Noon Meeting News – Larry Hansgen Speaks to Club – October 11, 2016

Phather Phil’s Opening Prayer

Heavenly Father many of us spend a lot of time thinking, which is a good thing. But sometimes it creates a problem that wasn’t even there in the first place. Instead of relying on our own judgement, we need to get in the habit of having a prayerful discussion with you. We need to listen to our inner selves, to recognize your nudges and to act. We thank You for all the variety of talents that are assembled here and may we continue to use them for the benefit of the kids and make You smile in appreciation. Amen!

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Today’s Guests

Guest Guest of:
Tom Adkins Mike Cornelius
Ginny Beamish Blanca Ortiz
Sherri Ehlers Mike Bevis
Larry Hansgen Dave Kay
John Kalaman Gail Aiken
Paula Kalaman Gail Aiken
Jon Leavell Mike Bevis
Beth Lybrook Bill Stone
Pam Miller Mike Bevis
Raul Parra Larry Lynde
Rick Patterson Mike Bevis
Deb Saunders Mike Bevis
Dave Stupp Mike Bevis

Today’s Speaker

Larry Hansgen – WHIO Radio Personality and “Voice of the Dayton Flyers” spoke to the club on a variety of topics – including the crazy election season this year, (Larry’s advice is “vote your conscience – but DO VOTE”).  Larry gave his assessment of the UD Flyers Basketball Team and the “run that they are embarking on” under coach Archie Miller.  Additionally, Larry spent several minutes taking questions from members about his career.  On the question he received about “what is important to him in the community “, he responded “hunger in our local community – it’s a real issue -that is difficult to solve.”

Birthdays This Week

(Note that Dav Bremer was serenaded with Happy Birthday (since it was his birthday on meeting day) by our off-key membership under the direction of Bob Duffy and Charlie Tapp)

Dav Bremer October 11
Steve Campbell October 11
Donna Robinson October 14
Wes Cleaves October 15
Chuck Dickerson October 15
Craig Dring October 16
Renee Glenn October 17

Membership Anniversaries

None this week

Sergeants at Arms

No time for Sergeants this week

Happy Bucks!

Nancy Lehren  -One daughter got married, another daughter 20 weeks pregnant had successful surgery and participated in sisters wedding
Mary Madden – Glad they did not go to Myrtle Beach last week
Myron Rheaume – Sinclair club has 11 more members
Blanca Ortiz – Family flew to Dallas but were sold scam tickets to football game, good family time nonetheless and chartered Rubix Cube Club
Stan Fronzaglia – Evelyn Griffin recognized as volunteer of quarter at USO
Dick Stevens – For Carol Burkman homecoming from KMC

Perfect Attendance Awards for 2015-16

Joe and Mary Madden presented the Perfect Attendance Awards at today’s meting – the list is impressive.

Download (PDF, 33KB)