Noon Meeting News – Larry Lynde’s First Meeting as Club President – October 4, 2016

Phather Phil’s Opening Prayer

Unfortunately Phather Phil’s prayer for the meeting has disappeared into the vast abyss of cyberspace – rumor has it Russian Hackers got hold of it.  Let’s be Optimistic and hope that wherever it landed, it helps folks just as much as it does for our club every week.  Amen !

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Today’s Guests

Guest Guest of:
Jack Akerman Myron Rheaume
Ellen Ireland Dan Beck
Jeff Ireland Dan Beck
Beth Lybrook Bill Stone
Steve Marchal Greg Fay
Pam Miller Mike Bevis
Deb Saunders Mike Bevis
Jennifer Smith Heather Craaybeek

Today’s Speaker

Jeff and Ellen Ireland presented Levitt Pavilion Project that is designed to bring high quality free family-friendly concerts to the downtown Dayton area to bring all people together.  More information on the project is here:

Download (PDF, 343KB)

Birthdays This Week

(We included Installation Dinner week as well this week to catch up)

Heather Craaybeek September 27
Jeff Kujawa September 27
Roy Barclay October 1
Mike Fanelli October 1
Katie Hurst October 6
Linda Fisher October 8
Christy Gariety October 9

Membership Anniversaries

Name Month Day Year # Years
 Stephen  Walker September 28 1998 18
 John  Powell September 29 1999 17
 Pat  Behn September 29 2003 13
 Steve  Burkman September 29 2015 1
 Bradley  Fizer September 29 2015 1
 Anita  Foster-Polizzi September 29 2015 1
 Steve  Polizzi September 29 2015 1
 Jared  Rhoten September 29 2015 1
 Brooks  Compton September 30 1994 22
 Denise  O’Neil September 30 1994 22
 Don  Wildenhaus September 30 1997 19
 Karl  Frydryk October 1 1988 28
 Robbie  Mirisciotti October 2 2011 5
 Ken  Irwin October 2 2012 4
 Rick  Kempfer October 2 2012 4
 Larry  Larrimer October 2 2012 4
 Linda  Fisher October 3 2011 5
 Christy  Gariety October 3 2011 5
 Cristlyn  Johnston October 4 2010 6
 Val  Huff October 7 2004 12

Sergeants at Arms

Member Infraction
Larry Lynde Dead battery
Dan Beck Last table to eat at install dinner
Greg Fay Failed to mention new Haunted Trail location for 2016 in his pitch for volunteers
Scott Langer Was late and therefore the recipient of the Scott Langer Award named in his honor
Joe Madden No lines on attendance form
Anyone All members who did not buy a 50 50 ticket
Barbara Santo Badge missing
Cherie Gentry Subliminal message on her 2017 theme “KISS”  (Kindness Is Something Simple)

Happy Bucks!

Julie Walling Honor Mike Bevis for number of members brought into the club
Myron Rheaume For CNO being a distinguished club and chartering the Sinclair College club
Bob Burkman Carol returning home from KMC
Jack Akerman Acknowledging his club’s (Dor-wood) sponsorship of CNO