Noon Meeting News – EMT/Firefighter Award Presented – October 18, 2016

Phather Phil’s Opening Prayer

Heavenly Father, it’s easy for us to be humble when we are not perfect in every way. Now we know that doesn’t come as a new revelation to You, Lord. For You know that we are an obstinate, stiff neck people that take pride in giving ourselves all the credit. Your spirit is constantly with us giving us council and direction. Help us recognize that it is your love for us that makes us a piece of the puzzle that is needed to complete your purpose. Then help us to be sure our piece of the puzzle fits your will and we continue to do what we do for the kids and for your glory. – Amen!


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Today’s Guests

Guest Guest of
Chief Bill Gaul Larry Lynde
Jeff Joseph Larry Lynde
John Kalaman Bob Burkman
Paula Kalaman Bob Burkman
Pam Miller Mike Bevis
Jim Mogan Gary Aiken
Ruth O’Toole Bob Burkman
Alexis Petrose Christine Balsan
Nancy Rowe Heather Craaybeek
Deb Saunders Mike Bevis
Doug Schneider Mike Bevis
Denise Tanka Mike Bevis

Today’s Speaker

Jeff Joseph received the Robert J. O’Toole EMT/Firefighter Award. Lieutenant  Joseph has been on board at the Centerville Fire Department for 27 years and is very committed to the team. He is a Wright State University graduate and was a police officer for Beavercreek and Sugarcreek Township. He is very involved in helping with the ice cream social, which is a huge event to handle,Jeff stated  and is always looking for ways to better the department. He has been known to help with a new apparatus to prevent cancer among fire fighters and has assisted with large area search patterns that prevents injuries during fires.  Jeff stated that he is very happy to receive this award and that he enjoys serving the community and going the extra mile.

Birthdays This Week

Greg Griffin October 19
Gary Anderson October 20
Patrick Swan October 24

Membership Anniversaries

Member  Joined the Club:     # Yrs
 Aaron  Campbell October 20 2009 7
 Steve  Campbell October 20 2009 7
 Tom  Henderson October 20 2009 7
 Monty  Zinck October 20 2009 7
 Mike  Fanelli October 22 2003 13
 Robert  Foster October 22 2003 13
 Laurie  Poeppelman October 22 2003 13
 Kathleen  Jablinski October 22 2010 6
 Bill  Powell October 22 2014 2
 Liz  Fultz October 22 2015 1

New Member Readings and Inductions


Name Sponsor 1st 2nd 3rd Reading or Induction
Deb Saunders Mike Bevis Induction
Jesse Gaither Fred Polizzi Induction
Jim Mogan Gary Aiken Induction
Beth Lybrook Bill Stone 3rd reading

Sergeants at Arms

Member Infraction
Brooks Compton Spotted at the game Friday night handing out brochures on Issue 3 and also was not wearing his Optimist pin at said game
Donna Huss Fined due to scheduling the Keeneland activity on the day of the Haunted Trail, she rebottled stating her activity was planned first so she wasn’t going to pay the fine


Joe Madden Left the attendance sheet at last week’s meeting
Christine Balsan Gave herself a self-promotion

Happy Bucks!

Will Cale 50th wedding anniversary
Myron Rheaume Glad Chief Bill Gaul (a new FOO member) made it to a Tuesday meeting
Christine Balasan Rotary pancake breakfast at Centerville High School on Saturday 10/22 at 7 a.m.
Deb Saunders Happy to be inducted in CNO
Officer Mike Yoder A fellow officer – Nicole found out she has breast cancer but fortunately doesn’t have to go through chemo. The Centerville Police department are wearing pink ribbons on their uniforms and squad cars during the month of October.