Noon Meeting News – March 21, 2017 – Brooks Compton – Centerville Mayor

Phather Phil’s Prayer

Heavenly Father, I think most of us have heard this when we were kids, “Go to your room and I think about what you did today.” As adults it still would be a good practice every night. Having a conversation with You Lord is always good, be it one as a critic of our deeds , a confessor for our deeds or a need to feel better about what we did or didn’t do. When we
critique ourselves and leave our troubles with You, we will sleep better, get up the next morning with new enthusiasm to stay on the path you have laid out for us. May we grow closer to You and be the piece of your puzzle that will complete Your picture of how’s things should be. Amen!

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Today’s Guests

Guest Guest Of
Kevin Bargmeyer Bob Bargmeyer
Kris McKee Greg Griffin
Allen Nelson Mike Cornelius
Jeff Spring Vince Reidy

Today’s Speaker

Martin Noe, our planned speaker from Lexis exis was feeling under the weather, so he couldn’t make it to the meeting today. Fortunately, our fellow Optimist and Centerville City Mayor, Brooks Compton, kindly agreed to be our speaker.  He hit on a few topics such as getting a budget increase for the city, road reconstruction, and new building additions.

Two locations that are looking exceptionally good right now is the Cross Pointe Shopping Center on Alex Bell Rd, they just added a new restaurant: The Old Bag of Nails. The other hot spot right now is Cornerstone off of Wilmington Pike, which houses Costco, Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen, Cabela’s, Chick-fil-A, and soon a Kroger Marketplace.

Two new developments that will occur soon is the construction of Randall Residence – a senior living community – which will be located on Social Row near Sheehan. The other is a 444 unit apartment complex off of Alex Bell, named the Centerville Lofts.

Member Birthdays

Member Birthday
Sara Hemmeter Mar 21
Tom Novak March 23
John Kalaman March 25
Stephen Blake March 25
Jane Fiehrer March 27

Membership Anniversaries

Name Month Day Year # Years
 Joan  Cordonnier March 22 2008 9
 Jeffrey  Brown March 25 2015 2


New Member Readings and Inductions

Name Sponsor 1st 2nd 3rd Reading or Induction
Kris McKee Greg Griffin 1st Reading

Sergeants at Arms  – (Charlie Tapp and Don Kelley)

Member Infraction
Barbara Santo Barbara’s name badge was never scanned last week thereby proving she lost it or she was a victim of Russian Hackers
Bill Stone Fined for taking the 50/50 raffle ticket that his wife, Kelly wanted
Jane Fiehrer Had company logo on her jacket
Mary Madden Fined for her selection of husband (Joe Madden)
Larry Lynde Picking Dave as the speaker coordinator

 Happy Bucks!

Julie Walling Noeth Happy to have Dr. Phil’s – oops Phather Phil’s prayer book
Vida McDowell 1)    Persian New Year/First Day of Spring yesterday

2)    Her and her husband’s 42nd wedding anniversary, going to spend it on a cruise

Mary Madden Thanks to Scott Langer for dinner at The Paragon after Tri Star basketball – Scott Langer informed club Treasurer Gary Smiga that he was submitting an expense report for it
Joan Cordonnier Up & Running is looking for some new long term team members
Jane Fiehrer Very happy that her son passed his exam
Bob Collins Thankful for all the cards he received and to have the support of the club while he was in the hospital for his heart ablation.