home from the District Conference on Sunday in time to see the Bengals Game.
Pam Miller Go Cubs!
Vince Reidy For the Penn State win over Ohio State this past Saturday.
Officer Mike Yoder Requesting Vince’s License Plate # after Vince made the Happy Buck remark.