Robby Poteat, Sr. Assistant Athletic Director at the University of Dayton


  • Beth Duncan announced that the Haunted Trail went great. The weather on Tuesday evening was perfect and over 1000 people walked the trail. On Wednesday there ended up being a huge downpour of rain, but even that night there were about 650 people who walked the trail. Vendor support for both nights included 3000 donut holes from Bill’s Donuts, 50 gallons of apple cider from Dorothy Lane Market, and 3000 drinking cups from Centerville McDonald’s.
  • Beth Duncan announced that the Friends of the Library is holding a 5K Race for the Holidays. CNO is a sponsor and we have free entries. It will be held November 6, 2022.

CNO 2.0 Venue and Details

The venue for tonight’s CNO 2.0 meeting was Chappys Social House at 880 Washington Village Drive. Thank you to the team at Chappys for hosting us.

Julie Rado won the 50/50 drawing. As always, the other half of the 50/50 is donated to the Optimist International Foundation.

There were 22 people at tonight’s meeting.


Greg Fay said there are two types of attendees this evening:  Optimist members and guests.

He challenges Optimist members to use their enthusiasm and bring a guest to lunch, 2.0 meeting, fundraiser or community event and show them how excited you are about being a member of our club.

He challenges guests to ask questions of members. Don’t be shy, ask what we do, why we do it and how to get involved.

Greg said It is for a purpose that we place 3500 flags 5 times a year, sell 1000 Christmas Trees each year and hold the best golf outing in the region. We give over $150,000 per year and then use that money to help the youth in our community.

New Member Inductions

President Beth Duncan inducted two new members tonight.

  • Troy Young sponsored by Beth Duncan
  •  Lisa Maciejewski sponsored by Emily Duke & Gail Aiken

New Member Readings

  • Eric Parsley, sponsored by Mike Bevis, had a second reading
  • Tom Duncan, sponsored by Beth Duncan, had a first reading
  • Salli Duncan, sponsored by Beth Duncan, had a first reading

And yes, Tom Duncan is Beth Duncan’s brother and Salli is married to Tom !

Robby Poteat, University of Dayton

Greg Fay introduced Robby Poteat, MSA, MBA, the Sr. Assistant Athletic Director at the University of Dayton. Fay and Poteat have known each other for several years and play basketball together.

Poteat is the lead administrator for external relations and fundraising, serving both institutional advancement and the athletic department and has oversight of all external affairs, development, administration, branding and licensing

Poteat thanked CNO for all that they do. He knows what CNO does is important to the community and he knows fundraising is not easy.

Poteat said basically besides fundraising, he is the person people can go to complain about UD Athletics.

About Robby Poteat

Poteat went to a division III liberal arts school. After he decided pre-med was not for him, he changed his major to align with coaching. He has previously worked for the Tennessee Titans, ISP Sports (now IMG) at Vanderbilt University, and Speedway Motorsports Inc. He is thankful that at age 25 he was hired by the University of Dayton. He lives in Springboro with his wife. He really loves the relationships he has made in the Dayton region and said it is a great place to work and raise a family.

UD Women’s Basketball

Attendees asked him his outlook for UD Women’s Basketball this year. He said that the new head coach Tamika Williams-Jeter has a great track record and is going to be an amazing coach. She is arguably the best women’s basketball player to come out of the Dayton region. She had a stellar playing career at Chaminade-Julienne High School and then at UConn where they won the 2000 and 2002 NCAA Championships. She played for the WNBA for 7 years. There were several UD seniors that left at the end of last year. Poteat knows that Williams-Jeter will get the most possible out of the returning players.

Name Image and Likeness Endorsement Deals

Next, Poteat was asked for his thoughts about recruiting and college athlete deals for Name, Image and Likeness (NIL).

Poteat said that NIL deals are a very hot topic right now. Players can now be paid for lending their NIL to products and services. There are not that many players that rise to this level of popularity, but there are a lot more students and parents who believe this should happen for them.

The outcry to allow for NIL deals started a few years ago because there is a lot of money involved and the athletes did not profit at all while many others were. Examples where large profits are made are player jerseys and video games.

Handling issues associated with NIL deals takes great care and can be challenging. NIL deals started off being a reasonable and fair solution to profit sharing with the student athletes. Since there are people involved, the rules are being broken or at least bent. Some people might be arranging NIL deals to induce players to choose a school, which is not allowed. Some parents have started demanding a minimum endorsement deal from schools which the schools are not allowed to provide.

College recruiting now starts as early as middle school. Parents filming their child’s games is much easier these days and of course a lot of parents believe their kid is a superstar. The desire for this belief may be increasing because of the potential for a NIL deal.

Besides NIL deals a rule change for athletes transferring colleges has affected recruiting. Until recently when an athlete transferred to another school, they had to sit out from playing for one year. Now they can switch colleges one time without a waiting period. So even if you recruited a great athlete, you could easily lose them.

Thank You

Thank you, Robby Poteat for speaking at tonight’s CNO 2.0 meeting and telling us your story and how you help UD students.

About CNO 2.0

CNO 2.0 is a club within a club of the Centerville Noon Optimist Club. CNO (and CNO 2.0) is a world class service organization. Being a member of either club allows their members all the same opportunities to participate in fundraising and club activities. CNO 2.0 was created about 5 years ago and is very much a part of the 54-year-old Centerville Noon Optimist Club. CNO has given away over $2 million during its history. CNO is a group of like-minded members that are passionate about helping youth and having fun in the process.

The speaker at each 2.0 meeting is someone with a local business success story.

Annual Fundraisers

  • Christmas Tree Lot
  • Avenue of Flags
  • Golf Outing

Major Activities for the youth in our community

  • Build-a-Bear at Children’s Hospital, 3 times a year
  • Fishing Derby in June
  • Kid’s Day in the Park in August
  • Easter Egg Hunt

Volunteer Signups Available Online with the Virtual Clipboard

Did you know that you can now signup to volunteer or to participate in social events using a simple online registration form right from your phone or PC? The Member Calendar has a complete list of upcoming volunteer opportunities and social events.

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