Noon Meeting News – March 14, 2017 – Communication Contest for the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing

Phather Phil’s Prayer

Heavenly Father I’m sure I’m not alone when I thought how nice it would be if we could write like the people at Hallmark. Not all the time but especially when talking to you in prayer. We get some solace in knowing You can read our hearts and pretty words arranged just so are not necessary. We’re also a little scared too, as our hearts may not be where you want them to be. So help us Lord to center down in faith before we divulge our thoughts to You in praise and requests for guidance. Amen!

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Today’s Guests

Guest Guest Of
Jean Adkinson Judge
Carol Bentley Will Cale
Guy Bentley Will Cale
Amber Brown Contestant’s Family
Heather Cooper Guest Educator
Eli Damron Will Cale
Christie Dodane Contestant’s Family
Christie Dodane Contestant’s Family
Mikalya Dodane Student
Rhett Fogt Student
Lauren Gibbs Guest Educator
Emma Guiberson Don Kelley
Pat Hammond Judge
Casey Jenkins Interpreter
Jan Maharam Judge
Corrie Mick Interpreter
Connie Stollar Mike Bevis
Esperance Waikongo Student
Kayleigh Williamson Student

Today’s Speaker

We had four students join us for the CCDHH (Communication Contest For The Deaf and Hard of Hearing) to give us a great presentation on What the World Gains from Optimism. Student A spoke about Thomas Edison and his mother, who pushed him to be the successful person he came to be, despite his hearing disabilities. Student B talked about an optimist ripple effect, where one happy person rubs off on another person, thereby changing that person’s day for the better. Speaker C said she thought of Oprah Winfrey when it comes to optimism because of how much good Oprah does. Speaker “C” also believes people can be happier when they try to be more optimistic about events in their life. Speaker D thanks her mother for her love, hope, and encouragement during their move from Africa to America, at age 8, to help with her deafness.

Speaker “A” was chosen as the winner by the judges and his name is Rhett Fogt.  Congratulations!  Our other three speakers each also did an amazing job and their names are: Esperance Waikongo, Kayleigh Williamson and Makalya Dodane – thank you all!!!

Member Birthdays



Vida McDowell March 15
Robert Foster March 16
David Brookman March 18
Joseph Willhoite March 19
Larry England March 20
Shane Wilken March 20

Membership Anniversaries





# Years

 Steve  Kohls March 14 2003 14
 Shane  Wilken March 14 2003 14
 Brent  Moore March 15 2016 1
 Vince  Reidy March 15 2016 1
 Rafael  Santillan March 15 2016 1


New Member Readings and Inductions

None this week.

Sergeants at Arms

This week sergeant David Ladd asked anyone who had not purchased a 50/50 raffle ticket to please stand.  Those standing individuals were summarily fined $1 each and still not given a raffle ticket!

 Happy Bucks!

Donna Huss Thankful for all the new golf committee members bringing new ideas.
Kelly Stone UD plays Wichita Friday
Kelly Stone Jr Optimist – 55 kids raised $1500
Phather Phil Had a great time in Myrtle Beach with 65-75 degree weather, but his golf game was so off when he looked back at all 18 flags they were at half mast